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about 1/2 way and at the very top at 1 1/2 magnificent view of the valleys of the Isère and Drac - the former winds
near the town in large folds — very beautiful — stood 10 minutes under the boiling sun enchanted with the
view — the Graissivaudan valley at the apex of the angle stands Grenoble very fine and rich and beautiful
deserving all its praises — the fine high Savoy mountain snow-streaked ridge on the east rather hid by clouds
but the range hills of hills below beautifully thrown together with pointed rounded elongated all shaped tops —
everyone should go to the top of the chateau — from the higher mountain above it the town would be masked by the castle —
heated as I was, I was well repaid — down at the old tower, where lives the engineer and his wife, at 2 1/2 —
very civil — hoped I should go and see them again — gave me a nice little nosegay from their flower pots on the top of the tower
he lost his right arm in Spain at the taking of Valentia (Valence) — has 1500/. a year pay + 300/.
gratification and lives, rent-free, of course, in the tower — a taker of roads came in — said the new road to Marseilles
by Claix Vizille etc. would be finished in 4 or 5 years as also the new road to Italy by Bourg d’Oisans, Grave, Madeleine,
Lauzet etc. to Oulx and Exilles and Susa would be done in 5 years — 10 leagues done — 30 more to do —
the road is done to beyond Bourg d’Oysans — 1/4 hour at the engineer’s ‘Monsieur de Matheis, garde du
Génie, chevalier de la legion d’honneur, à Rabot’ — born at Turin — he gave me his address written
very well with his left hand — in returning went to the marbrier, near the good stone bridge ‘Bernard fils
marbrier, rue du Quai, no. [number] 12, près le pont de Pierre, à Grenoble’ — 1 chimney piece very
pretty dark coloured ground much veined with yellow — found in a ravine near Grenoble — no quarry of it — called
brêche de Tez — ‘la cheminée coute 150/. transport to Paris 12/. to 15/. to London perhaps 30/.
would engage it at 50/. — but what would be the duty? — could furnish 10 or 11 specimens of
Grenoble marbles, or marbres du pays of the Dauphiny Alps 3 1/2 inches carrés and 1/4 inch
thick at 3/. each — home at 3 1/2 — paid all and off from l’hotel des Ambassadors, Grenoble, at
4 35/.. — A-’s [Ann] bowels indisposed all the time — the town too low, and near the river — so glad to be off — like
the neighbouring hills exceeding for living on — not at all disappointed with town or country — the
town a good provincial town, though not handsome — had no time to see the musée — beautiful drive
along the river winding tolerably near for some distance — at 5 35/.. having driven a roughish by-road alighted at the
Campagne of our hoste, in a vignoble about 1/4 mile from the road (right) — formerly belonged to the Chartreux — shewed
us the cave and the great 2 or 3 foutres (casks that 30 men could stand in at once) they left there, and the wine press —
still perfectly good (of oak) though a century or two old — rez de chaussée a good salon with
cabinet for 2 beds at one end, and 2 other pièces (small) — au 1er même distribution with kitchen above or
below to be let — the fermier under the same roof, and a kitchen and 2 or 3 pièces reserved for his wife’s
father and mother — I asked if the tenant could have a garden — no! but Monsieur Pernard would give him 1/2 the produce of
the garden — this rez de chaussée and 1er well furnished for 1000 francs a year, — or for la belle saison May to October
exclusive — everything really very nicely arranged — fine 7 1/2 foot parasol (in English, umbrella) accacias
planted last November looking beautiful — had them from Martin Burdin, Chambéri, at 24 sols per tree —
and all sorts of rose-bushes at 12 to 16 sols each — fine large 7 1/2 foot mulberry trees at 10 sols
each — would he sell them to me at that price — Monsieur Pernard will get and send me off to England as many as I please at
the price he himself paid — the leaves of a fine young well-headed mulberry tree sell for 20 to 30/. for the season
manure (engrais) (horse manure) very dear — had put 6,000 francs worth into his land — but vines a hot
thing themselves and did not do with a hot manure — wanted a cold one — la laiche bauche the best — the
coarse reedy grass (vide line 6 page 128.) — too much horse dung bad, too hot — shewed his pavillon

with great pleasure — prettily painted in fresco — an Italian from Turin did it and he and 2 men 2 1/2 months doing
it for 600 francs — A- [Ann] sadly tired of so much talk she did not understand — but liked the place very well —
off again at 7, and at Voreppe (fine beautiful drive as before) a shabby little town at 7 1/2 — in the rough road
coming away had lost the shafts’ bolt or staple — the blacksmith having waited for me (I was bargaining
with the woman of the Inn, but she was trop exigeante) and 36 minutes were lost — off from Voreppe at 8 6/..
sorry not to have staid all night — but A- [Ann] thought we should have fleas in such a looking auberge, and I determined
not to give the woman more than 21/. for the night and breakfast tomorrow as she had little to give us for dinner and wanted
25/. — a pity to have so fine a drive in the dark — fine rocks high and perpendicular we passed close under
soon after leaving Voreppe, then fine shaped hills and wood were dimly seen — alighted à l’hotel du
Cours, chez Bearne at Voiron, at 9 40/.. — very large good room with 2 cabinets à un lit, at the
end of the room — very comfortable — the master of the house very civil and reasonable — would object to nothing — would
leave all to me — and take my price — nice little supper at 11 40/.. very fine day till about 5 p.m. then a shower and afterwards a few drops
Fahrenheit 70° at 12 10/.. tonight — Not with her tonight —

Thursday 7..
9 35/..
12 5/..
She came to me about eight to warm her stomach still bowel complaint and it ended in a long
good kiss to her and our lying till tolerably cool — On having my motion fancied cousin coming
and so he did gently after breakfast but have not put anything on all today — fine morning
Fahrenheit 68° at 10 1/2 a.m. breakfast at 11 — made tea for A- [Ann] (1st time) in our Jones’s boiler — put the tea into
boiling water and let it have 2 or 3 bubblings afterwards and it answered marvellously — A- [Ann] enjoyed it, and ate a large
plat of strawberries and has seemed better ever since — wrote out the 1st 50 lines of yesterday till 2 1/2 — then off in light
calêche and 1 horse at 3, our host driving us, to Pont St Laurent to see the new road from there here — at
the tolerably good ville of St Etienne in 50 minutes at 3 50/.. — all the women sitting their doors spinning there
as here — in 8 or 10 minutes get to the narrow Defile through the calcareous rock — about 20 minutes passing through it —
workmen there — good road — at 4 35/.. at the little ville of Enrivière not marked on Claix’s map, and
at St Laurent du Pont at 5 — sat in the carriage 25 minutes while A- [Ann] ate her cold poulet and dr
ank her brandy and water I got out and walked over the good wooden bridge, oak below and poplar above not to be so slippery —
Off back again at 5 1/2 — walked up the hill from 6 10/.. to 6 1/2 the last 1/4 hour through the fine defile — met the engineer
there — 40,000 francs already spent and would take 30000 francs more to finish the road — could not be till 1836,
as the supply refused for next year but promised to be given that following — a road departamental now — would by
and by be a route royalê — when made good, government would then take it — at home at 7 1/2 — very fine
view from the hill above Voiron — right (going) large white good building, now the Chartreusine
(female Chartreux) bought ten years ago for this purpose — a chateau just now bought near the town by a freternity
of monks — the priests and monks now as well off under Louis Philippe as under Charles X — some nice grass
and farming landing at the top of the hill worth 1000/. per journal of 600 toises carrés, and lets for 100/.
per journal — this the 2nd quality of land — the 1st (about the town) worth 3,000/. per journal and lets for 300/.
per ditto — and yet he said, in buying land, one had only 3 per cent here — 2 large manufactories built here lately
by Lyons merchants in consequence of the union work at Lyons Voiron has considerable commerce in linen cloth —
the distance from Lyons to Echelles by Pont de Beauvoisin or Voiron not 1/2 hour longer by the latter —
dinner at 7 3/4 to 9 — A- [Ann] much better — wrote out all but the 1st 50 lines of yesterday and the whole of today till 10 55/.. — very
fine day — Fahrenheit 68° at 11 1/2 p.m. — Being master of the poste here (Voiron) worth 1500 francs a year —
DateAug 1834
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