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TitleJournal page
DescriptionPage from the journal of Ann Walker, Jun 1834-Feb 1835

[Diary Transcription]
[page 58]

August 22nd Up at 6. [line crossed out] – nice lacquey de place – & carriage – went to order Gaiter’s, then to Lafitte, told him about forwarding letters from Geneva – walked thro’ alley Panorama – bought grey ribbon for Mrs. Lister, & my bonnet, went into toy shop – saw some nice tables, boxes, peacock paper screens, bought shawl for my Aunt at – La Page’s & one for dearest & one for me – returned to Hotel about 3.30 oclock, got some tea, Monsieur Ferrall called, sat till 5 – went to Girous [Giroux], dearest bought scent bottle with pincushion, then back again to toy shop in Panorama Alley, bought a figure of large man, sort of tumbler on table, back to Hotel, dinner at 8 o’clock, waiter impertinent about Charlotteruse [charlotte russe], brought cream, & pretended it was the same thing – Eau de Cologne – dearest very poorly -

August 23rd Up at 10 to 6 – wrote letter to my Aunt Monsieur Perrelet brought watches, dearest bought one – beautifully enamelled for . [gap] went to La Page’s furniture warehouse, saw some pretty tables, a new sort of sofa – a nice writing & work table combined & a screen on model of one at Geneva – besides a neat little writing desk, & many other pretty little things. Then went to Fischer, saw some beautiful armoirs, beds, & dining tables, made to draw out to a length for 30 people, the leaves deposited inside the drawing out apparatus, & only the top leaf & two ends were mahogany, the others were deal, as the table cloth is always left on the tables. bought little white frock for – Mary, at Lafevriere Frère, Rue Neuve Vivienne, then to Rue St. Victor, where dearest left me, & went to Miss Berry’s, she dined with them, & I dusted books in her apartment & got back in a cabriolet to Hotel at 8 o’clock, dearest came in half hour afterwards, [word crossed out], she very poorly had some very weak brandy & water, & no dinner – [gap] .

August 24th Up at 8.20 breakfast, & gaitner came with

[page 59]

gaiters, had them to alter, Crochard with books, more Eau de Cologne, infamous charges of washerwoman, Madam Figarol [Figuerol] sent dresses, dearest wrote to Mademoiselle Ferrall & Madame de Bourke, at 3.30 went to Rue St. Victor, ordered horses, & off from Meurice’s Hotel at 5.30 – postillion at St. Denys, dissatisfied – travelled all night & till 10.30 next day – night very cold -

August 23rd [should be August 25th] Stopped to breakfast at Abbeville at 10.30, discovered bad make of wheels of carriage & detained till 2.30 in getting them so repaired that we could travel on with safety – at Montreuil, were told that packet would start for Dover at 3 oclock in morning – restive horses, at Nanpont [Nampont] dearest complained of them in livre de poste – & paid one of post boys 30 sous, because of his impertinence, to other she gave 40 sous – Eugenie told me at Abbeville she was ill, said to our enquiries en route that she was no better, at Samer, dearest gave her choice whether we should stop there or go on, she choose [chose] the latter, luckily for us all -

August 26th Entered Calais & at Quillacq’s at 5.30 heard English packet would start for Dover at 6 – breakfasted, on board, & weighed anchor at 6.30 wind & sea in our favor, soon saw Dover cliffs, told that Lord & Lady Warwick, & Lord Townshend & family had crossed yesterday & had a very rough passage. at Ship Hotel at 25 to 10 – not having been at all sick – Eugenie said she was still very poorly – George bought wax lights for carriage. wrote journal.
DateAug 1834
Extent1 page


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