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April Saturday 13
Note from Eliza Belcombe (Haughend) to say she was much obliged but a fortnight was too long to
wait, and she should go next Monday or Tuesday but still on account of the Staveley’s — ‘but for the reasons I gave
you when at Shibden, I think it better to avoid paying any visits’ — Came upstairs at 11 — From then till
2 1/2 making extracts from the Quarterly Review volume 26, and from Dr. Chandler’s Travels in Asia Minor — Made 1 extract
in volume D— and began and wrote the 1st. 6 ppages volume E. made a long extract from the Quarterly at the end of the Bishop of St. David’s
tract in vindication of 1 John verse 7. that people who cannot be competent judges on the subject may be
spared so mortifying a proof of their ignorance as is exhibited in my observation made Wednesday 6 March vide page 210. —
From 2 1/2 to 4, wrote the above of today, and made an extract from Dr. Johnson’s tour to the western islands
of Scotland, giving his description of the Hebridian Castles — Went downstairs at 4 1/2 — From 5 50/60 to 6 10/60,
walked as far as the 1st. cottages in the new bank — In the evening from 8 20/60 to 9 1/2 , read (almost entirely aloud) from
page 81 to 130. Dr. Chandler’s Asia Minor — Rainy day — Meant to have gone to H—x [Halifax] in the morning but the
perpetual and heavy showers kept me at home — Barometer 1/2 degree below changeable Fahrenheit 46° at 9 1/2 p.m. — E… apparently
no discharge — Came upstairs at 11 —

Sunday 14
7 3/4
12 1/4
Went down stairs a very little after 9, so as to have 1/2 hour before church for reading 2 or 3 old papers my uncle gave me
last night — he and my aunt staid at home (it looked likely to rain) but I went to the old church — Mr. Watson of
Coley, preached 26 minutes from 1 Peter i.4. a pretty good sermon but very plebeian as to style and language and
broadly and vulgarly delivered — From church walked along the new road to Hipperholme turnpike — in returning went as
far the Belvidere last gate — then sauntered back to Mytholm, and thence past lower brea along the fields home at
2 1/4 — Staid out so long chiefly on account of my right eye, which felt very weak after being exceedingly incommodated
by the draughts of air at church, admitted through the interstices cut at the bottom of the pew 5 to admit hot
air when the church is heated — I was obliged to keep my eyes shut, leaning on one hand, both while sitting and standing almost
the whole of service time — these draughts of air are also very cold about one’s legs, and I was starved, though the morning
has been so fine and pleasantly warm — Began Dr. Johnson’s tour to the Hebrides — ‘a journey to the Western islands of
Scotland’ a 2nd time and read the 1st. 27 ppages Went downstairs at 4 — My aunt and I read aloud the evening service — and I
afterwards read to myself Mant’s notes on 2 or 3 chapters in Genesis and Esther — In the evening read aloud sermon 14,
on the prodigal son, (Bishop Sandford) — staid down to supper and had a plate of hasty pudding and an old
coffee cup full of treacle by way of physic my bowels having been confined for several days —
my aunt also took a little with the same view — Very fine day — Barometer 1 degree above changeable Fahrenheit 52°at 9 10/60
p.m. Came upstairs at 9 25/60, and wrote the above of today — E… no sort of appearance of discharge — Came upstairs at 11 —
near half hour mending my night things and airing them —

April Monday 15..
8 1/4
Long letter from Miss Vallance (3 South Crescent, Bedford Square, London) she had a letter
from her old admirer written just before he was hanged entreating her to tell the man
he heard she was engaged to everything — it seems she has done so and Mr Schalchk has sso be
haved about it that all is come on again between them she is more in love with him than ever
and they are both in despair about his going abroad etc. etc. — Came upstairs at 11 — till three
writing to Miss Vallance — Wrote 3 ppages and the ends and the 1st and 1/2 the page crossed to Miss Vallance, to go tomorrow —
Went downstairs at 4 — At 4 1/2 my aunt walked with as far as a little way into the new bank on my way to H—x [Halifax] —
Called at Butter’s, Whitley’s, and Miss Kitson’s, and staid 50 minutes at the Saltmarshes, with Emma Saltmarshe and Mr Thomas Rawson from
Rochdale — Mrs. Empson expected from Elvington this evening — Got home at 6 1/2 — From 7 1/2 to 8 walked on the
terrace — From 8 20/60 to 9 20/60, read (a great deal aloud) from page 129. to 170. Dr. Chandler’s Asia Minor — Very fine
day — Barometer 1 degree above changeable Fahrenheit 54°. at 9 20/60 p.m. — Mrs. and Miss Prescott of Clare Hall called this morning —
my aunt was gone to H—x [Halifax], I said not at home and they left cards my cousin came on just after I got home this
evening E.. I used the alum lotion both morning and afternoon that it does keep back the arrival of my friend —
Came upstairs at 10 35/60 — downstairs airing things for twenty minutes

Tuesday 16
7 40/60
12 10/60
Went to the place as ssoon as I could tho I might have waited — my bowels not at all loosened yesterday
or this morning but yet I think the treacle taken on Sunday did good — after coming in copied the whole of my letter
to Miss Vallance which took me fifty minutes — At 10 3/4 sent off my letter (written yesterday) to Miss Vallance (James
Vallance’s Esquire 3 South Crescent London) — Told her I was going from home for a little while — my time and thoughts were
still and had been for some months past much occupied with family affairs of importance, and that I had very little time at
command — However soon she may answer my letter, I shall not write to her again of a long while; for much
letter writing does not quite suit me — From 10 3/4 to 4, read from chapter 92. to 104. (about 7 ppages) liber 1. Herodotus
and Beloe’s Translation, and made some extracts from Dr. Chandler’s Asia Minor — read over what Dr. Chandler says of Sardes
and Mount Tmolus, and read several articles in Lempriere’s Classical dictionary — I read Heorodotus with much more ease, and even
more pleasure than when I read him before — In the afternoon at 5 10/60 down the fields past Lower brea to Hipperholme laneends —
then turned down Barraclough Lane, past Lower Place and Pump home at 6 — In the evening from 7 to 7 50/60 walked on
the terrace — Afterwards read (a great deal aloud) from page 170. to 195. Dr. Chandler’s Asia Minor — Very fine day —
Barometer 1 degree above changeable Fahrenheit 55 1/2°. at 9 1/4 p.m. Got cold at church on Sunday felt it a little yesterday and more today — Came upstairs
at 11 downstairs airing things for twenty minutes —

Wednesday 17
8 3/4
12 10/60
Letter from Miss Maclean (Lendale, York) — the kindest I have had she says she detests the word farewell
and bids me not go sooner than I otherwise intended they leave York on the twenty fourth or sixth she seems
to make sure of not seeing me but I shall go oon Monday and tell her I was determined to see her — Came
upstairs at 11 10/60 — Till nea r 1, looking over Stacey’s volume of Selections from the British poets — for some pretty sentiments about
saying farewell etc. to the lady of Coll — How easily are we led to waste time! From 1 to 5 1/4 , read chapters 104 and
DateApr 1822
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