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TitleJournal page
DescriptionPage from the journal of Ann Walker, Jun 1834-Feb 1835

[Diary Transcription]
[page 36]

servant – lovely view in descending to the town – got some poulet at the hotel, & then set off to le bout du mond [Le Bout du Monde] – scenery of the mountains, along road very beautiful, really appears the end of the world, a sort of Basin surrounded by an immense rock, which bounds any further view, out of which issues a considerable cascade, & several smaller ones, the large one freezes like all others in winter, but the water of two of the smaller ones, is quite cold in summer but perfectly hot in winter – no person has yet accounted for this phenomenon – these cascades supply a paper mill close by – saw there process – rags are first sorted, then put into an immense boiler which washes & condenses rings! [wrings] them then put into another boiler which reduces them to pulp – this pulp is reduced to a yet finer state in a third out of which it is into which they dip wire trays, on which the liquid consolidates sufficiently to be turned on to a piece of coarse woollen cloth, when all the cloths are filled they are placed in large presses – bought some of the paper – saw what is called coal in this country, but it appeared (tho’ dug out of the earth) more like burnt wood than anything else, & broken in pieces as easily: as we returned stopped at Monsieur Barin’s [Burdin’s] public garden – Dearest spoke about boy & said we would go next day on wednesday – just as we got back to the Inn, a violent thunderstorm, 8 o’clock, dined, & went to bed -

July 29th At 9 – off to Aix, saw waterfall of Gresy, where in 182513. Madame de Bourc [de Broc] – maid of honor to [gap] met her death by falling into one of the crevices; in the endeavour to extricate her, her gown gave way, which made her head bound against the side of the rock & the blow killed her; her husband was killed in Napoleon's campaign in Russia

[page 37]

that day twelvemonths preceding – then to Lake Bourget which we crossed in a boat with a french lady & gent[leman] & their little girl from Lyons, to the Monastery of Hautecombe, where the Sardinia Kings, till the last 5 generations were buried – all the tombs are of Seyssel stone which is quite white, but the whiteness has more the hue of plaster of Paris then of marble – there are four large [word crossed out] paintings, one of Christ in the Temple & the Magi very good, & two others, one of Christ healing the young man at the pool of Bethesda & [gap] saw a small brick chapel near, & the sculptor’s studio – as well as the apartments for the king & queen – waterfall of & intermittent fountain, but no water in it at the time we were there: on return to boat. french gent[leman] very cross said we had kept him waiting ¾ hour – conversation about Grande Chartreuse gent[leman] said no ladies were never admitted – at Aix went to château only just in time for their carriage broke down – Temple of Diana converted into a Theatre, the walls are composed of very large stones, regularly compacted one above another without cement. close to it is a new building, containing ball rooms library &c. – balls every night in small salon, & on thursdays & sunday every week in the large salon – L’Arc de Campanus. An hour in getting carriage repaired walked in Mademoiselle de Verney’s garden – & went to a bookseller’s, dark soon after we left Aix, at Chambery at 10 o’clock – house quite full, very poor dinner.

July 30th Up at 8 aft wrote journal & read till 3 oclock, went to Bookseller’s shop, then got a char at Hotel de la Poste to take us to the Monsieur Barin’s public garden, he has above 20 English acres of ground & sometimes 250 labourers employed. rain came on just as we left the garden, & we only just got to Hotel when a violent thunder storm came on
DateJul 1834
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