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letter to me to be addressed under cover to her — and hoped she would get me the curious bellows — Madame de Bourke’s
servant came to inquire after me and say Madame de Bourke wished to see me today — sent back my note by him and
said I would call if I could — sent François with my note to Mr. Heneage — out at 1 — left my note
for the directeur general des douanes at the Treasury in passing — went to Laffittes — for circulars nos. [numbers]
4097 and 4098 = £50 got 1265 francs — then to Madame de Bourke she would do all for me with the
directeur general — told me to write to him under cover to her to tell him to send the letter to her
instead of Miss Berry — very kind — then went to Miss Berry to explain — out, so left my note
and wrote on the back in pencil I had just seen Madame de Bourke who would be kind to manage the carriage
affair that I was glad I need not trouble Miss Berry about the letter — then home —
— out shopping — home again at 4 1/2 — dinner immediately — impossible to be off today — wrote
and sent note (thanks) to ‘Madame Madame la Comtesse de Bourke Rue du faubourg St. Honoré no. [number] 53’ and enclosed note to Monsieur
le directeur general — demande mille pardons de toute la peine que je lui donne [ask for a thousand pardons for all the trouble I give him] etc. etc. but beg him
to send his letter under cover to Madame de Bourke giving her address — arranging what things to leave behind —
out at 8 25/.. to rue St. Victor several letters price 7 francs to be paid at Geneva had been forwarded yesterday to Geneva — what a pity! left
the box of things — plate, gloves, some books etc. etc. — went into my cellar and brought away bottle of champagne
at the Palais royal at 9 3/4 — walked round — had one 1/2 tasse café au lait and I had a strawberry ice at the café
de la rotonde — home at 10 35/.. — very fine day — Fahrenheit 71 now at 11 1/4 p.m. —

Tuesday 24
6 1/4
12 55/..
A long kiss last night very fine morning Fahrenheit 71 at 7 1/4 a.m. — packing travelling bag — breakfast at 8 3/4
Off from the hotel de la Terrasse, Rue de Rivoli, at Paris, at 10 40/.. — at Essonne at 2 — nice
little town down 1 hill and up another the pretty little river Essonne running through it along the bottom — stopt ten
minutes George fastening nuts of screws — nice cool pretty drive chiefly through the fine forest, from
Chailly to Fontainebleau where alighted at the Hotel de la ville de Lyons at 5 1/4
at the palace at 5 50/.. — in it 1/2 hour — all put as it was in Napoleon’s time — great repairs done to the
palace — then in the gardens (à l’Anglaise) at 6 20/.. for 40 minutes — very pretty — A- [Ann] tired — could
walk no farther — dinner at 7 20/.. — A- [Ann] lay on the sofa and I sat asleep by her — wanting the carriage
springs taking up — the serrurier carossier came — broke the nail that hold’s fast the end of the spring —
leather — must repair it in the morning — How unlucky, but the near hind wheel had rubbed
the pannel a little between Paris and here — from 9 1/2 (except having Eugenie) to 12 1/2 wrote out Thursday, Friday,
Saturday Sunday yesterday and today — very fine day — cooller [cooler] than of late — no dust — A- [Ann] was in bed at 10 —
Fahrenheit 69 now at 12 35/..tonight —

Wednesday 25
8 1/2
No kiss crept into my own separate bed without kissing or awaking her — very fine morning Fahrenheit 78 at 8 1/2 a.m. breakfast till 9 3/4
off from Fontainebleau 10 13/.. — at Moret at 11 10/.., nice little walled ville with large square tower remaining
of old castle — picturesque old porte de ville at each end of the goodish street we passed through — very pretty close
round the ville — good old bridge (stone) over broad shallow Loing with its poplared banks, and mills, and washer women — and a little beyond
bridge over good navigable canal — at Sens at 3 35/.. — sent the carriage to la poste and A- [Ann] and I stopt at café (just on entering the ville) and in 3/4 hour
milk got (sought at 5 or 6 places) and boiled and Adny had had café au lait which warmed her and took off
her sensation of faintness — the woman had coffee ready — made in the morning and kept in a pot-jar pour

la fraîcheur — she made it by pouring over at least 1/4 a litre full of coffee a litre of boiling water (a litre
is about an English pint) through a strainer — the café au lait was very good — then saw the handsome cathedral — the
monument in the choir to the memory of the dauphin and dauphiness father and mother of Louis 16, very fine —
worthy of being the chef d'œuvre of Coustou — In the carriage again and off at 4 10/.. — Sens is a nice
little ville — chiefly one good long street through which we passed terminated by 2 belles portes de ville
the country around agreeable, closed in by a beautifully shaped range of limestone or chalk hill beautifully
covered with corn and vine and pretty well wooded — soon see the Yonne a broad shallow stream
(here and there reeds peeping up in the very middle of it) flowing through a fine valley — the vine clad woody
hills with stripes of corn, very pretty — very pretty drive from Sens to Villeneuve Leroy — a little ville,
much smaller than Sens, but with 2 portes de ville, as at Sens — at Joigny at 7 10/.. — beautiful drive
along the fine valley of Yonne all the way from Sens to Joigny — we had a most agreeable shady drive, chiefly
through the forest from Chailly to Fontainebleau, and partly through the forest from Fontainebleau to Fossard a nice
little town — ordered dinner at Joigny (Hotel des 5 Mineurs in the faubourg on this side the 7 arched handsome stone bridge over the Yonne)
and Miss Walker and I walked back into the town and up the steep narrow streets to the church not very large but remarkable for its very
lofty nave — the chateau was destroyed in the 1st revolution — then walked along the pretty elm shaded
public promenade along the river — (soldiers at drill on the ground near it) — out 50 minutes and pretty good dinner at 8 35/.. —
had our bottle of champagne we brought from my cave rue St. Victor — wants drinking — very fine day —
Fahrenheit 72 at 10 35/.. p.m. —

Thursday 26
10 55/..
An hour with Miss Walker last night two kisses very fine morning Fahrenheit 70 at 5 3/4 — breakfast at 6 1/2 — Off
from Joigny (comfortable enough) at 7 18/.. — pleasant air in spite of the heat — at Auxerre at 9 57/..
delayed 22 minutes Miss Walker on the pot all the time Had I known I would have gone to see the cathedral (not far off) which
they say is a good one — looks a large old gothic pile — Vermanton [Vermenton] nice enough little town in a bottom —
pretty viny, wooded hills all round — At Avallon goodish little town at 4 32/.. — Miss Walker had wanted
café au lait at Vermanton [Vermenton] (good looking café there) but I persuaded her to wait and dine at Avallon,
the hotel de la Poste (very near the poste aux chevaux) much frequented by English and praised in the livre des
Étrangers — dinner to be ready in 1/2 hour took above an hour — in the meanwhile wrote out journal of yesterday and
Miss Walker lay down — dinner at 5 40/.. She ate a large dinner and drank altogether about two tumblers of
vin du pays a good common red burgundy some without water and the rest with very little I could
not have drank at that rate besides two mouthfuls of noyau at a time four times before
dinner and once afterwards then on getting into the carriage again she was heated and had the
fidgets was in all positions and saying how ill and tired she was Ssteph was right enough I shall have plague enough
but I must manage as well as I can off from Avallon at 6 56/.. and at Rouvray hotel de la
poste (the poste au chevaux) at 9 5/.. — Miss Walker lay down immediately — I came to my dressing room and wrote the
above of today till 9 3/4 — In the livres etrangers à Avallon — saw in Vere’s handwriting that 17 April 1833
Mr. and Lady Vere Cameron were there ‘caution travellers against the imposition of Hotel du Parc at Châlons sur —
Soane’ [Chalon-sur-Saône] — very fine day — very hot and dusty Fahrenheit 76 now at 9 50/.. p.m. —
DateJun 1834
Extent1 page


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