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217 [218]
about the trespass of the H-x [Halifax] Hunt — shewed copy of Mr. Adam’s note to Mr. Jeremiah Dyson and his written answer — Jonathan Grey
saw through the thing at once — the friendship of Messrs. Parker and Adam for Mr. Jeremiah Dyson and the awkwardness of summoning
before magistrates who were all interested parties — It would be best to give regular discharges in the
names of the tenants and then if further trespass was committed bring the action — the discharge given only in the
names of the proprietors would not be good in law — A- [Ann] and I out at 11 3/4 — called on Mrs. Henry Belcombe
said to be out — in fact, not up — then walked to Mrs. Bewley’s — out — returned to Mrs. Henry Belcombe and sat with her
about 1/2 hour — she as usual — just saw Dr. Belcombe for a minute or 2 — he had been in London — Said
he had seen a friend of mine Mr Freeman Lady Stuarts apothecary to whom he had talked he said
of me and told him I was the most intimate friend he had!!! oh! oh! thought I but said nothing in
reply, I am glad I know this — I shall know what to say should it ever be hinted at — Mrs Henry Belcombe asked us
to go and stay there — I merely said how much we were obliged but that we were troublesome people and if the could
spend any time in York, should be obliged to her to help us to a lodging — hurried back to the Black Swan for
A- [Ann] to have Mr. Brown at 1 1/2 — left her with him to take her lesson in drawing and perspective and walked
to the Duffins — out riding — then sat about an hour with Mrs. Anne and Miss Gage — very civil — begged them
not to name it but mentioned my thought of spending 3 or 4 weeks in York if I could get a Micklegate and while they
(Mrs. Anne and Miss Gage) were in York — on their mentioning them looked at 3 lodgings in returning Carr (the druggist’s)
let — Richardson’s, Bacon factor, no price named — and Hands’s the auctioneer and upholsterer — this
lodging (only one sitting room) would do — £2 per week, and must pay a person for cooking or live from
the Falcon — back at the hotel at 3 1/2 — we had a mutton chop — and were off at 4 1/2, having sent
Charles Howarth forward at 2 p.m. per coach with a note ordering all to be ready for us at the Cross
Keys in the marketplace (Geldard) — alighted there at 9 48/.. — had tea — sat talking till 11 —
very fine day — Fahrenheit 46° at 12 in our bedroom feeling cold without fire —

Thursday 27
9 5/..
11 1/2
No kiss fine morning Fahrenheit 46° at 9 3/4 breakfast at 10 1/2 to 11 1/4 — A- [Ann] and I out at 11 1/2 — went to
Wilson’s the book seller’s in Lowgate — bought a few things and there till near 2 — then shopping and looking
about till came in at 4 — Had Charles Howarth up about the deals and Riga oak logs he had seen — to see
what bargain he could make in the morning — for 100 Archangel red deals best quality 50 American pine
deals and 10 logs — dinner at at 6 — sat talking till near 9 then till 10 1/4 wrote the whole of Tuesday
yesterday and today — fine, but soft dampish day, — fine day for the time of year —

Friday 28
8 35/..
12 1/4
No kiss very fine morning Fahrenheit 48° at 9 1/4 a.m. breakfast at 9 35/.. — Had Charles Howarth at 10 to say he found Spaldin best to deal with — A- [Ann] and I out at 10 1/2 for an hour — went
to 2 or bookseller’s shops for Rennie’s pamphlet on rail roads — learnt that he had been surveying for
a rail road from Burlington to York (I think) and that his pamphlet was probably on that subject — Wood’s work
1 volume 8vo [octavo] on railr roads gone through 7 or 8 editions not to be had in Hull — went to Wilson’s paid for inkstand
an improvement on the india rubber stopper — the top of the box part fixing on with a spring instead of
screwing — went into the Joint Stock bank corner of Silver street to ask them to give smaller bank of England
notes for the note for £500 no. [number] 3884 dated Leeds 21 June 1833 signed J Booth that A- [Ann]
got some while ago from Briggs’s bank — the people civil enough but against rule to exchange so large

218 [219]
a note for a stranger unless taking some respectable known person as guarantee — as the note might have been
lost before coming into my hands — I thanked the people for their information and walked off, mentioning
the circumstance to Loft House, the druggist, in the marketplace on paying him for his Palmer’s wax candles —
Wilson could get me Chalmers’s biography 32 volumes 8vo. [octavo] bound for fourteen guineas — would let me
have for 55/. + 20/. a copy (got for a subscriber and thrown upon his hands) of Walker’s (published by Nicolls of
Wakefield) map of the canals and railways of England and Wales, published a few years ago at 3 1/2 guineas
with a 4to. [quarto] at 2 guineas or an 8vo. [octavo] at 1 guinea volume of text by Priestley agent to the Aire and
Calder navigation — but the map was mounted for hanging up and the back, at least, looked
a little soiled — back at the X [Cross] Keys at 11 1/2 and had the agent of Messrs. B . . . and Spaldin
and paid him for 120 (six scores to the hundred of deals) 21 feet red Petersburg deal at 5 1/2d per foot
50 America Pine (12 feet picked at 4/3 per deal and 10 Riga oak logs at 4/9 per foot — the red
archangel deals are 1/4d per foot dearer than the Petersburg — the man said Charles Howarth had explained what
I wanted the deals for — for railing or thin rafters; and the Petersburg would do better for these purposes than the Archangel
which latter is of stronger coarser grain, but works better than the Petersburg that Charles Howarth chose the Petersburg
against himself — Thomas Greenwood buys the Wiburg deals (and it is Wiburg I have had from him) which are
1/4d per foot cheaper than the Petersburg — there is a rise of 1/4d per foot since Greenwood was last at Hull —
Charles Howarth says we have paid 6/. instead of 4/3 per deal (12 feet) of America Pine at H-x [Halifax], and that I have paid for
Riga oak 6/. instead of 4/9 — I gave the agent the £500 bank of England note described at the bottom the last page and in
1/2 hour he sent me the change (£400 in bank of England notes) as I had paid the odd money over the £100 out
of what I had in my purse — the very best Archangel timber to be had of Spaldin at 2/1
per foot cubic — A- [Ann] and I out again at 1 35/.. to call on the 2 Miss Bedingfelds, Humber bank —
the proprietors of the row of houses there are gaining 30 or 40 yards breadth of ground from the river — driving larch
piles and filling up, which ground costs them 3/. or 4/. per yard for every yard measured on the surface — a great
improvement, and not dear — 20 minutes in going — found the 2 ladies at home and their niece Mrs. Steel çidevant
Isabella Waterton) with them, — looking well and vulgar — all very civil to us both — sat 40 minutes —
detained in returning about 10 minutes by the bridge being thrown open for a vessel to clear out of the dock — back at the Inn at 3 —
A- [Ann] had a mutton chop and I 1/2 of one and off from Hull (Charles Howarth with George in the rumble and Eugenie
inside crowding us) at 3 57/.. — Hull is a town abominable for its radicalism — a
meeting last night in favour of Hutt and Hill the present radical members, their constituents declaring, they were
ashamed of the name of Whigs and should in future call themselves radical reformers — Wilson (our bookseller)
a conservative, a tory, a sensible man, but says he is left in the lurch by all his high tory
friends — the tory interest divided — Mr. Corruthers (the tory candidate from London who was to speak at
2 p.m. today, has not much chance of success — off too late (at 3 57/..) to see much —
a 16 miles stage to North Cave where we arrived at 5 53/.. in dark, and were told we should
be four hours in reaching Selby 21 miles for no horses kept at Howden — to change
DateNov 1834
Extent1 page


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