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planning what to do next, and looking at maps — will go to Grenoble and thence back to Chamouni
to ascend Mont Blanc? very fine day — Fahrenheit 70° now at 10 35/.. p.m. Went to her bed for thirty
five minutes —

Thursday 24
7 3/4
Long good kiss last night very fine morning Fahrenheit 73° at 9 a.m. ¬— breakfast at 9 1/4 to 10 1/4 —
dressed — had Monsieur Desrogis to pack the fine Mont Blanc cristal — then sat reading Chamouni Itinéraire
ascent of Mont Blanc — Took Eugenie and George and A- [Ann] and I at the concert of the Helvetic Society of music at the cathedral (walked) at 1 20/.. — full —
obliged to be in the north side aisle and could scarcely see the orchestra — A lady held out her hand
to me from the outside of the centre seats — had not the least recollection of .... Miss Merrienne
now our queen’s reader at £100 per annum çidevant governess to the Ricketts, at Dr. Belcombe’s
the performance began at 2 20/.. (advertized for 2) — the 1st part lasted an hour — then in 1/2 hour
the 2nd part began and was over at 4 40/.. — said to be 300 performers — instrumental performance
good, -but the music (though a fine messe said to be composed for the occasion and hymns etc.)
worth not much to me and the singing very indifferent — our oratorios from Handel, Mozart,
etc. infinitely finer and better got up — waited till the crowd had got out, -and we ourselves were
out at 4 50/.. — bought tickets for the concert tomorrow to be given in the theatre — went to Monsieur
Gaudin, and scratched out Hawkins’s address and gave that of ‘Messrs. Hammersleys and company
Bankers London’ to whose care I desired the model to be sent — Monsieur Gaudin said it might perhaps
be sent off in January — said he had an English gentleman about ordering a model the same dimensions as mine —
looking at prints at the shop opposite the Toporama — and bought there map of the Tyrol to be mounted
home at 6 — dinner at 7 — reading about Mont Blanc very fine day — Fahrenheit 72° at 11 p.m. — A- [Ann] in bed at 10 50/.. — A few minutes
in her bed but said I could not give her a good kiss so left her

Friday 25
6 50/..
1 1/2
Not with her at all last night — fine morning Fahrenheit 72° at 8 — Reading Itinéraire de Chamouni (Mont Blanc) —
inking over accounts ¬— breakfast at 9 3/4 — wrote out the 4th instant and the 21st ditto and first 12 lines of the 22nd ditto, till 11 1/2 —
then finished dressing — A- [Ann] and I out at 12, and took George — at and in the theatre at 12 1/4 after a good deal of
squeezing through the crowd at the door, though the doors were only opened at 12 — took George meaning to leave him
to keep our places, but no doing that and no getting out again — lucky enough to get in front at the top of
the pit with the stair-case down to the pit, through the middle of the boxes to lean against — the house crowded by 12 1/2 —
the concert did not begin till 2 10/.. — with Rossini’s overture to William Tell — the 1st part over at 3 1/2 — and the 2nd part
lasted from 3 40/.. to 4 47/.. — the instrumental music good — the singing indifferent except Madame Drouet who
sang well her husband’s composition to his flute — this very good, and still better Drouet’s flute
solo — much in Der Freyschutz with variations — his playing very fine — tones beautiful and
execution perfect — this worth the whole concert — though there had been a good solo on the clarionet —
waited till the house was almost cleared (in 5 or 6 minutes) and at the musée Rath at 5, so called
beyond founded by Rath Lieutenant General in the Russian service, born at Geneva 16 March 1766 and died there
14 December 1819 — begged his sisters to leave (at their death) something to the state, so they built this building
done 8 years ago (handsome) for the things their brother had given and for those given by others — not more than 3 or 4 old pictures
but some good modern ones — the statuary consists merely of plaster of Paris casts — at 5 1/4 a
shower which detained [us] till 5 1/2 — A- [Ann] hungry and thirsty and obliged to take her to a café for bun and lemonade —
home at 6 — dinner at 6 20/.. to 8 — wrote out the whole of Tuesday except the 1st 6 lines, and the whole of Wednesday and yesterday —

very fine day till the shower at 5 1/4 p.m. for about 1/4 hour — a few drops afterwards otherwise fine evening — Fahrenheit 71° at
midnight — Mademoiselle Rath’s house close to the musée — a largeish, good-looking building — she inhabits the 1er, and lets
the 2nde etc. — the 2nde (10 pièces, and servants rooms above — no coach house or stables) 1200 francs a year unfurnished —

Saturday 26
6 50/..
11 1/2
Her bed stocks creaked so that the people in the adjoining room being up I put Miss Walker’s bedding on the floor
and we had a good long kiss about three quarters hour with her — packing — breakfast at 9 to after 10 — dressed —
A- [Ann] and I out at 11 40/.. — went to Dérogis bought Bardon’s antiquities Costumes of the Greeks etc. 2 volumes 4to [quarto] bound Bailie’s
histoire de l’astronomie 4 volumes 4to [quarto] all for 35/. and the Dusseldorf gallery (fine old engravings) 30/.
and the maps to Anacharsis 5/. and for A- [Ann] Michelet’s abridgement of modern history (seems very good) 1 volume broché
12mo [duodecimo] printed at Bruxelles 4/. then little panorama of the lake 2/. and coloured print of Swiss costumes 8/.
back at the hotel at 12 1/4 — as the carriage came to the door and off at 12 20/.. from the hotel des Bergues — Told
the master of the house I was very well satisfied — then to the bank (Heutsch’s) sent up for the money for £50
two circulars exchange 25/25, and sat in the carriage while it was brought — got 32 napoleons the rest in silver
having still Mont Blanc in my head — delayed 20 minutes — then took up the parcel of books and off from chez
Dèrogis at 12 3/4 — pass through the goodish ville of Carouge till 1816 belonging to Savoy and
capital of the district of the same name — given by the holy alliance to Geneva — at the nice enough little ville of St
Julien, now capital of Carouge, at 1 40/.. and shewed my passport to the Sardinian Carabiniers, who immediately
and very civilly let us pass — at 2 42/.. at Frabe said the postillion and at Feigère according to 1 of the douaniers
and the map — the douaniers very civil — said they were obliged to examine something, but would not look into the
carriage and only just peeped into 1 of the imperials while we changed horses, and we were off in 12 minutes —
Excellent road along the foot of the Salève, the high singular calcareous, white, steppy mountain we looked upon from our windows
at the hotel des Bergues — the Salève very fine — the Mont de Sion a much lower mountain and all green and cultivated joins the end of it and closes the
amphitheatre valley of Geneva — from the Mont de Sion very fine views of the town and lake — at 3 35/.. began
the descent of Mont de Sion, and turn left round the foot of the Salève, and fine view down into Savoy, everywhere shut
in in the distance by high mountains — white calcareous — the hoary rugged tops of many of them white as if
streaked or covered with snow — very picturesque drive — at Cruseilles at 4 11/.. picturesque ville at the bottom of the
valley — no post horses kept here (we left the direct road to Aix and Chamberry (right) just out of
St Julien) but luckily the diligence had arrived a little while before and without stopping to bait the horses
properly we were off with them in 18 minutes, driving 3 and letting the 4th follow — we could not have stopt comfortably
at the auberge at Cruseilles — from Cruceilles the white rocky mountains rather approach one and finely back the green wooded cultivated hills — very picturesque beautiful drive —
narrow though good road — at 5 25/.. after crossing the little river Fier (probably in winter a large stream) over the
new wooden bridge of La Càlle, stop a few minutes at the little ville of La Cale to water the horses — the fine white
rugged mountains seemed at a little distance en face — at 5 50/.. to 6 and afterwards the fine white rugged
mountains magnificent — finely standing out like mountain headlands at sea — at 6 10/.. fine beautiful magnificent
descent up the the hill-strewed plain, and fine view of Annecy situated at the foot of the mount of St Catherine qui fait partie de la chaîne des Bauges but the lake not in sight, but the
lake hid — at 6 47/.. view (near) of the nice town of Annecy with its 3 or 4 churches and fine large castle —
at 6 47/.. 1st view of the pretty little finely mountain-locked lake — at the hotel de Genève à Annecy
at 7 — walked 1/4 hour along the handsome poplar and Platinus shaded avenue along the shallow reedy top of
the lake finely surrounded by mountains — dinner at 7 50/.. to 8 1/2 in the public salle manger but nobody there at 1st and only 2
gents at last — man and girl (harp and she singing) came to us at dinner — sat writing in A-’s [Ann] room while she got into bed

[margin text:] and fell asleep at 9 3/4 — and wrote out yesterday and today till 11 — very fine day — Fahrenheit 68° at 11 5/.. p.m.
DateJul 1834
Extent1 page


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