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TitleJournal page
DescriptionPage from the journal of Ann Walker, Jun 1834-Feb 1835

[Diary Transcription]
[page 56]

arrived in 1 ¾ hour. 3 postes – pretty place, but long bargaining at Hotel Montaret about rooms, at last agreed for 30 francs per day, country from Clermont to Vichy flat, but a fine view over great extent of country – the French often plant larger trees by cutting off all the branches, & then they put forth nice buds – the following year & are out of the reach of cattle – dinner at 7.30 people very odd – bed at 10.30 very comfortable

August 18th Up at 10 to 6 – awoke dearest at 7.30, breakfasted, walked out, to baths, very nice building with corridors, & bathing apartments of women on one side, men on the other, tasted water very nauseous, & quite hot – salons & suite of apartments above for balls &c – heard that Madame Montaret’s is a second rate house, she, not particularly well conducted – Madame Bonnet’s is the first – walked thro’ promenade & into town, very small but there appeared some nice walks & rides – season for baths from middle of May to middle of September company beginning now to go away – on application for horses, told none to be had, & that we must per force stay till next day, as none could be got in town – dearest went out, & bargained with a man – who was driving a cart to take us to St. Gérand-le-Puy, for 27 francs – off from Vichy (pronounced Vicy) at 20 to 5 – with 3 horses & 2 postilions, arrived at St. Gerand, at 20 to 8 – settled for dinner rooms & breakfast for 20 francs – walked out for 20 minutes – curled hair as soon as we returned, dinner, & went to bed immediately – comfortable bed & slept soundly till 4 o’clock

August 19th up at 4 1/2 & called dearest – breakfasted & off about 7. -

[page 57]

when dearest paid, Madame said breakfast was not included, so dearest paid her 40 sous, but on that account gave nothing for la fille – fine open country, about Moulins & Névers some Campagnes that reminded me almost of England – road very good – At Névers bought a little box & 2 pincushions made of beads – at La Charité at 8 oclock very comfortable rooms & dearest no trouble in bargaining, Madame took at once 23 francs for dinner, beds, & breakfast. . very comfortable

August 20th Up at 5 – breakfasted & off at 8 – country about Moulins very pretty – so called from number of Mills – Loire very fine river, & a fine suspension bridge over it at La Charité – streets narrow & crooked, houses built of different colored bricks – in form – of square – circles &c – plenty of fruit in carriage – bought bottle of Vin blanc de Pouilly at 25 sous wine – at Pouilly – travelled on, tho’ dust very intolerable without stopping to dine Mont Argis where we had a very good dinner, then into carriage again, & long altercation about furnishing volet [gap] for first horses, – travelled all night – air much cooler -

August 21st found a good deal of rain as one approached Paris – had fallen during night – at Meurice’s hotel about 11 oclock, only one apartment & salon vacant, which we took, 150 beds in house besides servant apartments all filled with English – table d’hote every day of 140 – persons, if not made up certain number of persons taken whom Mrs. Meurice knows – living very comfortable breakfasted & went to [gap] about Edredon, saw the Church of St. Rock [Saint-Roch] – a very fine altar piece, much frequented by the English. saw little [?] in alley, dinner at 7.30 then went to bed – disappointed at Post Office that letters for England were too late
DateAug 1834
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