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TitleJournal page
DescriptionPage from the journal of Ann Walker, Jun 1834-Feb 1835

[Diary Transcription]
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Monsieur Morillo very civil, dearest breakfasted with him, & his mother, who was staying with him – french breakfast all meat & wine, without either coffee or tea – french have only 2 meals a day – gave dearest letter from postillion about renfort – paid the money to Madame at Hotel, off at [gap] for Monbrison [Montbrison], discovered that we had left towel & my p[age?] hand – first things we had lost or left – country pretty, chain of mountains – at Montbrison at 6 – hard bargaining – Madame in bad humour. dinner at 7, very poor one, ordered riz au lait, which we got about 9 – in bed at 10 -

August 14th Up at 5.30 dearest warmed for me part of riz au lait that we left night before, & made my tea – off at 10 to 9 – at Montbrison is an old castle mentioned by [gap] Sir W[alter] Scott – At Noire Table [Noirétable] got 2 boiled eggs stayed half hour, then off. about half mile distance met carriage & changed horses – as there were none at La Bergère, when arrived there had to wait an hour, whilst horses baited – 2 yards make a toise or rather 6 French feet = 6 feet, 6 inches feet English – wrote part of a letter to my sister in carriage whilst waiting for horses, detained at La Bergére an hour & twenty minutes, having been stopped before on road to change horses with another carriage – View of the Lemagne [Limagne] in descending hill from Thiers beautiful beyond description – At Thiers, a single house at the bottom of a long hill immediately descending from the town, long altercation with Maitre de poste, who tried much to induce us to stay all night – got tired horses from there to Lezoux, where we wished to stay all night no accommodation so posted to Pont du Château, last stage before
DateAug 1834
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