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February Monday 21
8 35/60
Read aloud from page 83 to 200 Volume 2 Ivanhoe, and wrote 3 ppages and the ends to IN. [Isabella Norcliffe] (Langton) and the same to
my aunt (Shibden) – and sent them to the post in the evening – Mr. Empson called – Ellen unfit to stir from home in a family way. At 7 Mr. D- [Duffin] went to the Salmonds –
I went over the bridge with him and dressed at the Belcombes’, and went with M- [Mariana], Lou and Mrs. Milne at
9 to the rooms – neither danced nor played cards but spent a pleasant evening talking to one or other.
Among the rest to Miss McLean who is very ladylike and whom I admire – asked her her age – will
be 35 the 21st of June next – Miss M- [Marsh] and I came away in the same chair and got home at 1 3/4 –
They called it a thin room, but to me, remembering former times, it seemed a full one –
Rainy day and night –
Anne B- [Belcombe] gave me an invitation to the officers’ ball on the 1st, which she got for me from Mr
Ravenhill –

Tuesday 22
8 1/2
1 5/60
Read aloud from page 200. to 308. volume 2. Ivanhoe – Called and sat near 1/2 hour with Mrs. Anne and Miss Gage –
The former seems to like me certainly – Got to the Belcombes at 12 when we were to go to
Elvington – Mrs. B- [Belcombe] and M- [Mariana] and I were off at 12 3/4 – called as we went and stayed 1/2 hour at Brinkworth
Mr. Matheis, and had luncheon and sat an hour with Ellen, very glad to see us, very large and
apparently likely to be confined in 2 or 3 weeks at least – Left at 3 3/4 and I got out of the carriage
(a landau of Benson’s) at the end of Ousegate and was in Micklegate at 4 50/60 – well I took a
little bread and butter at Elvington for Mr Duffin never asked me to have any dinner but
said he knew I should not be back in time had my hair ill done at Miss Marshes dressed in a
great hurry and uncomfortably –At 7 Mr. D- [Duffin] and Miss M- [Marsh] and I walked to Mrs. Anne Lloyd’s
and Mrs. Baitson’s (2 in one) in Castlegate – Mr. William Ellis and I lost 3 1/2 crown points to Mrs. Anne and
Mr. Bigland and Mr. Alderman Wilson and I lost a rubber of 4 1/2 crown points to Mr. D- [Duffin] and Mr. William Ellis -
--- received a shilling each this last rubber for giving up our right to the winning seats Mr. Ellis
not liking to sit so near the fire – 2 whole tables and one Cassino Ditto Mrs. Dalton, Mrs. Marshall,
Miss Wray and 1 or 2 more sitting out – Fine soft day – wrote the journal of today and yesterday –

Wednesday 23
8 35/60
Read aloud from page 308 to 327 end of volume 2, and the first 109 ppages of volume 3 and last of
‘Ivanhoe: a Romance .. By ‘the author of Waverley,’ etc.
Now fitted the halter, now traversed the cart,
And often took leave, - but seemed loth to depart! Prior
In 3 volumes volume 1 Edinburgh: printed for Archibald Constable and Company Edinburgh;
and Hurst, Robinson and Company 90, Cheapside, London 1820.’ Printed by
James Ballantyne and Company Edinburgh.’ 3 volumes 12mo [duodecimo]. volume 1. dedicatory epistle
ppages. 33 exclusive of ppages. 298. volume 2 ppages. 308. volume 3. ppages. 371.

Began Friday 18 February 1820
Read Saturday 26 February

Went to Miss M- [Marsh] at 11 3/4 waited there for Mr D- [Duffin] near an hour. Letter from IN. [Isabella Norcliffe] (Langton) giving a very good
account of her father and mentioning Charlottes and her coming to Belcombes on Tuesday and Lady Johnstone sent me her card and invitation to her party on the 29th. Mr. D- [Duffin] and I went up to speak
to M- [Mariana] as she was sitting to Robinson, and then parted at Mrs Hall’s door - I sat with Miss H- [Hall] 20
minutes the illness of her sister the honourable Mrs Rawdon confines her (Miss H- [Hall]) to the house – Then admitted

at the Copley’s and Stainforths’ – Mrs. Saltmarshe and the Daltons out – called at Fishers’ but did not
him or his wife – Got to the Belcombes’ at 2 1/4 – commissioned Anne B- [Belcombe] to write and send my excuse to the
Atkinsons’ ball tonight, and to send the answer of acceptance I wrote to the officeers’ ball on the 1st March –
(sent to me as at the Belcombes’ by Mr. Ravenhill and received on Monday – Mrs. Christopher Sykes and Dr. and Mrs.
Wake were admitted while I was there – Stayed vainly expecting Mariana till 3 1/2 and then returned home –
Mr. D- [Duffin] dined at Colonel Lloyd’s – Miss M- [Marsh] and I at home – In the evening read aloud the 1st 49 ppages. of volume 2
King’s munimenta antiqua – came upstairs at 10 50/60 – Damp morning a drop or 2 of rain as I returned –
Tolerably fine afterwards till past 10 when it turned out very wet and rainy – wrote this journal of today.
In the evening came a very civil note from Mrs. Saltmarshe regretting that her being particularly engaged
prevented her seeing me this morning and hoping I would call again –

Thursday 24
8 1/2
1 20/60
Very rainy night – Read aloud from page 110 to 230. volume 3. Ivanhoe – called on Mrs. Anne and Miss Gage
and sat with them and Miss M- [Marsh] who was there from 12 to near 1. Louisa B- [Belcombe] came for me to go to the lecture (Mr.
Wood’s 4th on Babylon, the Parthenon etc of Athens, the coliseum of Rome, etc.-) I knew before all he told us ---- Stayed at the Belcombes’ 3/4 hour
(Mrs. and Miss Copley there) just went into the public book-room (library) with Louisa B- [Belcombe] and got home at 3 10/60 –
In the evening at 7 1/4 Miss M- [Marsh] and Mr. D- [Duffin] and I went to a rout at the Pemberton’s out of Bootham –
Mrs. William Ellis and I lost 2 points to Miss Morris and Mr. Bigland – Mr. Drake and I lost a bumper to
to Mr D- [Duffin] and Mr William Ellis, and Mr. Drake and I afterwards won 3 points of Mr. Bigland and Mr. W [William] Ellis - (2/6 points) –
Talked to Mrs. Darvall most of the time I sat out – the chair not coming Miss M- [Marsh] and I stayed some time
after all the rest and got home at 11 1/4 – 2 whist tables and one cassino and about 30 people – Rainy day –
high wind and rain at night, and boisterous weather –

Friday 25
8 35/60
12 50/60
High wind and a rainy boisterous night – Read aloud from page 230. to 310. volume 3. Ivanhoe – wrote
3 ppages. to IN. [Isabella Norcliffe] Mr. Joshua Crompton called and sat 1/2 hour went over the bridge with Mr. D- [Duffin] at 1 –
parted at Mrs. Saltmarshe’s in Blake Street sat with her 1/2 hour very civil to me – asked me to
dinner to meet a party – the Barlows Dr. Belcombe and Colonel Milne etc. went to the Belcombes’ –
M- [Mariana] and Lou out – Mrs. Marshall and Miss Copley there and Miss Marsh came in – Stayed till near 3
in consequence of the rain – then left a card at Lady Johnstone’s – put my letter to IN. [Isabella Norcliffe] (Langton)
into the post rejoicing at the good account of her father and begging her to go to the officers’ ball – and got home
at 3 3/4 – wrote a note to Mrs. S- [Salthmarshe] saying, pretending I had found myself engaged to Mrs. Anne and Miss Gage –
At 7 3/4, Miss M- [Marsh] being gone to the Salmonds’, Mr. D- [Duffin] and I went into the Gages’, having sent to say
we would play a rubber – played 5 – (shilling points) and came away winning 5 points = 5s [shillings] Miss M- [Marsh] came
for her powder 13 grams containing about 1 1/2 grams Calomel and the rest scamony – few medicines should be used –
no deobstruent known so good as mercury – very showery day –
DateFeb 1820
Extent1 page


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