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TitleJournal page
DescriptionPage from the journal of Ann Walker, Jun 1834-Feb 1835

[Diary Transcription]
[page 44]

new route to Les Echelles has already cost 40,000 francs, & will cost about 30 more to finish it completely – it is partly formed upon an old route, which was formerly used as a pass road from one village to another & paid for by the department – passed Lake de Dauphin, so called from winding in shape like a Dolphin – thro the villages of Tolvon, St. Etienne, Madeleine – valley of Gresivaudan beautiful – very little water in the Isere as there was no snow last winter: at Pont St. Laurent sat in carriage whilst horse eat its oats & I eat poulet, & had brandy & water, & an orange. Land lets here for about 12 £4 English [word crossed out] for 12.00 square yards. 3136 yards is a day’s work about Halifax – back at Hotel des Cours at 7.20 had a good dinner, plenty of fruit & a bottle of Blanquette – the Maitre began the world without a penny, has lived at Voiron 28 years & only been [small ink smudge] 3 times to Grenoble – & had not been to Pont St. Laurent for 3 years he said he never goes from home, as Hotels are often ruined for want of good attendance, he has 5 sons & 1 daughter 1 son is cook, another oastler [ostler], wrote journal & at 9.05 began to prepare for bed – saw Hemp 10 feet high -

August 8th Up at 6 with return of bowel complaint lay down for a little while then got up & dressed – breakfasted, bought Napolean [Napoleon] drawn with a pen by an artist now at Marseilles for 35 francs – settled every thing, off at ten, with four horses – thro Bourgoin where we had to get the shafts tied up – then to Verpillière, à Saint-Laurent-des-Mûres, to Bron & Lyons. arrived 8.15 country we passed thro, very pretty from Voiron to Verpillière, an amphitheatre of mountains & river on one side & cultivated vineyards on the other. comfortable salon, & 2 sleeping apartments at Hotel de L’Europe 18 francs per Day – breakfasts 2 francs, dinners 8 francs – dinner in half hour after our arrival, then went to bed.

[page 45]

August 9th Up at 6 – breakfast at 9 – hired laquis de place at 5 francs a day – carriage for 20 francs – at 12 went out to shawl shop – bought black satin shawl for 80 francs, & dearest white one for 140 beautiful silks, particularly one of puce colored ground & gold pattern, back to Hotel for name of Banquier, eat poulet, then off to Bank – back with money to Hotel, then to Musée saw several Roman altars, tombs, & baths, well preserved & very nicely arranged – down stairs – above, a large stone gallery outside under windows which was about 12 feet broad – pictures not particularly good except 2 by Rubens, & a very large one of siege of Lisle [Lille], by Louis 14th & his army – present government wish to purchase this, but Institution will not part with it, unless for a considerable sum of money, 3 pieces of beautiful Mosaic work in excellent preservation one chariot race said the best in Europe – one piece was found 1676 in the vineyard of Hotel Cassère another chariot race found 1806 quai d’Enay [d’Ainay], rue de Passy. Minerals & birds & shells, only just beginning to arrange; a long room, with 6 arches – 5 cases in length made of walnut wood, very handsome, a crystal, said to be largest in Europe. [words crossed out] – among Roman relics saw head of Horse discovered in the Soane [Saône] February 5th 1766 – Taurobolic Altar, discovered 1705 near church of Fourvieres [Fourvière]. The Inscription presents memory of expiatory sacrifice of a bull – bought Plan of Lyons at a booksellers, at a print shop saw a selection of Oiseaux Etrangers, à Paris chez armande, Robin Editeur 12 Rue de Choiseul Lith[ographique] de Derebergue, rue de Faub[ourg] Montmartre 10. bought print of Grande Chartreuse – Went to the Botanic Garden. hardly worthy of the name of Garden, but a very nice shady promenade – To manufacture of velvet, saw the process – fixed into a frame, apparently like one for weaving worsted between the white threads is placed the silk – the above & below, between

DateAug 1834
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