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DescriptionPage from the journal of Ann Walker, Jun 1834-Feb 1835

[Diary Transcription]
[page 62]

to 16/./ of damages done in Holcans – Hinscliffe & Washington came – the latter brought valuation of farms according to Rent list – I ordered him to give me valuation of each field & said I should write & tell Mrs. S. [Sutherland] what I had done, & that she might have a copy – if she choose [chose] – dearest put her own & my name down as subscribers to a plan of the town; & townships of Halifax – Mr. Jeremiah Dyson called, (not at home) went to Cliff Hill – my Aunt very kind, & wished me a pleasant journey. to Hull; told her I was going there, & if we could get, by railway from Leeds to Selby, if not, we probably should go by York – , got home about 20 minutes before 5 – dearest told me that Hinscliffe had let out, that Wilson, was almost ruined – that he could lose Stocks’ coal – & that it was supposed Mr. Rawsons would if they could buy Wilson‘s coal in opposition to Stocks – that Rawsons would never attempt openly to buy S[hibden] H[all] coal, but would underhand purchase it from any person who bought it – Got unpacked the drawings that I got in York.

November 25th Up at 7 o’clock – off at 9 ½ – forgot Cloak – C[harles] Howarth went back & met us with it thro’ the footpath – drove to Kendell’s in Leeds – saw a very nice sofa Mahogany table at £11... a nice new sort of work table Mahogany with the top sliding round on hinges & forming a table leaving the inside open completely fitted up £6..10 – A wardrobe with drawers inside as well as shelves, & 2 cupboards

[page 63]

for hanging dresses £28. some very nice matting for covering floors under a washing stand at 6/6 per yard width from 1 ½ to 2 yards – saw some nice bed posts worked after an old pattern, & dearest found that a chimney piece worked in oak unpolished would be about 3 guineas – heard that the Railway took carriages & started for Selby at 2 o’clock – left the Time piece at Wilkinson’s, bought curtain holders & hooks at Nelson’s – drove to the Railway & found they would not be ready for taking carriages till the 25th of next month – went back to Hotel, for change of horses – saw the line of Railway to Selby in going to Tadcaster – at Black Swan York – about 4 ½ – ordered dinner a[t] 5 – had Parsons the hair dresser – several shares taken in the railway from London to York – but thought that it will be taken up by government people care little about present change of administration – called at Dr. Belcombe’s found they had a party – went to Mrs. Belcombe’s found Miss C[harlotte] Norcliff there – Mrs. Milne, Miss Price & Miss Dannett – very odd to dearest – she took some tea I not any – hoping we should come away, dearest thought it better to stay & we remained till ¼ to 10 – when the two ladies came a little round – great offence at dearest not calling on Mrs. Norcliffe whilst we were in London, tho’ in reality dearest did not know she was there. Mrs. Belcombe was knitting a worsted quilt – returned to the Black Swan – had some wine & water & went to bed -.

November 26th Up & at breakfast about 10 – Mr. Gray called – advised me to send notices to the hunt from our tenant said the writer of the letter to the master had evidently favored the master – who in fact must be a private friend of his – advised instructions about division of property – said that if any objection was to be made by the opposite other side, my remedy must then be to put in a petition to the Lord
DateNov 1834
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