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TitleJournal page
DescriptionPage from the journal of Ann Walker, Jun 1834-Feb 1835

[Diary Transcription]

Who, not content
To hear merely the name of Christian
Rendered it still more venerable
by the sanctity of his works
Who, from his earliest youth
Always possessed the most pure manners
Commendable by profound
Religion towards God
And the most exact observation
And the utmost fidelity to his holy law -
Full of the most lively faith
Of the firmest hope,
The most ardent charity
He was seen to approach his end
With heroism, truly Christian.
Absolutely despising all earthly things
Sighing with all his soul
After the possession of eternal worth
Full of heavenly consolation
He died
Leaving inexpressible regret
20 December year Notre Seigneur 1765.
Aged 36 years 3 months & a half -

[double horizontal line drawn]

Maria-Joseph of Saxe
Dauphine of France
Whose grief for the death of
Her husband is irremediable
Wished to be interred after her death,
in the same tomb -
In order that the reunion of their ashes
Might remain to posterity
An eternal monument
of their mutual love.
Equal to Her husband
In virtues as in tenderness
Yielding at last
To the bitterness of grief
She died
Worthy of all our regret
13 March 1767. Notre Seigneur
aged 35.
And having wished to preserve
her conjugal [word crossed out] vows even after her death,
She was deposited the 23rd of the same
month & the same year
In this tomb,
Which we have bathed with tears.

The dead rest in Peace.

[double horizontal line drawn]

One cannot help admiring the noble & imposing architecture of this cathedral, of which St. Anastatius, archbishop of this city, began the foundations 972. It was completely finished under the Episcopacy of Tristan de Salazar 1532 – his tomb is in the Cathedral Three beautiful roses, in painted glass, placed above the side door, one also remarks; that of the north side representing Paradise is the most esteemed – In the Chapel of St. Eutropius are also glass windows very much admired by connoi[s]seurs, they


were painted by the celebrated John Cousin, one of the founders of the french school, who was born at Soucy near Sens. The high altar of the choir, & the magnificent drapery which crowns it were put up in 1742 under the design of Servandoni.

[three blank lines]

Country about Joigny remarkably pretty – arrived at Joigny [gap] walked to the Church, neat & small, two Oleanders on each side of the Altar, a very old tomb, five women regarding it two of them the Marys – at one end of it, the man holding the Sponge, at the other the crown of thorns Our Saviour cut in marble on the top of the tomb, & even the blood streaming from his side, & the [word crossed out] incisions of the nails in his hands & feet represented – Walked on boulevard – a very fine bridge – dinner at 8 – very comfortable rooms, good – dinner & vin ordinaire.

[date missing, June 26th] off next morning at. [gap] for Bassout [Bassou] – Café at Bermontent [Vermenton] very tired, dined at Avallon, lay down on bed – At Avallon 3 hours – slept at Rouvray arrived 9.05, bed immediately, very comfortable – family there travelling Vetterino [vetturino] they were off at 3 -

[date missing, June 27th] Up at 4 oclock breakfasted & off at 7.33 Country very beautiful all way to Dijon, hills planted with vines, interspersed with slips of land, sown with corn wheat. barley &c. – road winding along river Ouche almost all way to Dijon, with very high rocks on other side – passed thro many very pretty villages, with Churches here & there standing alone on side of hill – appearance of Dijon as one approaches very pretty – arrived at Hotel de la Cloche 4.28 ordered dinner in an hour, lay down on Sofa, two very comfortable rooms – dinner best cooked & sent off, of any we have had in France – Vin ordinaire, after dinner walked
DateJun 1834
Extent1 page


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