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TitleJournal page
DescriptionPage from the journal of Ann Walker, Jun 1834-Feb 1835

[Diary Transcription]
[page 72]

January 23rd Up ¼ to 8 – breakfasted 9.10 prepared for going to Halifax bought at Whitley’s Essay’s on the Church, Curtis on the preservation of Hearing & sight – dearest went to Mr. Parker to meet person to sign the agreement about putting some soil in Northgate House land – Mr. Sutcliffe to consider till tomorrow about taking Northgate House – Letter from the editor of the Halifax Guardian with an apology for inserting paragraph – went to Duncan’s, post office, Worm[s]leys. for yarn & Lamb’s wool, Nicholson’s to speak about incivility to me yesterday – home at 1.10, finished my drawing had luncheon – took front section of Armoire, lent Miss Marian Lodge’s Portraits – wrote notes to Mr. Browne – read Curtis on Preservation of sight – mended newspaper – went to Aunty – Holt came – despatched parcel to Mr. Browne – dinner – went into parlour to wish good night – read newspaper – to bed at 10.23 -

January 24th Up at 10 to 9 – xx – breakfasted – Washington came – brought bills for me to look at before he paid them – told him to take some one with him on 2nd of February & say to Mr. Greaves he was come to take possession of the land – read nearly 50 pages of Sismondi – taught John’s children – Newspapers came back from binding looked over clothes – had luncheon – walked to Cliff Hill – heard of letters in Newspaper from Mr. Protheroe senior to Mr. Samuel Waterhouse senior, & Mr. John Edwards – sudden deaths of two men at Haugh edge – Mrs. Snip in bed since tuesday – Mrs. L[ampleugh] Hird prevented from dining with her on thursday in consequence of being taken ill at Low Moor – promised to shew Mrs. Rodgers how to knit slippers.

[page 73]

January 25th Up at 9 – after breakfast poorly & laid on sofa read a little in Townshend’s Bible – then went to read Prayers with Mrs. Lister – St. Paul’s day. just stopped at Hinscliffe’s to speak to him, as we went to Church – had Mr. Akeroyde. back here at 10 to 5 – read a few pages in Essays on the Church – dearest wrote a note to Mr. Jubb requesting him to come at ten tomorrow – dinner – went to wish Mr. Lister good night – read some chapters in Genesis in Townshend’s Bible -

January 26th Up at 9. long conversation with Miss Marian about Cordingley – Sharp to be head in the kitchen & Spate’s girl under her; sent for another [word crossed out] Housekeeper’s Guide. read 60 pages of Sismondi – Hinscliffe came & stayed till 2 ½ – call from Miss Armytage about subscription for Mitchell, the wife of the man who is to be imprisoned 12 months for robbing Mr. Macauley; gave Miss A- [Armytage] 5/- Mr. Parker came & paid me, my share of the division of personalty from Mrs. Clarke, viz £1178..10 which has been lodged in Messrs. Rawsons’ bank since August 1832 – they refused to allow any interest, but said they would allow interest from what was left in their bank from this day – walked with dearest by top of Bank thro’ Godley Lane cut, past Staupes, & on the Leeds & Whitehall road to Lower Brea, then down Coffin Lane & up walk – sat ½ hour with Mrs. Lister – & after dinner played at Backgammon with dearest completely beat her, then went to wish Mr. Lister good night. Mr. Denton called to solicit my Dispensary vote for Mr. Lister. began Blanket for Mrs. Lister.

January 27th Up ¼ to 9 – dearest not down till 10 oclock – heard
DateJan 1835
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