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TitleJournal page
DescriptionPage from the journal of Ann Walker, Jun 1834-Feb 1835

[Diary Transcription]
[page 40]

2.30 had cold poulet, & wine, then went to Booksellers, & Monsieur Barin’s garden – saw the preparation for taking suckers of Rose trees & Plants; 3 cornered piece of sheet lead, with bottom corner cut off so [doodle of piece of lead] branch of plant slit up just above joint first slit across, & then a little way up – then 2 holes made in lead as marked, string put thro these holes & tied to the branch or if that be too weak, to a stronger branch, then the lead doubled up like a cup below the slit sucker, & filled with earth. query does a stick support the sucker? walked back again to Hotel, & storm came on – those Dahlias are best which do not shew any seed in the centre of the flower – Arbor Vitae make beautiful hedges, & in 5 or 6 years grow very high – Wrote part of journal, went to bed early -

August 3rd Up at 6 – breakfasted & off at 9 – No trouble about Bill, all quite fair according to agreement & right, did not charge cold poulet – country beautiful, particularly all the valley down to Bourg Maurice, examination of Boot of carriage by Doame [Douane], on entering France, at [gap] . [gap] – rain came on about 2 oclock – at Grenoble, & at Les Ambassadeurs Hotel, by 3.30 comfortable apartments, rain continued so could not go out – dinner at 6 – capital, & abundance. wrote part of journal. went to bed 10 to 9 – did not sleep well, bowel complaint at 5 morning -

August 4th Bowel complaint continued all day till 2 o'clock, at 3 walked out into the town – went to Bookseller’s, a jewelers, bought nothing – at another booksellers bought a History of Grenoble & its environs, from its foundation, under the name of Cularo, to our times. by P. P. A. Pilot [J. J. A. Pilot]. went to a mineralogist’s, saw some beautiful specimens, of the different minerals of this country, mounted 6 flights of stairs, to see more minerals (saw also a plan of Elba) & a very curious lock, which

[page 41]

no one could open unless the person recollected the way he had last turned it – had a pamphlet of the amateurs masters, & amateurs who had paintings in the Exhibition at Lyons – went to a Glove shop bought 3 pairs of dark colored Gloves – then returned to dinner & to bed at 9 – dearest had Pictures & Minerals to look at that Landlord wanted to sell –

August 5 – Up at 5 – bowel complaint again – breakfasted at 8 – at 10 set off in a little carriage to Sassenack [Sassenage] – crossed an iron bridge (suspension) only been completed 6 years but wood being all bad they have it to replace with better, only one side is yet done – length of bridge


Sassenach [Sassenage] is situated, at foot of a steep hill, from this hill a beautiful view of Grenoble, the rivers, Isere & Drac – & opposite mountains, which were unfortunately covered with clouds – I stayed in middle of hill, whilst dearest went to top – said she had a much more extensive & more lovely view – & very fine meadows there – at Sassenage famous for its cheese, we saw its celebrated grotoes [grottoes], the cascades, & singular rise of the water from the rock which cannot be seen without a candle – [word crossed out] guide told us he intended to build a Pavilion to shut the woods out, from those who would go there without him, he has lately bought this wood for 300 francs – as we return saw the Sapey [Sappey] so much spoken of – as we returned saw in [gap] a Poplar cut down of extraordinary length 84 yards – feet – then to the Roman bridge on new road to Marseilles, which is not quite finished & some parts of it are very bad – bridge of one arch, & exceedingly – two of its [most] best characterics [characteristics] of being Roman, as [letter crossed out] it is put together with Mortar
DateAug 1834
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