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DescriptionPage from the journal of Ann Walker, Jun 1834-Feb 1835

[Diary Transcription]

into a sort of Magasine. Query if Voltaire was in reality what the world represents him (an Infidel,) is it not singular that he should have built a Church for the worship of God? -

[gap of six lines]

Spent 50 minutes at Ferney then off for Geneve, where we arrived about 5.30 – Engaged 4 very comfortable apartments at the Hotel de Berg [Bergues] – which has been built by a company of gent[lemen] who have bought that quarter of the city & are making great improvements there – they have also constructed a new bridge (sort of suspension) which has only been completed & opened 6 weeks – went to the Post Office 2 letters from my Sister forwarded from Paris – one of which went first to Heworth Grange. had din[n]er – then walked out into the town, went to a booksellers & got a plan of Geneva – then returned to Hotel & went to bed -

July 1st Up at 7 – breakfasted at 9 – answered my sister’s letter, & Washington’s & wrote to my Aunt whom Mrs. Lister said in her letter was very much hurt that she did not know sooner I was coming abroad tho’ it had been talked of by all the world for some months – said to my Aunt that I was sorry to hear this, it was out of my powers to tell her sooner as I did not know myself & wrote to her, & my sister, as soon as it was fixed, that to them I had never been intentionally uncommunicative, & that it was very unlike me, to tell my plans to all the world but herself (my Aunt). To Washington, I wrote to decline Mr. L[ampleugh] Hird’s proposal to take Lidgate. & said I would rather wait, & let the house & land undivided even if I got less – – kept a copy of this letter sent my signature & date, for Washington to fill up with a notice to quit for Thomas Greaves – To my sister (whose eyes are still very bad) said I hope she would have the best advice for them, if they were not


soon better. Told her about my letter to Washington, our route to Geneva, my letter of the 28th April which I concluded she had never received – my Aunt being hurt at not sooner being apprised of my coming abroad – that I wrote both to her & my Aunt as soon as it was fixed.

July 2nd Went to the Toporama – to the Pension – heard of & saw Miss Pickford, & Miss Maitland. they intended to return to England tuesday next on account of Mrs. Alexander who was very ill – quite true Miss Pickford has lost a considerable sum of money by her friend Miss Thredfeld [Threlfall] who died in West Indies 2 years ago – back to dinner at 6 – a violent Thunder storm -

July 3rd Up & off for Bonneville at 1 ½ – violent thunderstorm arrived at Bonneville 5 – Postillion cheated us about the Carabiniers -

July 4th Off to Sallenche [Sallanches] where we breakfasted – left Eugenie & carriage & off for Chamouni [Chamonix] at 1 – bought at Servoz a herbary – stopped at St. Gervase – where every body but the sick dine at Table d’hote – Char-a-banc detestable – [word crossed out] Thunder storm arrived at Chamouni 5 ½ – quite wet, & obliged to go to bed had no change of clothes – David Folignet guide came -

July 5th – Went to Montanvert, & on to the Mer de Glace, where we I picked up. [gap] a little rain before we got down from the Mountain, had some boiled milk, & lay down on the bed for ½ hour – then went to see the Church – A- [Anne] had a long conversation with the Priest. about England & the Protestant Religion – went to see the living Chamois. bought a model of the mountains – dined at 6.30. went to bed could not sleep, got up & was very sick –

July 6th Did not rise till near 8 o’clock – A- [Anne] had a long packing of our things, some of which we left at Chamouni – on our Mules & off about . [gap] for the mountains, very tired, & got off to rest before
DateJun-Jul 1834
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