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DescriptionPage from the journal of Ann Walker, Jun 1834-Feb 1835

[Diary Transcription]
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November 14th The hunt went on to Hunger Hill ground notwithstanding notice previously sent to forbid them going on to any of the property -

November 19th The hunt were twice during the day on property at Holcans: the second time Eastwood called them to go – said he was master of the wood – & Hanson (a keeper employed by the hunt) said to Pickles now I have got my master here, (meaning Eastwood) & will see what we can do – Eastwood also said I had no right to give leave to Pickles to shoot.

November 20th Moses Barker & Henry Gledhill whom I had sent for said they had neither of them given leave or encouragement to the hunt in any way to come – Moses Barker said he had laid out a great deal of money on the property & built, all the walls – Heblet Junior came to complain of the hunt – said he himself set his back against his own gate & declared he would try his strength with the first man who attempted to come thro’ – he had a long talk with Mr. Jeremiah Dyson who asked whose property it was – Heblet replied “you are cousins & how can you for shame come here; Heblet enquired if Mr. Jeremiah Dyson had heard from the Captain lately or how he was – he said no & he never wished to hear from thim again – used shocking Language – & swore at Heblet’s father – Outram came with cloaks – bought brown &

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white marked with brown – 20/- & 22/ per yard – said he was making something new which he thought would be serviceable for carriage linings – that the grey wool of which my cloak was made could not be bought now for love or money – he had a long conversation with dearest about introducing his things in Town – she told him he offered them there too low – rain came on & did not get out of doors at all -

November 21st Went to Cliff hill – dearest went to Mr. Adam & gave him from me directions to write a letter to the master of the hunt, saying that if they (the hunt) did not pay damages & make an apology for their conduct on Wednesday – I should commence an action – Armoire sent from Greenwood’s

November 22nd Washington told me the hunt would be difficult to keep off property – I mentioned my intention of having property divided & told him to give me a valuation – got a copy of note Mr. Adam sent to the hunt – & of writing protestations written by Mr. J. [Jeremiah] Dyson – dearest heard further particulars from Pickles & why the decision whether the hunt would pay damages, was to be left unsettled till Mr. Dyson returned –

November 23rd Read prayers to Mrs. Lister, went to Church – spoke to Mr. Priestley in coming out after service, Greenwood came up in the evening & was paid copied part of survey of Navigation -

November 24th W[illiam] Keighley brought his valuation (which amounted
DateNov 1834
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