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TitleJournal page
DescriptionPage from the journal of Ann Walker, Jun 1834-Feb 1835

[Diary Transcription]

during the civil wars Cromwell made a stable of it for his dragoons, but after the Restoration it was repaired – The city of Canterbury was given entirely to the bishops by William Rufus. it was a city 900 years B.C.
Dunge hill or Danish Mount, a slip of land covering about 6 acres extending between Redingate & Wincheap is now converted into a promenade, the walk is shaded with limes on each side & is 13 feet wide & 1130 feet long – The terrace is 12 feet wide & 1840 long a serpentine walk boarded with quick thorn fences, & fenced by stone post & chains to the top of the mount, on which is a stone Pillar fronting the cardinal points, erected by a subscription of the inhabitants in 1803 – Ascent to the top 480 feet -
The Castle what is now so called has no appearance of Roman antiquity. the present building appears to have been the keep or dongon of a fortress within which it stood – & of which the boundaries are still discoverable, like that at the castles of Dover, Rochester, & the white Tower at London – as it is built in the same style with them, & about the same time. Dykes & yards contain about 4 acres the Castle had no doubt other buildings besides the keep it is now used as a repository by the Gas & water works Company –
The Shops appear very good particularly for Muslins – in which trade & silk – besides celebrated brawn the town excels – bought some oranges – & off for Dover at 2.5 oclock Eugenie sick – rained nearly all the way to Dover where arrived at 4.30 at Ship Inn taken by Mr. Worthington from C. Wright about 4 months ago – then bought all his stock Wines &c. – Mr. & Mrs. Worthington very civil people – heard from Mr. Birmingham that we must be ready for the Mail packet at 8 oclock tomorrow morning – wrote part of journal, played on Piano (Broadwood’s) & washed hands &c. for dinner, to which sat down at 6.15. Vermicelli soup – Maintenon Cutlets, plain boiled pudding – Claret, & strawberries. Remains of a Roman Encampment at Watling St. extending from Dover to West Chester.


dearest wrote to her Aunt message to Sarah to bottle Cowslip Wine & to my aunt that I would write to her from Paris – in bed at 10.20 oclock Up.

June 14th Up at 6 oclock breakfasted 20 to 8 off to embark 8.20 Mr. Birmingham came to the Ship Hotel for us – Went to the vessel in a boat sadly tossed by the waves it being nearly low water off from Dover 10 to 9. shut eyes then, & then never opened them till close upon Calais harbour, not sick, out of Ferret at 20 to 12 – Went with Monsieur Kelliac [Quillacq] to Custom House, had to walk all along pier which is very long. & then to the Hotel – had some Chablis & biscuits, went to sleep then walked in gallery dinner 3.40 Sole, Veal cutlets, tart, strawberries, & cherries – off at 5.12 beset at last Poste before getting to Boulogne by entreaties to go to various Hotels there, one man rode after us & put a card in at the window with request to go to Hotel du Nord – arrived at Hotel de Londres at 7.05 Had tea. Sleeping room out of apartment English beds in bed at 10.30 -

June 15th Up at 8.10 carriages taken up & wheeles [wheels] greased breakfasted 9.10 off at 10.15 Strawberries in carriage arrived at Abbeville. 7.05 Only one room for sleeping & eating – ordered dinner, walked out went into Church & on the boulevard – dinner at 8 – soup, pike, fricandeau, poulette, pigeon in Peas, apple, strawberries, cherries, almonds & biscuits for dessert – lay down in bed at 10.20 very bad head ache.

[June] 16th Up at 6.30 breakfast 15 to 9. Off at 15 to 10. Lord Yarmouth at Hotel de l’Europe – Strawberries at Poix – country very pretty about Marseille Chateau Count Monsieur de Clermont [word crossed out] Tonnerre another chateau a little further on. Chateau de Monson [Monceaux], discovered that we had lost silver fork – arrived at Beauvais – 15 to 7 – ordered dinner, walked out, thro’ the Grande Place, stopped at Confectioners, to Cathedral. The choir much admired, a number of small chapels, tomb of cardinal Fourbin [Forbin] par Coustou, restored in 1804 & three pieces of tapestry the manufacture of this town city. walked round the Court of the Bishop’s residence, who has only 10,000 francs or £400 sterling P[er] A[nnum] before revolution of Louis Phillipe he had 20,000 francs. dinner at 8.20 soup
DateJun 1834
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