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La Bergère and wrote up journal — nice drive from Noiretable to La Bergère but the road these 3 last stages
very jolting at times — at La Bergère at 4 20/.. — sat writing in the carriage, in the large shed, and had done so
far of today at 5 — A- [Ann] wrote journal and added a little to her letter to her sister begun the day we left Chambéri —
from (at La Bergère) 5 5/.. to 5 35/.. inking over accounts and off at 5 38/.. — La Bergère merely the poste which seemed a tolerable
little auberge — road cut out of granite rock, and Durole, shallow stream, at our feet — narrow valley
beech and other wood — at 6 1/2 ravine — road buried walled and entirely cut out of the granite rock — just room for the
Durole at the bottom — fine view and fine zigzag descent upon Thiers — as seen from this side, large goodish town but most picturesque nice good town (as we afterwards saw
it from the other side) in a hanging garden of vines — fine look down upon rich wide amphitheatre plain below (the famous
Limagne of Auvergne) bounded by a fine range of mountains in the distance — pass through the town at 6 50/..
and still descend, and cross the Durole at 7, and in a few seconds stop at La Poste, large good-looking
house — must be a mile from the town, picturesque and beautiful see from this side — finely placed midway the mountain
and creeping down to the river and a few houses picturesquely scattered even on the other side of it — the maitre de poste pressed us to stay —
our postillion said only maçons slept at the Auberge at Lezouz [Lezoux] — we wanted to get a stage farther
thought we should have to pay dear enough at La poste here, so off at 7 17/.. (my watch 20 minutes
too soon ever since Grenoble) that we have time enough by the day for 1 3/4 page — at Leouz [Lezoux] at 8 55/.. —
à la poste — just dark — should have been glad to stay, but the woman very civil and honest — said they were
new people there and could not receive us — had not rooms nice enough — could not receive such as we — so off again at
9 1/4 and at Pont du Château a little moonlight, at 10 3/4 — would just as soon have slept at the last place — we had
a great large room with 5 beds in it, and were told there might perhaps come a voiturier to take one of
them in the middle of the night — but this I protested again and fastened the door with Jones’s boiler pan-handle —
supper such as it was at 11 — put all our things on chairs in the middle of the room for fear of punaisses —
for beds and supper for us all to pay 12/. — would have gone forward but did not like going into Clermont at
midnight — very fine day — very hot Fahrenheit 74° at midnight —

Friday 15
4 1/2
10 5/..
No kiss could not sleep much so bit — I had killed a bug on my night things just before getting into bed last night —
said not a word of this — A- [Ann] so bit, awoke before I got into bed — I saw she would not sleep, so rubbed
her all over with brandy — lucky thought, and she slept very well afterwards — had better have done the same to myself but
did not like the smell and feel of it, — so was worse off — very much bit all the night long — fine
morning Fahrenheit 72° at 5 1/4 — off from La poste at Pont du Chateau at 6 5/.. — Pont du Chateau a largeish town —
nice drive to Clermont — very populous thereabouts and in La Limagne — white houses dotted all
over among the vineyards — Clermont a handsome looking town in the distance — Mont Ferrand with its good church
about 1/2 mile off — saw it 1st, and, for a moment, took it for Clermont — at 7 25/.. drove up to the Hotel de
l’Europe at Clermont, as recommended à l’Hotel de l’Europe at Lyons — dirty poor place — sad
mistake for us to have been recommended there — the fair begins tomorrow so everything dear — drove off to the
Ecu de France — 1/2 hour before getting all settled — large double bedded room for which to pay 11/. per day —
dinner 8/. breakfast 3/. servants 8/. tout compris = 30/. per day — breakfast at 8 1/2 in an hour — asleep — undressed
and put on clean linen — Fahrenheit 75° at 11 50/.. — never felt the heat so much — A- [Ann] overcome — found that we were over the
kitchen — the hostess very civil — changed immediately into a smaller but cooler room — had a sort of 1 horse
stool-waggon (2 seats or benches and siège de cocher) took the 2 servants and all out at 1 20/.. — Petrifying well in the

in the garden of the old convent of St Alyre — little things petrified in a month or 40 days — a dog in 5 or
6 months — ‘le pave’ a droll idea, but good, a little round space containing a petrified cow, man with a pail standing
against her, a goat and a dog — the man (of wax — a mannequin) took about 3/4 year the goat 9 or 10 months same as the
man, and the cow (real cow) 2 1/2 years — Le pont natural like a wall of rock in one part not more than
2 feet wide at the top, and over which we walked, a 240 pieds de longueur — hole at the bottom and the water
sort par là into the little fresh water brook that carries it off — it is forming another pont higher up —
qui se prolonge par 3 pouces par au, in spite of the water taken off for 20 baths, très frequentés —
a cabinet of petrifactures — a small requin (shark) 100/. — several bunches of holly which looked pretty
small birds etc. etc. but bought nothing of this kind — bought only 3 brochures by Monsieur Lecoq, savant and
pharmacien at Clermont, sort of guide books to the Puy de Domé Mont Dore etc. 3/4 hour there —
then 10 minutes at the cathedral till 2 1/2 — unfinished — only 4 arches of nave — not more than 1/2 the nave
done — but fine lofty building — beautiful proportions, and very beautiful painted glass windows all round the apsis
and in the nave, and fine marigold windows one at each end of the transept — very fine church — pity
the English did not complete their work — then to the Puy de la Poix, a low mountain about 2 or 3 miles
off on the Pont du Chateau road a little distance from the road (left as we went) — there in 40 minutes at 3 10/.. for
20 minutes — the pitch oozes perpetually though in small quantity from 3 or 4 little places in the rock — the most considerable
oozing is into a little hole like and about as big as a large English wash-hand basin — there one sees the
sulphuretted hydrogen gaz raise up the pitch in little bubbles, — and there, they say, the pigeons like
to drink — we walked all over the rock, and, though the sun was boiling, found no danger of leaving our shoes
stuck fast — In returning passed the botanic garden — shut — could not get in today — the fair, and too great a crowd
about — the garden small and did not excite in us great regret at not entering — it is close to the public library and cabinet
d’histoire naturelle — there at 4 20/.. for 1/2 hour — the librarian not there the man who shewed us round not
allowed to let us look into a book — nothing particular in the library or 1 room of minerals — good handsome
building — home at 5 10/.. — dinner at 5 1/2 — took the servants again and off at 6 55/.. for Royat — drove there
in 35 minutes — 3/4 hour seeing the sights — church and under church where is the virgin that used to do miracles —
the basalt grotte with its 7 springs all conveyed to Clermont — the grenier de Cæsar, and brought away
some of the old mineralized wheat — the baths also called de Cæsar warm sulphurous water tolerably
strong — examined also some old remains of walling the women guides called Roman, but of about the 3rd century, and
not at all Roman — very pretty situation — very pretty valley but so wooded one could see nothing —
too late into the bargain — home at 8 3/4 — set to go to the top of the Puy de Dome and to the silver mines
tomorrow very fine day — very hot. Fahrenheit 73° at 9 20/.. p.m. —

Saturday 16
12 3/4
No kiss fine Fahrenheit 73° at 4 50/.. a.m. carriage of yesterday — left A- [Ann] in bed, took George and off at 5 6/.. — no breakfast
but took with us a pain and some figs — delayed on the bridge 1/4 hour before we could pass through the crowd of carts
or rather waggons with 1 or 2 pair cows, oxen, or bulls — in about 10 minutes or 1/4 hour at the foot of the
mountain and then 1 hour of traversing and montée — fine views of Clermont — at 6 3/4 at La barraque a
little auberge du Cheval Blanc where took up my guide to the Puy de dome, a tall strong looking
long-legged man ætatis [age of] 42, who said he had been a great deal with Mr. Paulet Scrope who gave his 7/50 a day
and fed him like himself — delayed 10 minutes — in 1/4 hour at 7 10/.. leave the Pont de Gibaud road and turn
right along sandy by-road for 20 minutes more and alight at 7 1/2, and sent the carriage to wait for me at
La Fontaine de Bérger, a cabaret by Pont de Gibaud road side, farther on — green-sward all the way
DateAug 1834
Extent1 page


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