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DescriptionPage from the journal of Ann Walker, Jun 1834-Feb 1835

[Diary Transcription]
[page 46]

this silk, a shuttle with more silk upon it is passed three times under, a wire put under, to make the rows of silk more compact, & it is then cut by running over it, an instrument something like inside of a small lock, which has a very small sharp edge & this cuts the velvet – the piece we saw, under manufacture was a beautiful green 1 ½ ell wide, & to be 45 ells in length & before embroidered with gold (according to order) was to cost 250 francs or £10 english an ell – the order was from King of England & would be completed in 8 months – Evident & lamentable remains of recent disturbances which commenced 15th of April, some of house that were demolish [demolished], are just rebuilt, 500 military & 500 insurgents killed, insurgents used poisoned shot & ball, so that every soldier wounded, in least degree died – all quiet now, & trade recovering itself, ten thousand military still in Lyons – back at Hôtel to dinner 7.30 had Peaches – at dessert, to bed at 9 – Man brought Shawls & silks – discovered damage in black shawl – bed at 10 -

August 10th Up at 10 to 8 – breakfast 9.30 afterwards read Prayers. then went out. saw Church d’Ainey [d’Ainay], formerly a Roman temple of Diana, 2 immense columns of granite stood at the entrance of it, which were cut in two, & now form two pillars on each side of altar table – small remains of Mosaic work near altar in the crypt, saw the Dungeon where 2 saints St. Blondine [Blandina] & St. Potin [Pothin] were im put [word crossed out] to death in early ages of Christianity – then to Faubourg St. Irenèe where are several well preserved arches of a Roman Aqueduct constructed by Antony to supply the troops of Julius Caesar with water from the River Furens, several Authors attribute these works to Agrippa – our guide

[page 47]

one of these arches fell in 6 years ago, but our guide who appeared about 60 said he could remember walking from end to end – then to the tower of Fourvieres, 200 steps to the top, where there is a very fine & extensive view, with a telescope places can be seen that are one or two leagues distant at time of the disturbances, the insurgents went to the keeper of this tower put a pistol to his throat, & threatened to shoot him unless he gave them possession of it, accordingly he did, & from here they killed all they could the windows were broken of the tower, & are not yet repaired – there are three convents in Lyons, two of women & one of monks – Lyons was the birth place of Philibert Delorme, Coysevox, Chabry, two Coustous, the engraver Audran, & the painter Stella – among modern artists who do honor to this city are Revoil for historical painting & Dubois for miniatures During 18th Century Jussieu, La Jourette, Abbé Rozier & Bourgelat flourished here – it was birth place of great & virtuous Germanicus, & at present day of celebrated natural philosopher Ampère In the Cathedral is a good deal of beautiful painted glass & a famous clock constructed by Lippius of Basle 1598 it marks course of Sun, phases of Moon, the years, months, & days, the hours, minutes & seconds & all saints’ days in the Calendar – architecture pointed, constructed at various periods, but principally in reigns of Philip Augustus & Louis 11th back to Hotel 7.15 dinner at 7.30 afterwards wrote to Mrs. Lister & wrote up journal from Wednesday – finished at 12.30 11 bridges over the Saône & 3 over Rhone, only one of stone – constructed by Pope Innocent the 14th [should be Innocent the 4th] – Hotel de Ville, considered handsomest edifice of kind in Europe built 1647 – except that at Amsterdam – St. Claire, one of finest quartiers of Lyons – magnificent quay – Joseph 2nd
DateAug 1834
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