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August Sunday 3
6 1/4
11 25/..
Long very good kiss to her last night breakfast at 7 55/.. — Fahrenheit 69° at 8 a.m. — Off from La Parfaite
Union, Chambéri, at 9 — fine valley and very good road — at 9 57/.. turn right and leave the
poplar-avenued road to Montmélian (fine avenue of Italian poplars which began at the last ville and
seemed to extend a long way towards Montmélian) — at 10 8/.. a ville and 1st view of the Isère (left) —
and fine peep up the Montmélian valley — fine rich wooded valley (1 league? broad) vines and no corn — at 10 10/.. stop
4 minutes to vérifier passport by the carabiniers on the confines of Sardinia — at 10 22/.. shew
passport at the Douanes Royales de France and off again in one minute! at 10 32/.. drive under large shed
opposite the corps de garde des douanes at Chapareillan — very civil — merely looked at the
things in the front boot — changed horses (Chapareillan a mere ville?) and off again at 10 59/.. — Is it here we enter the fine valley of Graisivaudan — at 12 29/.. shew passport to gendarme at
the ville of Touvet — change horses at 1 1/4 at the ville-town of Lumbin — wooded, rich, beautiful
valley — green hill above hill charmingly grouped — vines on trees (chiefly maples) or on frames,
or cut low as in France in general — abundance of mulberry and walnut trees — a vineyard garden or orchard all
along our road which runs along the talus of the mountain range of the western side the valley while the beautifully windingruns near the foot of the mountain range of the eastern side — is the breadth between 1 or 2 leagues? this is perhaps the most beautiful valley I ever saw — Low clouds rolling low along the mountain sides as we left Chambéri, rain came
on at 2 20/.. and continued all the rest of the way — the valley well peopled — at 2 25/.. pass the broad dry bed
of mountain torrent and at 2 35/.. pass the dry bed of another where they are laying strong handsome masonry
bed or channel for it to run on under the road — at 3 shew passport au village de Montbonnet
consisting of 1 longish poorish street — at 3 5/.. another but small bed of mountain torrent — have only observed these 3
beds of mountain torrents in this valley since entering France — very pretty about the town — the hill, or talus, just
above us (right) a perfect vineyard dotted over with neat white houses — at 3 40/.. the Isère
close on our left, and about as large as the Ouse at York — at 3 43/.. enter the
little gate into the town and shew passport — returned to us in 2 or 3 minutes — pass through shabbyish
old-looking streets and alight at the hotel des Ambassadors at 3 50/.. — not a handsome looking hotel —
but have 2 double bedded rooms have just had (from 5 50/.. to 7) a good dinner and are very comfortable — have just
written so far of today at 7 35/.. p.m. — wrote out the last 20 lines of Sunday 6th and the whole of Monday 7th instant
till 10 3/4 — Fine day (though threatening rain) till after 2 p.m. then rainy afternoon and evening Fahrenheit 72° now at 10 55/..

Monday 4
7 20/..
11 10/..
Not at all with her last night — A- [Ann] not well, and had a bowel complaint this morning and lay in bed — fine morning
and Fahrenheit 68° at 8 — much rain in the night — Cutting toenails that not ready till eight and a half then with A- [Ann]
heating up her coffee etc. etc. till after 9 — breakfast at 9 1/2 to 10 in my own room — with A- [Ann] backwards and forwards — had George to
say his lesson French wrote out Tuesday 8th instant till 12 3/4 — finished dressing — Took George and A- [Ann] and I out at 1 3/4
for about an hour — she tired, and we came in — She had biscuit and brandy and water and lay on the sofa and was better
wrote out the 1st 41 lines of Wednesday 9th instant till 4 3/4 — A- [Ann] and I out again at 5 10/.. went to Monsieur Fournier
end of this street i.e. ‘horloger, Rue Montorge près la Place Grenette’ — looked over his minerals — some goodish
things but all in litter — mounted up to the very top of the house to see his cabinet — all mal-arrangé — then sauntered
Monsieur Fournier began mineralogy 10 years ago when ætatis [age of] 54, and seems very tolerably clever now — went into the church built
by Louis 14 — dirty and plain — not handsome — home and dinner at 6 1/2 — had the master of the house up — intelligent and civil — shewed me 4 coloured views and plans
of the grande Chartreuse — 5 lithographes of the views to be had at Lyons — sent me up box of minerals left many years ago by an
Italian traveller who had not paid his bill — looked them all over — had been turned over often before so tickets lost and nothing left worth much
till 10 3/4 at the minerals — fine day — Fahrenheit 68° at 10 3/4 p.m. A- [Ann] in bed before 10 and asleep when I went in —

August Tuesday 5
6 3/4
12 1/4U
No kiss not at all with her A- [Ann] better this morning — Preparing for cousin breakfast at 8 1/2 — agree
about carriage 15/. (everything bonne main and all compris) for the whole of today — off at 10 20/.. A- [Ann] and I (and took
George) in 1 horse calèche George and the driver sitting in front — in 1/4 hour at and crossed the handsome suspension bridge over the
Drac — finished only 6 years ago — the wood bad — Taking it up, and laying down fresh — kept close along the
Drac (north) till after its junction with the Isère — just there, 2 boats — 3 pair of oxen to each, the animals one
man to each pair, hauling in the midst of the water (above their middles in the deepest part) towards Grenoble —
at 11 5/.. turn left and in about 10 minutes at the ville of Sassenage — drove up the hill towards the quarries —
very steep and bad got out at 11 25/.. and left the carriage waiting — A- [Ann] and I walked forwards — she tired and left her
at 11 52/.. while I went to the top of a hill or monticule a little above the quarries for the sake of the view —
Miss Walker’s bowels not yet well — walked quickish considerably the steepish ascent and stoney road and great heat
(though fine air latterly on the higher ground) and in 1/4 hour at 12 7/.. at the top of the hill — very fine panoramic view
of the junction of the Drac and Isère and of the latter almost to Voreppe, and a considerable length of the former — pity
the clouds hid, in a great measure, the great height of the mountain range to the eastward - the plain or valley of Grenoble
Graissivaudan very rich and beautiful — enjoyed the view for 5 minutes then down again to A- [Ann] at 1 40/.. —
she with one stone for a seat and another for a table — ate her cold fowl and took her malaga légèrement trempé de l’eau in 20 minutes — we were soonback where we left the carriage, went down the bad road in it, and alighted at the hotel des Cuves at Sassenage
at 1 20/.. — the landlord went with us as guide — this little expedition took us from 1 23/.. to 2 28/.., but
then we went considerably above the cuves in the wood to where our guide the proprietor is making a zigzag walk and going to erect
a pavillon from a nice point of view — he had bought the property 15 days ago, 400 toises of
rock and wood for 370 francs — we had a steepish ascent -along the high wall of rock (left)
very pretty valley-cleft with a pretty cascade and stream utilisé for a mill — passed an insignificant
hole or recess in the rock (yellow hoary compact limestone) then a few yards higher up the cuve a handsome cavern
mouth with 2 streams meeting in and forming in it a very pretty cascade — the stream to the left
on entering runs along a channel we could have gone up for a long and unknown length of way had
we chose and had there not been rather too much water — (no depth, but not like getting wetshod) — the
man lighted his candle, but we declined wading — another recess in the rock a little higher up — the
man talked of making a pavillon here too — said he would spoil the place — advised merely a bench and
rustic table — from the intended site of pavillon above, looked over a pretty green vineyard on the
opposite little high plain backed wood and the out-peeping old tower part masonry part rock of the
ancient Chateau de Sassenage — I was struck with this little propriété, and joked to A- [Ann] about buying it —
Sassenage a very good ville — the famous cheeses made at the chalets on the pastures on the rocks
above — can buy here (said our Grenoble landlord last night) at ./75 what 3 francs a lb. in London — Off on our return
from Sassenage at 2 35/.. — drove close under the high almost perpendicular rocks — at 3 pass by (left) very rich
land vines on frames and under them fine tall hemp — 1200 toises of this land (said our intelligent cocher
the owner of our carriage and horse — keeps 12 horses) lets for 100 francs a year — at 3 5/.. alight at the Barmes
(rocks) de Fontaine, a ville near — the carriage met us at the other end of our walk, along a good wide double
avenued road close under the barmes a perpendicular wall of rock 2 or 300 feet high? a pity the trees of our avenue
were too near, broke the rock and spoilt the view — Elms poplars and willows — one of the poplars broken off
about a yard from the bottom (blown down?) quite sound — measured from the ground to where the top was cut off, at about 3 inches diameter
DateAug 1834
Extent1 page


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