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238 [240]
out again at 3 40/.. with A- [Ann] in the walk 3/4 hour — then in the barn talking to Charles Howarth about the Mytholm farm till
dark, till 5 — then 3/4 hour with my aunt (and A- [Ann] with her also) dinner at 6 — 20 minutes with my
father and Marian — Mr. Tweedy the Stamp Collector and vote-returner died rather suddenly the other day —
some person or persons for mischief threw or let down a barrel of gunpowder into one of Mr. Holmes’s
coal-pits at Causey head, and blew up the engine in the pit — the shock about 8 p.m. yesterday (I think)
by the neighbouring cottagers — coffee — played 4 hits — lost 2 and won 2 — then came into the blue room — read
(little bits aloud to A- [Ann]) from page 40 to 147 volume 2 Sismondi’s Literature of the South of Europe — then till
10 10/.. with my aunt 25 minutes — very fine day — Fahrenheit 46 1/2° now at 10 1/2 p.m. — Letter this morning from Kendell Leeds (his bill)

Wednesday 17
9 5/..
11 20/..
No kiss fine morning — highish wind — Fahrenheit 44° at 9 55/.. at which hour breakfast — Had Washington about
Grieves’s business — the 2 securities (sureties) he offers not very good — would have the distress prolonged —
but A- [Ann] could make nothing of him before my going in to them — I said I would, in her place, have nothing to do with the
sureties — either have all signed over to me, or have a sale — A- [Ann] wrote to this effect to Mr. Parker
by Washington — She and I sat talking till near 12 — then walked with her on her way to Cliff hill
as far as the Hipperholme turnpike — on returning, went in to my father — 1/2 hour talking to him when
Marian came back from H-x [Halifax] — then told her I had been speaking about the future quantity of pasturage
and could get no satisfactory answer and was just beginning on the subject of herself — then came out that
she is not yet engaged but expects Mr. Abbott at 6 p.m. tomorrow when all will probably
be settled — She has not yet told him of what I said as to my own conduct on the occasion, or
that she had no expectation from me — that I was bound by promise to my uncle how to leave the property
said I should be uneasy till she had told him this — She said he had not said much about my going
to the navigation meeting but that he had thought it right to come up and speak to me as I had called
on his mother, but he had observed my manner — It seems he cannot leave H-x [Halifax] during the
life of his mother and sister but on their death may go and live in Scotland where has very intimate
friends — Marian thinks he will never say much about me; for evidently he would rather not hear
her speak of me at all — I said I was really sorry for him — more sorry for him than for her; for
her mind was accustomed to the subject; and he would feel it more than she would — She said she liked him
which I told her I was glad to hear — She means to propose his clearing Skelfler a few days
before the marriage, and settling this estate and all the rest that my father has upon her and their children,
he having a life estate in it, but, if they have no children then the estate to be at Marian’s own
disposal — this would be £800 a year and she did not wish for more — ‘very well’ said I ‘then he
gives £10,000 for the connection!’ — ‘yes!’ said she innocently, and I made no further observation —
off to H-x [Halifax] about 2 — down the old bank to Mr. Parker’s office — not at home — 1/2 hour at Whitleys
then back to Mr. Parker’s — wish the Staups estate to be paid for on the 8th instead of
7th of January my rent day being on the 7th — the bills for letting to be out soon, and the
letting to take place on Friday the 16th January — Grieves and his sureties never appeared this morning
so he is to be sold up tomorrow — Captain Sutherland’s last letter to Mr. Parker particularly kind and friendly

239 [241]
home (up the old bank) at 4 1/4 — A- [Ann] not returned from Cliff hill — set off for her — met her at the bottom
of the garden — in spite of the rain walked up and down the gravel walk telling her all about Marian etc. —
then changed our dress — both of us rather wet — A- [Ann] with my aunt and I talking to my father and Marian — dinner
at 6 5/.. — lost a backgammon and won two hits — then with my father and Marian and had Cordingley
in and long talk about George having tea with the other servants in an evening — 1/2 hour with my aunt till 10 5/.. — then
wrote all but the 1st 5 1/2 lines of today — fine till about noon — then small rain and heavier about
2 for the rest of the afternoon — rainy evening — Fahrenheit 43° at 10 40/.. p.m. my aunt had note from Mr.
Musgrave at 2 with regards and proposing to come at 1 p.m. on Friday to administer the
Sacrament — I answered it — Mrs. Lister much obliged and would be glad to see him — met him in the
town and told him this — Mr. Wortley still in the town — in spite of dinner parties, attended
his committee every night from 8 to 10 —

Thursday 18
8 35/..
11 3/4
No kiss finish, damp morning Fahrenheit 43 3/4° at 9 1/2 at which hour breakfast — Letter from M- [Mariana] (Lawton) 3 ppages
and ends — she now wishes to see me, and so earnestly asks me to go over to Lawton before the end of this month
that I cannot refuse — the new cabinet completed — likely to be a good and strong ministry — off with A- [Ann]
on her way to Cliff hill at 10 55/.. — went with her and remained with her there (out in the field) a little while —
then across the fields to Yew trees — thence to Hopkins — then direct (up my new footpath and across upper
brea field and along my upper Wellroyde wood to old Mr. Wilkinsons — 1 1/2 hour there about this road being
stopped up — at last got him over to acknowledge my right of road and to be reasonable so
told him I would not inconvenience him and would even pay 1/2 the expense of a gate from the Hough road
and let him wall up the road at the end of my wood — off to Cliff hill for A- [Ann] at 3 1/4 and back
at 4 1/2 — some time out with John in the barn and then with Charles Howarth in the north parlour about the Chimney piece — he put it up today —
ordered it down again to have the shelf part shortened at the upper buttery end — at my desk at 5 40/..
wrote the above of today and the following to ‘Mrs. Lawton, Lawton hall, Lawton, Cheshire’ to go by
John tonight — ‘Shibden hall — Thursday evening 18 December 1834. My Dearest Mary — I had your
letter this morning — It rejoices me exceedingly that you are able to give so good an account of your
improved health — I was certainly not prepared for so entire a change in your feelings respecting
our meeting; but I think your present decision the better — I must entreat you to excuse my entering
further upon the subject just now — in fact, it is unnecessary; as I shall hope to see you
early in next week — I fear, I cannot reach you before 8 in the evening — It is possible I may be with
you on Monday; but do not expect me after 9 — I am not, at this moment, quite certain of my
arrangements; but, I trust, you may count upon me on Tuesday, at any rate — Ever very affectionately
and especially yours AL-’ on my return home found Mr. Wortley’s card — Mr. James Norris came with him but of course

[margin text:] left no card. dinner at 6 1/4 — coffee — Mr Abbott came to Marian 1/2 hour with my aunt till 10 10/.. — finish dampish day — rather
small rainy in the evening —

Friday 19
9 5/..
11 3/4
No kiss up an hour before but went to bed again Saw Marian the last thing last night Had told Mr Abbott she had nothing to expect from here he merely
said she might not want it but she says they are not engaged though she having made a proposal
(I suppose she means about her estate) could not now in honour be off — Odd enough for one side
to be bound and not the other — finish (fine) morning Fahrenheit 44 1/2° at 9 3/4 at which hour breakfast — Throp came at
10 and staid till after 11 — had him in to the breakfast room while we breakfasted — Long talk about the election — he has no
vote — but had said, he would not vote against me — It seems some of our blues are violent enough and let themselves down by
DateDec 1834
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