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TitleJournal page
DescriptionPage from the journal of Ann Walker, Jun 1834-Feb 1835

[Diary Transcription]

we got to the top of – – – sat down & cried, got a little Noyau – then mounted & went to the top – as we were descending, saw guide who accompanied Baron Muller, who told our Guides – when he had got part of the way en route he said to him, he had lost . francs, the Guide proposed turning back to look for them, he said it was such a reflection & disgrace upon him, Baron M- would not allow this but proposed borrowing money, which the people lent at . [gap] not to him, but to the guide, when he got to Martigny he said he should go to Turin where he gave the Guide the slip, & left him with 5 francs in his pocket – he had left his carriage at Chamouni, which the people sold seized for sale, he had bought it at Geneva, without paying for it, so that the Maker came over to Chamouni to buy it again for what he could. crossed the Vosa [Voza] down to Contamine [Contamines], arrived at 5 – dined, had Vin d’Asti, went to bed – Up [gap]

July 7th – Up at 7 ½ got a cup of Coffee, saw the Church, & off for Nant Bourrant, where we breakfasted, ascended Col de Bonhomme, heard story of Mr. Campbell & Mr. Rowley being starved to death in September 1832 – they had breakfasted & were off late from Nant Bourrant, did not get to top of Mountain till 2 oclock in the day, rain, & snow then came on, & the cold took hold of Mr. Rowley who could not walk – , when his cousin saw him dying, he became panic struck, & begged them to leave him to die also, however this they would not do, & the guide carried him on his back to the first chalet, those only who have travelled the road, can form an accurate idea of the difficulty of this carrying him; when arrived at the Chalet, the guide


left him to the Care of its inhabitants & two remaining companions, & set off with the shepherds to fetch the dead man from the top of the mountain, in guides absence, the unfortunate young man was put into warm sheets instead of being rolled in the snow, & thus his life was sacrificed, the vital spark having fled before the return of guide; the two dead men were carried down to Chapu, where their unhappy companions passed the night, next day then proceeded, to Geneva, where they had the two gents embalmed & sent to England – Mr. Rowley was about forty, & Mr. Campbell an only son of a Gent[leman] in London about 22 – – – – Much snow & no track over the Col de Bonhomme, sent our Mules before us to make a path, – – crossed 21 small vallies [valleys] of snown [snow], An hour in [word crossed out] the snow in crossing Col de Fours. – then – went thro’ a pretty valley to Mottet – a mere chalet – but a comfortable apartment between cows, & the hay loft. woman very civil, & quick in putting up a curtain for a dressing room – some excellent mutton for dinner, afterwards went out, & talked to the wife, husband & brother, they only live there about 2 months in the year, & then go to Bourg St. Maurice for the winter, they had not been a month in the chalet when we were there -

July 8th Up at 5 – breakfasted, then crossed the Alle [Allée] Blanche & Lake Combal, stopped at a Chalet in Col de la Seigne to eat poulet – saw people making cheese
DateJul 1834
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