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TitleJournal page
DescriptionPage from the journal of Ann Walker, Jun 1834-Feb 1835

[Diary Transcription]
[page 74]

Mr. Sunderland’s funeral is to take place on friday at Coley Church 12 oclock Mr. Snip invited to funeral, but not as executor; should go in his carriage copied directions for Slippers for Mrs. Rodgers, about 1 ¼ set off for Cliff Hill alone, met Dr. & Mrs. Hartley, the doctor very much altered went to Hill top to tell Martha Sykes to take her 6 [?] once a fortnight to Crow nest – My Aunt at dinner when I got there invited me to partake, but I declined – shewed Mrs. R- [Rodgers] how to knit slippers – my Aunt had had Mr. & Mrs. Snip, Mrs. Hartley & Miss Champain, dearest came for me, & before we left Miss D. [Delia] Walker came – got back at 5. sat ½ hour with Mrs. Lister – read some of Essays on Church, dearest had letter from Lady Stewart [Stuart] de Rothesay -

January 28th Up at ¼ to 9 – after breakfast read Sismondi till 1 oclock – knitted a little at blanket, had luncheon, put on my bonnet to go out – Washington arrived, had him upstairs, as Dr. Kenny came just at same time Mrs. Lister carried downstairs to him, he felt her pulse, Miss Marian saw him, but did not ask him to see her father, dearest & I did not make our appearance, but he enquired after us – Washington brought me his accounts & I settled with him about the hay he took from Collins at Lidgate, said he had had Mr. D. [Daniel] Carter about purchasing some – thought it ought to be worth £50- had £40. bid for it – I told Washington he should not lose by it – I advanced £140. last February to enable him to take this hay, & he proposed th to pay me back £100, & that I should give him the £40, with the hay

[page 75]

gathered from the Croft at Lidgate & lodged in 1833 at Crownest – to this I agreed – W- [Washington] told me Brooke would be glad to have Empsall’s cottage if he would give it up – but if he does leave I have another thing in view – Walked to Bramley Lane, to see wall that Schofield is building for me – gave orders about removal of gate posts – & fixed place for planting of thorns in Hemingway Crofts, & Cliff Hill field back at 20 to 6 – took off my bonnet & went to Mrs. Lister – in a few minutes Mr. Jubb came – dinner – afterwards went to see Mr. Lister – Cordingley not been seen to look so well for a long time, at least this was Matthew’s report whom Miss Marian sent over to enquire after her – A B. not coming tomorrow, but comes on Monday, on saturday Miss Inman is to come & stay till Monday morning as the confinement at school does not agree with her -

January 29th Up at 8 ¼ down at 8 ½ – & made breakfast. Walked to the drift for dearest read Sismondi – at 11 dearest came for me & we walked together in Trough o bolland wood looking for poor Mr. Sunderland’s funeral, the procession passed down Godley ¼ to 12 – 6 bearers, 4 mourning coaches – 2 mutes, hearse, 4 Phaetons & Mr. Priestley’s carriage along Lower Brea Road to Hipperholme & Coley – came at ¼ to 1. went to Mrs. Lister for a few minutes, had luncheon when Mr. Bradley got his dinner – wrote out accounts & cut out sleeves for dearest shifts – sent George to Cliff Hill about Sykes – at 5 ½ went to Mrs. Lister for ½ hour – gloves for Mr. & Mrs. Lister & myself, came with Mrs. Sunderland’s compliments – steps into dining room passage put up – Bradley said
DateJan 1835
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