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TitleJournal page
DescriptionPage from the journal of Ann Walker, Jun 1834-Feb 1835

[Diary Transcription]
[page 76]

pipe into water closet should have been of cast lead, instead of which it is [run?] – no good workmen in Halifax now, work done by contract so low – & if better came they would not stay. dinner 6 ½ – dearest wrote to Brown (tax gatherer) & the Herald Newspaper office – letter from my sister – explanation about Eastwood – vexed about blue flag -

January 30th Up ¼ to 8 – breakfasted & off to Cliff Hill – down carriage road to look at Walls – then took Sykes & his son & Mr. Washington to Bramley Lane, to get thorns & hollies, & they came with Cart to convey them away – got one thorn, & 2 hollies away by 1 oclock – [words crossed out] & took them to the well in Cliff hill field – Mr. Washington said he was going to Hunger Hill, & Sent message to Moses Barker by him, “had a letter from Mrs. Sutherland, & declined selling any coal at present” asked my Aunt to let me have a snack when she dined – met Mrs. Snip coming out of room as I went in at the door – heard about poor Mr. Sunderland’s funeral – Mr. Priestley, Mr. Musgrave, Drs. Kenny & Moulson in 1st mourning coach – Mr. Jubb, Mr. Lister, & 2 apprentices in 2nd Mrs. & Miss Sunderland & 2 sons in coach followed hearse – & the family from Coley Hall in last mourning coach – Mr. Watson at the Church, Mr. Musgrave read the service – numbers of people followed the funeral -
[blank line]

February 17th Mr. Samuel Houldsworth [Holdsworth] has just bought the place he lives at called [gap] for which he has given £2.500 it pays him about £50 per annum he has had to borrow money to pay for the purchase. his only child married Mr. Thwaite

[page 77]

Mr. Rawson’s bank clerk – [gap] Cordingley left -

February 18th Mr. Adam came about Hinscliffe & Slick Lease – Chew brought it for me to read – gave me account of accusation against Mr. C. Brandling German House so called from the Moravians from Germany settling living there, before they settled at Wike – Mr. Carter 62 years of age his father lived at German house – Walked to Cliff hill Washington bought Lot of ground at the sale at Bongate at ½ per yard 1140 yards Mr. Overend died without will, but as soon as his eldest son returned from New south Wales he signed over all to Chew, & two other persons, for the benefit of the family.

February 19th Sent Cap & frock to Mrs. Fenton – dearest went to District Bank – person very civil pays a rent in George St. of £80. per annum.
DateJan-Feb 1835
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