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December 30
‘ever feel his loss — I only wish he had some years ago recommended you to try a warmer
‘and drier air — my aunt suffers, if possible, more and more — she begs her compliments and thanks for
your so kind inquiries’ …. ‘I hear Mrs. Best is at Frankfort on the Maine, an
excellent town, its climate tempered by the river, and altogether a town possessing many
local advantages’ — Count upon bringing in Mr. James Wortley — ‘It is above a week
since I heard from London, that I am not quite au courant des affaires at this
moment’ — … ‘I thought Mariana looking very fairly well — my visit was hurried, because
‘of their own so limited stay at Lawton (till tomorrow) and of my own concerns at home —
‘Mr. Lawton looks as young as he did ten years ago’ — ‘I fear my aunt is not likely to have
‘many more gleams; and I have no thought of leaving her as ‘she is’ at present — Pray can
‘you tell me of any good architect at Leeds? …. But do not try to write —
‘surely Isabella will do this much for me — my love to her and you all — Ever my dear
Mrs. Norcliffe very truly and affectionately yours AL—’ — and sent off this letter by John at 3 50/..
to ‘Mrs. Norcliffe, Langton hall, Malton’ and gave him £60 in notes to pay bills to
the amount of £58.6.3 1/2 — all put to my own account except £9.17.4 1/2 sent to A- [Ann] from Walker’s — She ga
ve me fifty pounds towards them ~ we were just going out when Mr. John Edwards called ‘on a
little business’ as he said, ‘in consequence of a communication from Mr. Adam’ — i.e. that I would subscribe to
the expense of Mr. Wortley’s election — Mr. John Edwards said he had called last week, but A- [Ann] had not heard of it —
only 3 names down — Christopher Rawson Christopher Saltmarshe and John Waterhouse each for £50 and I put down
‘A Lister £50’ — It seems from Mr. Edwards’s private book that the promised votes stand as under
Divisions Wortley Wood Protheroe
S.W. 101 85 67
S.E. 95 76 57
N.E. 62 117 104
N.W. 75 80 52
333. 358. 280

Mr. Edwards staid 1/4 hour or 20 minutes — A- [Ann] and I in spite of coming night
went out at 4 20/.. into the walk for 50 minutes — dusky, almost
dark as we returned, but mild, warm, fine growing evening — more like April
than December — wrote the last 11 or 12 lines till 5 3/4 — dinner
at 6 10/.. in the drawing room — A- [Ann] and I some time with my father and
Marian — coffee — came upstairs about 8 — Read the paper — Letter (1 half
sheet full, kind letter letter franked by Lord Stuart de Rothesay from Lady Stuart de Rothesay dated yesterday TittenLanger
thanks for my letter — was before receiving it meaning to write to me — hopes I do what I can for Mr. Wortley
writes in a hurry — not a word of public affairs — It seems from tonight’s paper Lord Cowley is
to succeed Lord Granville at Paris, Lord Londonderry to go to St. Petersburg, and Sir Robert
Gordon back to Constantinople — all very good — with my aunt at 9 35/.. till 10 —
very fine sunny morning till rain from about 11 a.m. to between 2 and 3 p.m. then fine soft
warm evening Fahrenheit 51 3/4° in my study now at 10 5/.. p.m. —

December Wednesday 31
8 50/..
11 20/..
No kiss soft warm damp morning Fahrenheit 51°. at 9 55/.. — breakfast at 10 — Letter 1 page from
Mr. Jonathan Gray, York, in answer to mine — to inform A- [Ann] no ‘conveyance Walker to Priestley
from 1808 to 1822 inclusive’ to be found — ‘the individual who has trespassed must be individually
‘warned, either by the personal service of a notice, or by a verbal one; the advantage of the written
‘notice is that it admits of no mistake, whereas the individual who is to prove a verbal
‘one is liable to break down on cross examination. I think I have answered most of your inquiries. Sending
‘to the Master of the hunt wont do, unless you prove his receipt of the notice. I thought I had
‘explained when I sent to the Black Swan some forms, but I fear I may not have done so. I am
‘Madam yours very respectfully Jonathan Gray. York December 30. 1834’ — It seems from the above
nothing is to be done — but this answer does not satisfy — no answer is given to the question what further
publicity should be given to the notice either through the medium of the public newspapers or hand
bills — Damp rainy day by between 11 and noon — a little while at rough book accounts — then had Throp out about
about 11 for near an hour — paid him for Bairstow etc. and 22/. for A- [Ann] altogether £46.4.6 —
12 1/2 with Charles and James Howarth cutting out water closet passage wainscotting — dawdling with A- [Ann]
§ still as many voters as ever who will make no promise to any side — told
Throp he really must have a vote for us in future — and he promised to use what
influence he might have with the non-promisers to get them to vote for Wortley —
Miss Caroline Rawson of Mill house brought the 2 girls from Thorpe to call on A- [Ann] and sat
with her 6 minutes inquiring after my aunt and father but not after Marian or myself — A- [Ann] and I sat talking
over her luncheon till Joseph Mann came about 2 to say he had agreed with Holt to
do the drift and wanted me to see where they had begun and to order about wheel-stones
for the corves to run on — should be 1 1/2 inches thick and 12 inches broad (lengths various) and should be
had at 2d per yard — they asked 2 1/2d at my own Delph above (in upper Place land) —
Shepherd of Northowram had delivered at this price in the new bank — vent stones
would do an inch thick — should be 20 inches broad — lengths various — Holt had ordered the drift
to be driven in the coal band, 8 feet below the dirtband, in which case, Joseph Mann said, I should not
get much water — I asked him if the measures were good enough for the drift to stand well
in the Dirtband — yes! well! then, said I, I shall see Holt, and consider about the thing — Joseph Mann said
they should be ready for corve-wheel stone tomorrow — came in a little after 3 — sent off John for
Turner’s son to come to speak to me — a little while with Charles Howarth in the workshop — then a little with
my father and Marian — and with my aunt, and wished all of them good night meaning to write in the
evening to Lady Stuart and Lady Stuart de Rothesay etc. Had changed my dress on coming in, it having rained more or
less all the while I was out — Had Turner’s son — said at what such wheel stone as I wanted had
been delivered at, and said also that his father was to consider and let me at 8 a.m. whether he would
take the order or not — i.e. wheel stone 1 1/2 inch thick 1 foot broad x 3 feet long = 3 feet of stone at 2d and
furnish vent stone same thickness 20 inches broad at the same rate — i.e. 20 inches broad x 3 feet long
= 5 feet of stone at 3d farthing + 1 1/3 per yard in length — and if he would furnish stone posts, such as before, holed

[margin text:] corve wheel stones and
vent stones.
DateDec 1834
Extent1 page


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