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Though appropriated to the pay visitants — It is the hospice that is for the poor, who have 7 baths there — poor
but rather picturesque little town, at a little distance from the baths, separated by nice public walks and gardens —
shaded and cool and pretty — Hotel Bonnet at 9/. a day where the Dauphine went and all the great people —
Hotel de Paris at 8/. does not take mere passers-by — Hotel Cornil or la poste also at 8/. and
where one can go for only one night — where we are (Hotel Montaret) very 2nd rate —
no horses till tomorrow — went out about them myself for above an hour, till 2 — none to be had at
the poste, or by the mistress of our hotel — might get them if and when I could, should not be stopt on this
account at the next poste — ran after the 1st cart I saw, and by this means got 3 horses for the
same I should pay for 4 en poste, after much bargaining for all? seem knowing how to surfaire if they
can — the man asked me 40/. then came down to 30/. then took my price 27/. — Changed my dress —
from 2 8/.. to 4 1/4 writing out journal (latter 1/2 Thursday and the whole of Friday) — horses at 4 1/4 — 3 and 2
men — and off from Vichy (the people thinking they had me fast) at 4 39/.. — at Cussy at 5 —
very pretty nice good village or little town — detained there 20 minutes adjusting the harness — the
horses did not go very well at 1st — I greased myself against the offhind wheel in telling them how to
fasten on the bag of oats, and went into the man’s cabaret to rub the grease off — fine country all the
way to St Gerand le Puy — nice liveable white washed chateau (on hill left) on our entrance — at the
Poste at 7 20/.. — 20 minutes settling — to pay 20/. for the night, beds, dinner and breakfast — A- [Ann] and I walked
out 20 minutes the evening so fine — dinner at 9 — very fine day — Fahrenheit 72° at 10 1/2 p.m. —

[margin text:] Eggs hatched by the heat from the spring at the low baths
and douches at Vichy

Tuesday 19
4 3/4
11 3/4
No kiss fine morning Fahrenheit 70° at 6 a.m. very fair dinner good beds and good milk and bread for
breakfast — very comfortable — but the woman betthought her in the morning she had taken us ‘à trop bon marché’
so charged breakfast — I gave 2/. and would ⸫ give nothing to la fille — Off at 7 6/.. — Varennes tolerable little
town — fine open country — women ride astride — Bessay good village? Boat shaped straw
bonnets from this side of Vichy to Nevers — Moulins large good town in wide flat plain —
à la poste asked 1/. per basin or portion of potage so would not have any — all today (now noon)
hedges on each side of the Road, and fields as in England — dust terrible — Villeneuve a little
town — might sleep well enough à la poste — soup here ./75 the basin — St Imbert small
town — a few drops of rain at 1 50/.. fine country — all around St Imbert an extensive well-wooded
plain terminated only by the horizon — At Nevers at 5 23/.. — pass large handsome new stone
bridge over broad sandy bedded Loire — little breadth of water just now — handsome enough large-looking
town along the back of the river opposite to us in passing the bridge — nice looking small cathedral, but miss
the good part of the town (do not go through grand place) in driving direct to the poste — beset there by
3 women selling bead-made pincushions, boxes, purses, egg cups, etc. etc. bought 2 of the 1st at 1/25 and
1 of the 2nd at 1/50 = 4/. — soon after Nevers approach nice hill-range en face — at 6 20/.. near
the top, and fine look down upon long straight reach of Loire and Nevers in the distance and the rich
wide plain of the Loire — Pougues good village at bottom of the descent — from 7 35/.. the fine
Loire close (left) — just light enough to see the fine bridge over it of 9 or 10 arches — alight
à la Poste at 7 55/.. — fine day — Fahrenheit 75° at 10 1/4 p.m. till 11 40/60 wrote out Saturday last — so sleepy I knew
not what I wrote so obliged to give it up — Two rooms adjoining but not with her at all ~

Wednesday 20
5 10/..
No kiss fine morning Fahrenheit 74° at 6 1/2 — breakfast at 7 — Off from La Charité at 8 1/4 — nice Inn, and pretty good
little town — broad sandy-bedded Loire (left) all along our road to the goodish? little town of Poulli [Pouillé] where bought bottle
of white wine (1/25) of woman who came hawking it to the carriage door — fine wide valley of the Loire — Cosne nice
town — some good shops — did not see the hotel de France — Neuvy-sur-Loire a little shabby town — there at 1, as
the Clermont diligence drove up to the door of the Poste to dinner — Lose sight of the Loire about an hour before
reaching Briare at 3 — 1/2 hour à la poste there — A [Ann] on the pot the people long in getting the horses — might have slept
there — no beauty of country between Briare merely a small town, and La Bussière — an unvaried flat —
Nogent-sur-Vernisson a nice enough little town — no beauty of country — very heavy road this stage and
the last — At Montargis at 7 35/.. — good dinner at 8 20/.. — strawberries — before and after dinner till 9 35/.. wrote out
Sunday Monday and yesterday — A- [Ann] lastly asleep on the bed — Off from Montargis (Hotel de la ville de Lyon) at
at 10 22/.. — a little rain every now and then till between 12 and 1 at night — afterwards quite fair —

Thursday 21
9 3/4
get on as fast in the night as day — not longer in changing horses — fine, but dull, cool morning — there has
been a great deal of rain very recently — it preceded us last night — the dust quite laid even from Montargis —
only one postillion for our 4 horses all the way from Nemours to Essonne, then 2 again — wanted to be
paid the same as if 2; but, though I professed to give 2/. per pair driving the night, I would not do this, and only gave him 3/. per pair
at 7 1/2 small drizzling rain — From Fontainebleau, the country, though neither beautiful nor picturesque, improves — good
little towns or villages — good maison de campagne — evidently approaching the capital — At Villejuif at 9 53/..
and off again at 10 — a dirtyish looking but goodish 1 street village — Fine view of Paris, and Montmartre,
en sortit de Villejuif — the day clears a little and the sun appears — Traces of a great deal of rain here in the
night — Pass the barrier into Paris at 10 29/.. — passed by rue St Victoire no. [number] 27 — several letters 15
days, and sent immediately to Geneva! how terribly unlucky! — the woman said I had promised to write and say
when no more were to be forwarded — I do remember something of this, but never thought of it till this
instant — How unlucky! — Alight at Meurices’ at 11 1/4 — nothing but a small 3me — little
sitting room and bedroom and 1 very small place for Eugenie — take it — a little de sangle put up in
the bedroom for A- [Ann] would not tell the price — breakfast at 11 55/.. — washed and dressed — and wrote 1 end and finished
A- [Ann]’s letter to my aunt written at Clermont — afraid we should not get off from Paris till Monday — will
write a few lines from London — wrote also to ‘Monsieur Monsieur le directeur de la poste
aux lettres, à Genève, Swisse’ begging him to forward mine and A-’s [Ann] letters to me aux soins de
Messrs Lafitte and company, bankers Paris — A- [Ann] and I out at 4 — walked immediately to the great poste
aux lettres rue Jean Jacques Rousseau — too late for lettres affranchis — the office closes at 4 —
but put in the letter (vide 5th line above) to Geneva — saw the halle au bled (interior and walked all round it) —
saw also the churches de St Eustache and St Roch, and called and asked Madame Contant about Edredon —
not much the better for that — ordered one (would take 2 1/2 lb Edredon at 28/. per lb. (used to be only 25/.1/ to be
116 francs — home at 7 10/.. — dinner at 7 1/2 — very fine day — Fahrenheit 71° at 9 35/.. p.m. neither of us the
worse for being up all night —
DateAug 1834
Extent1 page


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