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one whose attention and affection she would share largely with myself — she would see that Miss Walker had more
merit than she might perhaps have been led to expect — as I heard they would be at Harrogate in August,
should think nothing of the distance and would see M- [Mariana] then or afterwards as she liked best — mentioned our intention
of being in London on Friday evening — my aunt just now so much better could leave her in comfort — I had
strong feeling of good things in this world being still in store for M- [Mariana] to cheer up etc. etc. — altogether
a very kind comforting letter —

Tuesday 3
9 1/4
1 1/4
breakfast at 10 1/2 — packing or giving orders all the day till near 3 when down the old bank to Halifax —
went to the Post Office Letter (few hurried lines) from Miss Walker, Heworth Grange, York — merely changing
the order on Messrs Briggs from 3 to 5 hundred pounds — took this to the bank the 1st time I ever was in it and said I would send my servant
for the packet — did not much like the man in the bank, and said to myself I shall not, I think, bank here —
then to Mr. Parker’s — signed notices to quit to Messrs George Robinson and John Pearson and ordered
distress to be made on the former if my father wished it — I must be back by the 2nd of August
or it would be difficult to manage about the Staups purchase — I being the largest purchaser must have
the original papers and covenant to produce them when wanted by the lesser purchasers — to have £2000
on bond — but ought to pay 4 1/4 per cent to which I objected — said 4 per cent was enough — a hack chaise from
Miss Jenkinsons took me up at Mr. Parker’s, Matthew having brought the packet from Briggs’ bank —
left with Marian £25 to pay Greenwood’s wood bill and £20 with my aunt to pay Lowe for Joseph’s
clothes — changed my dress, and off from Shibden at 5 — called at Lidgate for things and at Leeds
in 1 1/2 hour! Miss Walker’s screen at Kendell's not done; and the picture frame sent off to Hornor
on Friday — At Heworth Grange at 9 28/.. poor Miss Walker alarmed at my being so much later
than I named (had said from 6 to 8, but lastly to expect me till 8) — dinner and tea — very fine day — Fahrenheit
68 now at one tonight — Left with my aunt my letter to M- [Mariana] (Leamington) to go tonight —

Wednesday 4
A tolerable kiss last night but my bowels having being heated and wrong for these
ten days took two teaspoonfuls of salts at eight this morning on getting up and they had
worked off by twelve — breakfast about 10 — packing — wrote a few lines to ‘Mrs. Hawkins 26 Dover
Street London’ to have rooms ready for me on Friday evening about 8 or 9 and wrote to ‘Messrs Hammersley
Bankers, London’ to have Foreign office passport for myself (Mrs. Lister) and Miss Walker pour
voyage en France to be signed at the French embassy — and sent Joseph to the post with these 2 letters — feverish
and not well — Off from Heworth Grange at 3 10/.. — called at Dr. Belcombe’s — not at home —
Had a bottle of soda water at the Black Swan en passant — called for a moment or at Mr. Duffin’s —
saw him — she gone out, so luckily avoided all disagreeable questioning — Off from Mr. Duffin’s door
at 3 1/2 — stopt at Barnby moor at 9 3/4 — very much tired and knocked up — tea — fell
asleep after Eugenie left me, and Miss Walker alarmed at my being so long came and got me into bed
as well as she could — fine day till a little drizzling rain in the evening —

Thursday 5
5 1/2 p.m.
9 50/..
could hardly lift my head from the pillow, yet not absolutely sick — had had a restless night — all my limbs
ached shockingly and much pain in my back and terribly bilious headache, and consumed with fever — got up at 5 1/2 p.m.
very much fatigued with dressing, and worn out before 9 — had taken nothing all the day but a little sugo about 2 p.m.
when Miss Walker dined at my bedside — could not take the starch-like arrowroot they brought me at tea i.e. at 7 p.m.
showers during the day —

June Friday 6
2 p.m.
11 1/4
obliged to get into bed again and rest a long while during dressing as yesterday — still very weak and burnt up with
fever — though for my lying in bed all the morning — had had a little boiled milk and a few pieces of bread in it for
dinner just before getting up — not having had anything for breakfast — Off from Barnby moor at 4 18/.. and alighted at the George Inn at Grantham at 9 5/.. —
had a little more boiled milk and bread — Showers during the day —

Saturday 7
8 20/..
10 40/..
up for a few minutes at 6 1/2 when very fine morning but found I had better get into bed again — better
but very weak — breakfast (merely a little boiled milk without bread) at sundry times during dressing — Off
from Grantham at 10 10/.. — the house smelt so strong of paint, glad to get away — Drove up to Burleigh
house and alighted there at 1 — waited in the hall 10 minutes having entered merely my name (Mrs. Lister) and date, before the
housekeeper came 25 minutes seeing over the house — some good oak carving, and large, handsome oak pannelling
several good pictures but the jewel of the whole is Carlo Dolce’s saviour blessing the elements an exquisitely
fine piece — the countenance is the most divine I ever saw — the next best picture but at a humble
distance, though very fine picture, is Domenichino’s mistress by himself — at 5 had a little cold ham
in the carriage with Miss Walker and relished it - At Stevenage at 8 35/.. — tea — ready for bed at 10 1/2 —
very fine day —

Sunday 8
8 50/..
A little kiss last night breakfast at 10 1/4 — very fine morning — read, Miss Walker clerk, part of the
morning service but soon overcome with fatigue, and let her read the rest, from 11 50/.. to 12 10/.. — so exhausted, lay
on the sofa till 1 — Off from Stevenage at 1 10/.. — Mr. and Mrs. Canning and 3 daughters (from near Langton)
had slept at Grantham? and slept here last night, and were off about 10 minutes before us — at
26 Dover Street at 5 20/.. — full — apartments taken for us 13 Albemarle Street — au 3me —
bad stairs lastly — goodish rooms, but dirty bedding underneath, and sorry the Hawkins’ were full —
dinner (good soup well cooked veal cutlets and good gooseberry tart) wrote and sent note to ‘the honourable Lady Stuart
Whitehall’ to announce my arrival and wrote and sent note to tell ‘Mr. Hutton, 114 Park Street’
to come at 9 in the morning — tea at 10 — very fine day —

Monday 9
8 1/4
L Vc
Two kisses the last a good one last night very fine morning Fahrenheit 68 in our bedroom at 8 1/4 a.m.
had Hutton to measure Miss Walker for habit — breakfast at 10 — Had Ward gone back to live with Lady Stuart —
she poorly or would have written — hoped to see me at 2 — Lady Stuart de Rothesay would be delighted to see me —
Ward would take my note — wrote a 1/4 sheet full enough to admit folding ask when I should call, and sent it
by Ward to ‘the Lady Stuart de Rothesay, 4 Carlton Terrace’ — then wrote 3 ppages of 1/2 sheet to Lord
Hillsborough saying I was from home and only got his letter on setting off to come here — much obliged to him
about the Courier Degarlieb — my aunt still living and likely to continue many months could be for a long
absent from home during the remainder of her life that had no hope of going north this year, but my northern
tour only delayed not given up, and I should be very glad to find Degarlieb at liberty when I was ready for
him — if he, Lord Hillsborough, had 5 minutes to spare should be exceedingly glad to see him — going to Paris, but should not
be off till Wednesday morning — Coates and Billing sent me a dirty postboy and shabby pair of horses and harness
to my own carriage — out at 2 — In passing left my note with Degarlieb’s letter in German under cover
to ‘the Earl of Hillsborough, 40 Berkeley Square’ and then drove to Whitehall — there at 2 1/2 — Lady Stuart not
returned from her bath — found the dean of Windsor alone in the drawing room — soon got acquainted — talked of
DateJun 1834
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