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28 of my parasols long i.e. about 28 yards or 84 feet! was perhaps about near 2 foot diameter at the
surface of the ground — to buy the ground (line 6 from the bottom of last page) let at 100/. one must pay
2000 francs per stèré and 1 stèré (as the driver pronounced it) = 900 toises carrés — this rich
ground produces several crops of hemp for year after year de suite, but rests (is fallow) sometimes, or
grows wheat, and produces 3 crops in a year beet and other things — the coarse reedy grass we passed
some time afterwards (the coarse produce of wet uncultivated land) called la laiche or perhaps better la banche
requires no manure, no care, is merely and made into percés (little round stacks or pikelings
with poles run through the middle and sticking out the top) and sells for 80 francs the stèré for manure for
the vines (engrais pour les vignes) is put about the young souches or suckers in much if the
weather be fine enough — Monsieur Perrier (a cotton manufacturer and calico printer in the chateau of
Vizille 800 people employed but — lately only a filature de coton there) the richest propriétaire here — had from 2 or
3000 stèrés — lately dead — his son married a Mademoiselle de Lafayette petite fille to the general —
the farm on which grew the coarse reedy grass noticed consists of about 2000 stèrés — back at the pont de fer (suspension bridge) at
|3 35/.. — the river (Drac) and the bridge 410 feet long by 20 feet 8 inches wide — the handsome strong stone pyramidal pillars
|at each end 45 feet high from the surface of the bridge and the bridge about 14 feet above the present level of the water which
|is now 3 feet deep in the deepest part under the bridge — (said the workmen on the bridge laying down new timbers) —
some distance on the right (east) side the Drac before getting in the great high road to La Croix Haute, and
shockingly we were jolted — it made A- [Ann] sick and poorly — our cocher said engrais was very dear —
people let the engrais of their horses per annum the farmer taking it finding and bringing the straw — the
dung of one horse (on these terms) averages (not too dear) 25/. per annum — our cocher for his
12 horses has 300/. a year — the richest part of Dauphiné ∴ [therefore] called le rognon de Dauphiné
is about 3 leagues du pays from here, at and about Voiron famous for its cloth from 2/50 to 6 francs l’aune —
on getting into the route royale our cocher said it rose six ligues per pied i.e. 1/2 inch per foot — called La course from Grenoble to Claix — it is a fine double avenue chiefly
of elms, large-leaved maple or small leaved sycamores, poplars — see the pont de Claix straight before
us from the moment of getting into the great road — the pont is about the same level as the chateau or Bastille here —
|a great deal of the land this way reclaimed from the devastating Drac only 8 or 10 years ago, and much
|reclaiming now — the water is drained off into reservoirs, and suffered to deposit its sediment (like
|our road sand at home) which is spread thick over the gravelly ground that is thus made into good
|land — this good road by Claix is new and is to go direct to Marseilles -but will not be finished of a few years — the road by Gap is 10 postes nearer than by Valence and this new road will be 10 postes
nearer than by Gap — they are working too at the road to Bourg d’Oisans meaning to make a
good carriage road this way to Briançau [Briançon] — good now to Bourg d’Oisans but not beyond there — Our driver tried
it 2 1/2 months ago — had the carriage to take in pieces to pass and so much damage done would not engage to go that way again — 36,000
ârmes in Grenoble — principle trade gauterie, but not so celebrated for it as formerly — Claix
a good little ville — new — only 2 houses here 10 years ago — the valley (called Les Isles) beyond the bridge not in
cultivation till 30 years ago — ascend the hill (would be 5 or 10 minutes walking) and at the Pont de Claix, or

down the hill a minute or 2 beyond it, chez Fournier, restaurator, at 4 40/.. — A- [Ann] so sick and tired and
afraid of fleas in the house would not get out of the carriage — I went to see the bridge then went back and persuaded
her to go — fine bold arch, from rock to rock — not of very large stone and built with cement
mortar, so did not strike me as being Roman architecture, though they say it is — the outside
line (particularly the northern) of the arch is not quite straight — as if the arch might have been
built from each end and made to join in the middle — off back again at 5 1/4 and alighted at home at 6 20/..
Hay this year sells at 5/+ some sols the quintal ordinaire i.e. 50 kilos (the quintal métrique = 100
kilos (or kilogrammes of which one = 2 lbs.) — the quintal of hay used to be from 2/50 to 3/. or 4/.
wheat should sell for 6/. the bushel, to pay the farmer it now sells for only 4/50 — so bread
cheaper than hay and give the horses soldiers bread — good perhaps 1/3 or 2/3 rye with the wheat — a
horse has sometimes 6 lbs. a day of this — can only go in a carriage about or not quite 1/2 way up to
the chateau or Bastille — Dinner at 6 1/2 to 7 3/4 — Dawdling with Miss Walker her bowels grumbling and
she wanted petting — from 9 3/4 to 11 3/4 wrote out today — very fine day — Fahrenheit 69° at 11 50/.. p.m.

Wednesday 6
7 35/..
1 5/..
No kiss not with her at all fine morning — Fahrenheit 68° in my back room at 10 10/.. — breakfast at 9 — A- [Ann] still poorly — her
bowels no better — Had our host, Monsieur Pernard — he fancied the 11 minerals I had left out of the box = 20/. so I took
only 4 for 6 francs § — he calls set-ĕ-ra what our cocher called stèré — a setĕra = 900 toises carrés; but they
commonly go here by the journal (plural journaux) = 2/3 of a setera, or 600 toises carrés — terre à
chauvre is worth 3,000 francs a setĕra — terre with vines and bled = from 2000/. to 2,400 francs a setĕra — terre de
vigne = from 1800 to 2000 francs a setĕra — the vine-hills (as at his own campagne) are what they
call mi-côtes (i.e. demi côtes) — Monsieur Perrier has no land that he (Monsieur Péreud) knows of but at Vizille
and none there but what belongs the château and may have from 60 to 80 seteras — but it is the chateau which makes
the land valuable — in buying land one has to consider where it is terre battie, or not; that is, terre
with a good house on it, or not — where there is a very large quantity of land, the house is generally given
in — where there is not much land, of the house is a consideration — the chateau at Vizille is valuable as being a
large manufactory — filature de coton employing now 200 to 400 œuvriers — wheat is sold
by the boisseau weighing 42 lbs. or + or — according to the goodness of the wheat — it is now 4/50 per boisseau
should be 6/. to enable the farmer to pay his way comfortably — Monsieur Pérard gave 22000 francs for his campagne
{has 17 seteras, and has laid out from 36,000 to 40,000 francs — wants 10,000 francs for all the trouble he has had
{the 28 months since he bought it, and asks 70,000 francs but his wife does not wish him to sell — he will assure
{the estate producing 100 louis (= 2,400/) per annum without making anything of the house — it is situate in what
{is called the Beauplan — }
§ quartz up chaux carbonté 3/. }
cristaux de quartz 1/. }
Spath pésante (baryte) d’annonay 1/. }
Pierre ollaire. 1/. }

took a boy guide, and out (left A- [Ann] at home) at 11 50/.. to the
chateau fort or Bastille on a high compact limestone rock north
of the town — had got a considerable way above the engineer’s house
when he himself came and I was obliged to turn back and ask leave
of the commandant — vexed enough — but could not help it — went

back, the engineer with me — shewed my pass-port — made my story good — the commandant very civil ask me to take bun or eau sucrée which I declined and the engineer
went a good way up with me — gave me note to the Lieutenant in command at the top, and asked me to stop at his and take something
on my return and I promised I promised to call — I counted above 350 steps and forgot to count those perhaps 20 or 30
to the very top, and others lower down — besides all the traversing I certainly mounted 400 steps — very fine views of the town
DateAug 1834
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