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DescriptionPage from the journal of Ann Walker, Jun 1834-Feb 1835

[Diary Transcription]
[page 64]

Chancellor, which would make the division cost about £150 more – Asked him if a gent[leman] had right to claim the waste which had been allotted an [word crossed out] enclosure to a farm left to him by an Uncle who died unmarried – which farm was in fact bought by 2 brothers, & the younger brother of the deceased made over his half to the gent[leman] because he had without a title – only to half – but the deceased’s younger brother did not make over the waste allotted to the farm – but continued to receive the rents for it, & enter it in his rent book till the day of his death, his son being under age, & the person to whom the farm was left being one of the Trustees & executors to the son, had of course access to the books, & deducted all the rents the father had received during his life, [word crossed out] wrote in the Executors books that the waste was allotted with the High Sunderland Estate – Mr. Gray said he conceived no such right could legally be taken, but the deed of conveyance, of the other half of the estate must first be searched for in the Register office – & if not mentioned in the conveyance he conceived the allotment of waste was reclaimable. Mr. Gray also said upon my asking him about Church Pews that they were generally supposed to go with the Estates, frequently, this supposition was erroneous; as it depends upon whether they were freehold or how they were bought Called on Mrs. Bewley, who was not at home, & Mrs. H[enry] Belcombe, she acted as very friendly, said I was looking surprisingly well, & looking much younger – talked about Eau de Cologne, & foreign trip &c – saw Dr. Belcombe just as we were leaving – he told dearest he had seen Mr. Freeman in London – , &c &c – back to the Inn, & had a drawing lesson

[page 65]

from Mr. Browne for 2 hours – – then had luncheon, & off for Hull at 4 ½ – arrived at Hull 9 ½ – had tea & went to bed -

November 27th Up & breakfasted about 10 – then went about Palmer’s Candles, bought 6 lbs [pounds] – went to Wilson’s – bought an Instand [Inkstand], & family Almanack – Chitty – in 4 volumes – & Rennie’s Botany Medical Botany & Physics – Wilson said he did not think the rail road would pay – from Selby to Hull – it would cost according to estimate £300,000 & only £130,000 was subscribed – About Politics he was afraid 2 whig members would come in again but Mr. Carruthers had offered himself for the Tory side – Bought silk of Gaubert for shawls – & figured silk for my dress. saw a Mahogany table, price £6 – & a looking glass with drawers & a tray between £4..18 – ordered [knitting?] needles & back to the Inn – dinner at 6 – looked at our purchases & went to bed -

November 28th Up & breakfasted about 9 ½ – went to some booksellers – then to Wilson’s – dearest bought about £106- worth of wood – Archangel deals are the best, then Petersburg, & then Wyburg, each varying ½. in value – the wood was bought of Spalding – with whom Greenwood deals – . called upon Miss Bedenfields – Mrs. Steele (Miss ___ Waterton formerly) has left her husband, & she & her child (a boy 16 years of age) are living with Miss Bedenfields – they were very civil, mentioned Mr. & Mrs. Greenup having called, when they came to Hull with their son to embark – Stayed about 40 minutes – then went back to the Inn – had luncheon, & off for Selby – only 2 stages, one 16. the other 21. miles – arrived at Selby about 9 ½ – had tea & Sparlings, & went to bed – K – .

November 29th Up at 7 breakfasted – & off by the Railroad about 9.10 went very well for about 20 minutes, but then rain came
DateNov 1834
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