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TitleJournal page
DescriptionPage from the journal of Ann Walker, Jun 1834-Feb 1835

[Diary Transcription]
[page 54]

Mont Rognon, is crowned with ruins of a Gothic Castle, Plateau de Gergovia presents a vast Celtic fortress – Clermont was the birth place of Domat a renowned lawyer, Girard, author of French Synonimes [Synonyms] – academecians [academicians] Thomas, & Chamfort & brave Chevalier d’Assas.
Place [word crossed out] Champeix remarkable for magnificent fountain built 1515 by Jacques Amboise bishop of Clermont 25 feet high & is perhaps most splendid existing specimen of florid architecture of that period. Place Jaude [Place de Jaude] remarkable for its extent, serves as a market place – Clermont crooked ill built streets a few fragments of ancient splendour still remain – returned to dinner at 5 – afterwards went in evening to Royat, a village romantically situated between two enormous crags – a grotto near river, chief object of curiosity 5 springs of water issue from it – above is a mass of lava 40 feet high, cleft & cracked in a most whimsical manner – fine trees growing out of it, & on the summit stands Royat Church – below at a little distance stand some baths, which people say were built by Romans, & what Caesar used, appearance does not incline one to believe either part of this story – as soon as returned to Inn went to bed & dearest fixed to go to Puy de Dôme -

August 16th dearest called 20 minutes to 4 – off soon after 4 – she & George in little carriage, I saw them go – got up myself a few minutes past 8 – breakfasted & picked strawberries for dearest then walked out, came back, found room not done, & went out again; came in about 11.15 finished letter to my sister, then began & finished one to Mrs. Lister, wrote journal, till 4 oclock, then had soup – afterwards copied one of Mr. Browne’s drawings, a piece of rock – then read a description of geological society at Clermont – & watched

[page 55]

after very often for dearest’s return, who went at 4 in morning with George to Puy de Dôme, where weight of the atmosphere first proved by Pascal. & silver mines – candles at 8.15
learnt 2 columns of French conversation – at 9.15 ordered up dinner – dearest arrived just as it was on table – sat down to dinner 20 to 10 – dearest had a magnificent view from Puy de Dôme, said that any person might have gone up on mules, & that I should go there if we came here again – the descent into silver mines near Pont de Gibaut [Gibaud] very steep & dangerous, by step ladders in one place quite perpendicular, & very dirty also – an hour & a half there 20 minutes in getting permission – Monsieur de St. Etienne said the mines had cost him nearly a million of francs (£40,000 english) but they were now beginning to pay – road from Puy de Dome [Puy de Dôme] to silver mines very dangerous, only just room for carriage & a perpendicular fence precipice on one side without any fence so that little carriage was sometimes close on brink of precipice – went to bed immediately dearest very sleepy, but quite pleased with letters & drawing -

August 17th Awoke about 2 o’clock quite frightened, fancying some one in room who had opened window, dearest lighted candle for me – awoke & got up 10 to 7 – dearest slept til 8 – & I then went to her – at 9.15 we got up, explained to me all words I had written down that I could not find in Dictionary – breakfasted at 10.20 looked at minerals – & altered expression in letter to Mrs. Lister – dearest payed Madame – long conversation with her about Religion &c – Louis Philippe went there with Duke of Orleans & 12 people en suite last year & paid 2,000 francs for 2 days – off at 1.10 for Riom, large town, Volvic near noted for its quarries: then to Aigueperse, thence to Gannat, where we were detained 40 minutes for horses postboys. got some cold turkey then off for Vichy where we
DateAug 1834
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