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Description[Diary Transcription]

July Monday 21
7 25
1 5/..
Not with her last night but went to her quietly for quarter hour this morning Rain all
last night and this morning — an end of ascending Mont Blanc — packed — breakfast at 9 — Fahrenheit 68° at 8 1/2 a.m.
Off from the hotel de Londres, Chamouni, at 12 1/2 in a return char, 2 horses — at Les Ouches at 1 1/2 — at Servoz at 2 1/2 —
40 minutes chez Monsieur Deschamps — he at Chamouni — saw only his brother — bought a small specimen of the
newly discovered fer oxidulé cristallisé 6/. from a cavern very bad to get to — now exhausted — at the top of the mountain of Pormenaz, just above Servoz — a nice
largeish specimen at 50/. a magnificent one at 300/. — an English gentleman had bid 260/. wanting it for a
present to the Jardin des plantes — There is none of this mineral there — several other very fine specimens of
different minerals — the best mineral shop I have seen — Off from Servoz at 3 1/4 — passed the turn left to
St Gervais at 4 10/.. — At the Bellevue at Sallanche at 5 1/4 — Eugenie very well — dinner at 6 1/4 —
and off at 7 1/2 in spite of the rain — Never in my life saw such a fidget in a carriage she was in all
postures and places till at last she luckily fell asleep for about an hour she had had too much Roussillon
wine which made her feverish without being tipsy — at La Couronne, Bonneville, at
11 3/4 — had to call the people up — Rain on 1st leaving Sallanche, and latterly — very heavy shower with
thunder and lightning at Sallanche at 6 1/2, and the rain had fallen in torrents about the same hour yesterday evening —
Fahrenheit 70° at 12 3/4 tonight five minutes with her quietly —

Tuesday 22
8 40/..
3 40/..
She came for an hour and half to me this morning quietly talking — Fine morning Fahrenheit 70 1/2° at 8 3/4 a.m.
breakfast at 11 1/2 — had been repacking — Off from Bonneville at 12 20/.. — fine valley as far as Bonneville
from there the mountains wear out into rounded, beautiful, green, wooded hills and extensive valley — very good
road — stop 3 or 4 minutes at 1 43/.. to water the horses — at 2 50/.. stopt at Amenas to shew passport
the Douaniers very civil — would not take money — explained the trick the postillion Chaumantois
from Geneva had played me in demanding money for them on the 3rd instant and they were vexed and promised
to do what they could with him — thunder and forked lightning and rain in passing through the nice little town of ….
at 3 20/.. — at 3 50/.. stopt at Heutsch’s bank — sent up to them and they brought me down the
money for two £25 circulars — alighted at the hotel des Bergues at 4 — full — only a double
bedded room a 2nde and a little apartment au 3me — Took the latter (salon and 1 double bedded room) at 16/.
a day — the 2 servants above at 2/. a day for both — siding — A- [Ann] and I out at 5 to 6 — at Baute’s — bought
brooch for M- [Mariana] or Mrs. Sutherland? dinner at 6 20/.. to 8 1/2 — got at the bank letter from my aunt dated
27 June 3 ppages and ends — she has a better day and a worse — Mr. Sunderland very attentive — on the whole good account —
she writes on the 27th to A- [Ann] and on the 28th page 3 and ends and 2 lines under the seal to me — ‘I may now I am quite well, excuse this never-
-ceasing pain’ — all going on well — my father well and has ordered a little carriage to go about in — very sorry for M- [Mariana] got at the Post restante Letter
from my aunt Shibden dated 9th instant 3 ppages and ends all to me — my father ‘tolerable, but very feeble, he does not
‘appear to gain strength at all — he walks out a little every day, generally to the top of the bank, and in the course
‘of the day 2 or 3 times a little in the garden — as to myself sometimes I have a very poorly day, and then better — Mr. Sunderland
is very attentive, and upon the whole, I think I am much the same as when you went’ — very anxious about me — begs
me not to hasten our return on her account — hopes there will be no occasion for me to be at home before the end
of August as Marian will not go to Market Weighton until she can leave my father with more satisfaction —
she had a letter that day (9th instant) from Mariana to make inquiries after me — said it was 5 weeks since she
heard from me — had been very ill — did not know of my being abroad — my aunt begs me to write to M- [Mariana] immediately —
DateJul 1834
Extent1 page


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