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TitleJournal page
DescriptionPage from the journal of Ann Walker, Jun 1834-Feb 1835

[Diary Transcription]
[page 42]

which is not usually case with Roman bridges or buildings. exceedingly tired, back to Hotel, dined, & went to bed -

August 6. Up at 5 again with bowel complaint, lay down again for some time, & up at 6.30 only one cup of coffee at breakfast & went away being very unwell – shewed G[eorge] how to mend his stockings – read a little, dearest ordered me broth & fricandeau, & then went to see the Castle & barracks & – Eat my broth & fricandeau, & then wrote journal – & 2 ½ pages of a letter to my sister – inked over the pencil designs I took at Geneva of Sofa, screen chair, & Bains pieds – off from Grenoble at 4.20 went to Maitre d’hotel’s campagne, about an hour’s drive from Grenoble on Lyon’s road, he was there to receive us, went over the house – below, a very nice salon, with two small sleeping apartments at one end of it, a salle à manger, & another room – communicating with his wine vats, where all the wine is made, then into his kitchen, & above, a nice suite of rooms for sleeping apartments & servants, & kitchen &c. – beautiful view from all the windows, those of the sâlon open upon a terrace about 8 feet wide – planted with a row of umbrella acacias from Martin Burdin’s garden at 24 sous each – there are about 8 acres of ground, allotted into vineyards, kitchen garden farm &c. . Maitre gave for the Campagne 22,000 francs (£880 English money) & he wishes to sell it for 70,000, francs – he said the Pavilion at top of garden was the only folly he had committed, painted by an artist from Turin for 600 francs (£24 English). saw a very long melon (prolate spheroid) “pushed out at top the ends” about 2 feet longitudinal – . Maitre said he would let us the maison, (keeping back apartments for his wife’s Parents, & the farmer) for £40 P[er] A[nnum] [word crossed out] but he should wish to keep the Garden & vineyards letting us have half the

[page 43]

vegetable produce we could be supplied with milk & butter by the farmer, on return to house, Maitre gave me some excellent Malaga wine – approach road, not very good but might easily be improved – 1 ½ hour there, in going down approach road before we got on to the Lyons road, lost linch pin – got it tied with a cord at Voreppe, stayed at Hotel de Paris, 20 minutes, dearest trying to fix for us to sleep there as I was very tired, found we could have nothing but milk & butter, so came away – & on to Voiron, a very long ascent from Voreppe to Voiron, should think of nearly 5 miles – country beautiful but unfortunately obliged to travel it in the dark – at Hotel du Cours at 20 to 10 oclock had for supper – a fricandeau, & potage, Maitre very civil said we might pay him what we liked. large nice airy salon, with little bed closets out of it – bed 10 ½. -

August 7th Up at 5 o’clock return of bowel complaint lay down again, & being cold afterwards went to dearest, finally got up at 9.15 had excellent breakfast of, tea made in Jones’ hot water boiler, nice bread, & fresh strawberries, enjoyed breakfast more than I have done since I left England – after breakfast read several pages in Histoire de Grenoble, then dearest sent for Maitre to arrange about a carriage for a little drive on new road to Les Echelles, & agreed to take a print of Napoleon, beautifully done with a pen by Edward Hazard 1833 – price 50 francs – frame cost 20, & the carte 30 – at 3 oclock off in a little carriage on the new route to Les Echelles, as far as Pont St. Laurent, road ascends from Voiron about half a mile then nearly level for another mile when we began to descend – before descending saw on the opposite hill side the Chartreusine, bought about 10 years ago, by Ladies, who shut themselves up here from all the world, & in fact imitate, the monks of the Grand Chartreuse in their customs as nearly as they can – -
DateAug 1834
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