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August Friday 22
7 35/..
11 1/2
She above half hour with me in my bed last night but tried in vain could give her
a right kiss Fine morning Fahrenheit 66 1/2° at 7 3/4 a.m. Laquais de Place, Victor Becker, and
good landau, and took George, and A- [Ann] and I out at 11 — went to the bank — shopping — bought 4 silk shawls au page
rue Vivienne, saw the Bourse (walked round the gallery with permission from the woman downstairs)
bought cambric au Gagne petit, and riband in the Passage des Panoramas — called and sat 25 minutes
with Mrs. Heurage from 2 50/.. to 3 1/4, walked round her nice garden with her and Mr. Heurage and one of
their daughters, and all very civil — Mrs. Heurage always reminds me of poor Sibbella — I hope
this is a nice acquaintance faite — A- [Ann] sat waiting, in the carriage — home at 3 1/2 to
débarasser ourselves of the money 18 from exchange at for the 3 nos. [numbers]
circulars = £75. — Monsieur Edward Ferrall called about 3 3/4 and sat talking till 5 40/.. —
no letter for me about the carriage that he knows off — will do the best he can about it —
gave him my address at Shibden — he promised to write and give me tidings of some sort — whether
he can get me a laisser passer for the carriage or not — Madame de Bourke finding it dull aux
Eaux near Marseilles — gave him, by the way, a little good advice — to do the best he could to
please his aunt — he owned he was in as good a way as many of the first young men
in France — will not go back to Denmark to live — only for a visit — would not live out of
Paris, if he could help it — Prince Frederick beat his princess (Wilhelmina) and lifted his hand
against the King and Queen — to live eventually in Jutland — said he (Monsieur Edward Ferrall) should indirectly
advise Sophie to be gentle in quizzing people — said I liked her very much — had heard it observed
she was too severe, and wished it otherwise — would write a note for him to forward through the
Danish Embassy — Monsieur de Bourke returned to England to live at Southampton, — the climate of
France not suiting him — A- [Ann] and I out again at 5 40/.. till 7 1/2 — went chez
Giroux — bought china flacon à odeur in red velvet cushion for me to give Miss Walker of Cliff-hill —
bought Poussa (grotesque figure of a man à la chinoise) and paper holder in the passage des
Panoramas and left word for Perrelet to come tomorrow morning etc. — dinner at 8 —
From eleven and ten minutes for twenty she came to my bed fine day Fahrenheit 68° at 11 1/2 p.m.

Saturday 23
8 3/4
12 1/4
Good kiss last night — up at 6 1/2 a.m. with regular bowel complaint — Perrelet a little before 9
his father got the Legion of Honour — one of the 28 decorations given (out of above 2000 people) for what they had at the exposition
Miss Beckett’s brother had taken back her watch — bought a very nice little enamelled
watch 360/. for A- [Ann] Perrelet said bowel complaint was very common — the medical men
desired people to eat very little fruit. called the complaint Cholerine — A- [Ann] pleased with
the watch but thought it money thrown away, so to our mutual satisfaction determined to give it
to Charlotte Stuart and to ask Miss Berry to take it home — that Perrelet might have time regler it
perfectly well — breakfast at 10 40/.. — A- [Ann] and I out (in the landau) at 12 — Looked over the
furniture sale rooms of Lesage rue Grange Batèlière — then went chez Fischer (whose
well-made furniture we had seen at the Exposition — and who got the silver medal, the highest
reward given for Ebenisterie, — and recommended by Perrelet — much difficulty in finding the place,

Impasse Guémené no. [number] 3, rue St Antoine — liked a cartounier at 140/. but could not
take it home — all the French marchander, so his etiquettes marked so as to allow him to abate
a little — he mentioned this very honestly — liked the man — will employ him when I want
furniture — he has much now chez Lesage — pays high for standing and there, on the thing being sold —
out of 430/. e.g. allows 50/. — took us into his workshop upstairs — making fauteuils
at 12000/. each for Rothschild rich in carving and gilding — doing up for him a very handsome old oak-carved
armoire, cost 600 francs at a curiosity shop — could remember when such might have been bought for
20/. but now sought after and dear — the curiosity merchants got them from La Vendée — passed over
the Pont du Jardin du Roi and left A- [Ann] and George at no. [number] 27 rue St Victor at 3 1/4 (to dust books) — then went
chez Crochard to order some books — the Annales du Musée de Jardin des Plantes, rare — sold at
700 to 800 francs — Monsieur Elie de Beaumont’s Memoire sur les Révolutions de la Surface du Globe,
published separately, is Épuisé, but I have it in the Annales des Sciences Naturelles end of 1829 and
beginning of 1830. L’Art de Vérifier les Dates, 27 volumes 8vo. [octavo] at 5/. or 6/. — out of print —
must have it d’occasion — ordered for my return to have Maltebrun’s Geography immediately 7 volumes out
5 to come — volumes 3 and 4 Capefigué’s Histoire Philippe Auguste ordered — Chateaubriand’s works
about 25 volumes at 5/. or 6/. —
Cours d’Agriculture, 16 volumes 8vo. [octavo] to be had for 56/. because going to be republished cheap, in 2 columns on each page.
Glossaire de Ducange, to be got d’occasion — when opportunity offers — ordered for my return —
Collection des Memoires 1st and 2nd series 150 volumes à 5/. going to be reprinted cheap, in 2 columns.
Guizot’s Revolution d’Angleterre, 25 volumes 8vo. [octavo]
Manuel du libraire — difficult à se procurer — has not even a copy for himself — must bring 1 from Brussells.
will get one for me if he can — ordered
Tableaux Synchroniques par Michelet.}
Précis de l’Histoire du Moyen Age, par Monsieur des Michells 2 volumes} ordered
Manuel de Diplomacie}
Off from Crochard’s at 3 55/.. for Bellevue no. [number] 7 to call upon Lady Charlotte Lindsay and the Miss
Berrys — there at 5 — very civil and kind — asked me to dinner — staid — very agreeable visit — Miss Berry
will take charge of the watch to be left for me with either Lady Stuart Whitehall, or Lady Stuart de Rothesay
Miss Agnes Berry recommended the correspondence of Victor Jacquemenot to his family from Les Indes orientaux
in 1829 to 1832 — sent out by the Jardin des Plantes — now dead — 2 volumes 8vo. [octavo] — home in an hour
at 8 1/2 — A- [Ann] only just returned — dinner at 9 — fine day till about one p.m. — afterwards gentle rain
the greater part of the afternoon and evening — Fahrenheit 66° at 12 5/.. tonight — Miss Berry had not got the address for
the bellows, could not get it, so had no bellows for me — but would bring me a pair to England with her
if I liked —

[margin text:] ordered
DateAug 1834
Extent1 page


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