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DescriptionPage from the journal of Ann Walker, Jun 1834-Feb 1835

[Diary Transcription]
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it rained all night & quite put an end to our intention of going in an open carriage to Les Echelles -

July 31st Dearest up at four, but rain having continued all night relinquished intention of going in open carriage & set out about 3 oclock in our own – country very pretty, 3 postes to Les Echelles, derived its name from a torrent having anciently mad worn a hole thro’ the rock, which was the only road from Chambery, till Charles Emanuel made another, or improved the old one in 1670 – this road being dangerous being liable to pieces of rock & rubbish falling, in winter & during strong rains – Buonaparte issued an order to all Engineers to produce plans for its improvement, after mature deliberation it was thought best to make another by piercing the rock higher up, & the present road, was begun, stopped & resumed by the french, & finally completed by [gap] King of Sardinia – At 6 oclock in morning Partner from Monsieur Barin – Gardiner [gardener], came with plants for herbary for us to look at, declined taking them, but we ordered one to contain all the Plants of the Alps, on white paper, for 1000 francs, dearest offered to advance person money if he required it, he declined, but about 2 o’clock just before we set off came again to ask for 200 francs. of course dearest advanced it, but we thought it very odd, that he did not take it when she first offered it, & upon telling him so & talking to him he seemed very much ashamed of himself & would have left the money if dearest would have allowed him – At Les Echelles at 6 oclock – dinner at 7. went to bed early -

August 1st Up at 6 – & engaged a char, to take us at 9 clock to Pont St. Laurent, at time could not get Passport, so had to wait for it till man returned, this delayed us till 9 ½ – then off – Douane on entering France, turned out our char & wished to search our

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persons till dearest shewed our Passport – At Pont St. Laurent. ½ hour in getting our Mules & guide – ride to Grand Chartreuse particularly fine, high mountains, & ravine & gorge finest I ever saw – road very good for mountains, only part bad or very narrow was near a wire mill, & that they were widening & improving – a newly strong wall banks up the road, which was the only means of preventing its being swept away in winter: rain came on, about 10 minutes before we got to what is called an Auberge, when in less than half an hour a violent thunder storm came on. ate poulet, & lay down on bench – [word crossed out] an aged Priest was in the room with two females when we went. one of the monks of the Chartreuse dressed in white woollen – these monks are not allowed to wear any linen, in place of a shirt, they have only a tunic of serge. the white woollen dress is fastened by a leather girdle or a hemp cord. the head is shaven, they sleep on straw mattresses, & have only sheets – by & by another party of 2 gents. a lady & her 2 daughters came in – stayed there till 3.30 unwillingness of our guide to leave, & his attempt to cheat us by charging 43 sous for his dinner when it only cost him 15. in returning he was quite Lame, my mule stumbled, & I then dismounted & changed with dearest in a short time guide was so lame we had to mount him on George’s mule, & George got up behind me: only just 2 hours in going from Grand Chartreuse to Pont St. Laurent, & 40 minutes from thence to Les Echelles: din[n]er ready, afterwards wrote to Mrs. Lister & went to bed -

August 2nd Up at 6 – riz au lait & strawberries to breakfast – room charged 8 francs in bill. dearest complained about, & explained that it was more than we paid even at Geneva – off about 10.30 got out at old road – at Parfaite Union at
DateJul-Aug 1834
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