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TitleJournal page
DescriptionPage from the journal of Ann Walker, Jun 1834-Feb 1835

[Diary Transcription]

there are four very large buildings containing every thing one can possibly think of, even, to Carpets made of Cats skins which were very dear, & very pretty. furniture, mirrors & Carpets, particularly elegant, but the most curious & interesting thing was a model on a large scale of the interior of a watch, made constructed for the professors of the Arts & Trades to give lectures upon, the price is 5000 francs but Mr. Perrelet (the maker) says it cost him so much time & labor, he shall lose by it – some very pretty raised worsted work – nice little foot warmers for a carriage made in a little box form of a footstool with velvet cover at top. a very nice double bottle rack in rows [doodle of rack] [word crossed out] with two supporters 4 feet high – each row being made to lift out – heard of some curious little bellows which we did not see – ordered bonnet of Madame Thomas, nearly tempted with Cashmire shawl at de Lisle’s price £150 English – bought 2 muslin dresses & one black silk – dearest called on Miss Berry’s, they very civil, & advised her not to buy the shawl – not the mode now – went to the Champs Elysee [Élysées].

June 20th. Pother about passports – began letters to Mrs. Lister & my Aunt W. went again to the other three buildings of the Exposition – Rue St. Victor – Prefecture about passports – Perrelet, & furniture Print for Lady Stuart – on returning home found -


a card sent by Miss Berrys for their private box at the Comedie Francoise [Française]. La jeunesse d’Henri cinq – Hotel Garni Hotel de Marie [L’Ecole des maris] – much amused but very tired, Madame Mont Mante – performed the part of the Princess admirably & in a very lady like manner. called at Meurice’s on Miss Norcliffe & Miss Beckett. promised to take charge of a watch for her -

June 21st Person from Madame Figuerol to try on dresses – went to Gaiter man & for three gloves – returned to Hotel, became quite overcome by the heat. Fa[h]renheit 80 – in our drawing room. finished letters to Mrs. Lister & my Aunt marked 4 Petticoats. wrote to my sister. told her all we had seen & done, that I was “delighted with it, quite well, & very happy” – Made a pair of calico drawers – dearest went to take Coffee with Lady Charlotte Lindsay & Miss Berrys – who were very civil – got some information about travelling in Greece, take all our own beds – tents &c. – in Turkey – a party of 9 men & 12 horses – making my drawers when she returned, sat up to finish them & eat strawberries -

June – 22nd – Breakfasted at 9.15 – put on stays from Madame Calès – to Church at 11.20 service just commencing when we got there – Mr. Lefevre read Exhortation & Communion service, dont know the name of the little stout gent[leman] who read Prayers
DateJun 1834
Extent1 page


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