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215 [216]
November Sunday 23
8 1/2
11 1/4
No kiss fine morning Fahrenheit 42 1/2° at 9 1/4 — breakfast at 9 1/4 — afterwards copying navigation report till 12 1/2
then till 12 55/.. in 25 minutes read prayers (omitting some of them) to my aunt — staid talking a little while — then
copying as before for another hour — A- [Ann] and I off to Lightcliffe church at 2 — waited 10 minutes — Mr. Wilkinson
did all the duty — preached 20 minutes from Matthew xv. 28 — we took a turn or 2 in the walk — then some time
with my father and Marian — dinner at 6 — coffee — A- [Ann] had Marian about 1/2 hour while I was copying as in the
morning — then had Greenwood from 7 35/.. to 9 3/4 — paid him £90 in full for all but the wardrobe doors
and the other door in blue room closet — Crutch Sutcliffe a whig, worth £20,000 — would have me
let Northgate on condition of having it at 6 months’ notice — a new market will be wanted in 3 or 4 years
£10,000 will do it — will pay me 20 per cent — said I calculated cost £20,000 — interest 10 per cent
If I sell my coal, Rawsons will buy it underhand — said not a word against it — told Greenwood to get to
know what he could about eventually turning Northgate into an Inn — he is going from home on Saturday — Joseph
Wilkinson poor — knows it From Aquilla Green old Wilkinson not rich — Wilson deeply
in with Alexander’s — will have to sell all by and by — Carr poor — must sell by and by — 1/4 hour
with my aunt — A- [Ann] had been ruling and copying report all the time I had Greenwood came upstairs at 11 20/..
wrote the above of today — fine day — Fahrenheit 43 1/2° now at 10 35/.. p.m. —

Monday 24
7 3/4
1 1/4
No kiss emptying out paper drawers to be painted — breakfast at 9 3/4 after having had William Keighley
with valuation of damages done by the hunters in A-ʼs [Ann] Holcans land = 16/. — Had Washington — brought
plan of the Brookfoot valley etc. to be about £5 — I pointed out additions to be made that will
add I know not how much — said I would never consent to the proposed road coming out at Pump — from Washington’s
rough measurement — one on the Hipperholme side the valley coming out into the Lower brea road at
Mytholm would be 1/2 a mile round about — Hinscliffe came about 11 and staid till about 2 — had
Myers in the mean about the plan he is publishing of the parish — made alteration the ground about Shibden
so as to be as will be without garden in front or approach road except through the wood, etc. — In the long
talk with Hinscliffe, learnt that he will do his best for me about the Wellroyde loose —
thinks my valuation of £10 per acre to charge for it to the Spigs company not too much § — from
his manner when I said I heard Mr. Rawson would now give me my price for the coal (said he did not think Mr.
Rawson himself had said so) impressed with the idea that he is tolerably in his confidence — and though I told him
I spoke to him (Hinscliffe) in confidence said nothing he might not repeat — Hinscliffe is in Rawson’s confidence —
he owned Rawson will lower his coal a penny a load on my opening my pit for sale (said I wanted
nothing but what was fair — did not want to glut the market — but thought Rawson could not make his coal
pay better at 8d. than I could mine at 7d. and I could last it out as long as he could — I had a good road for
nothing and had only to take a corner of Greenwoods raff yard for a coal staith) — and Rawson is probably
anxious for Wilson’s coal works on his Wilson’s failing in them — Perhaps Rawson has advanced him
money through the Alexanders — on my saying nobody was interested to buy these works but Stocks —
Hinscliffe’s manner (Stocks would not give much — could buy the whole farm for as little as he might give for
the loose) put into the Rawsons into my head — I must take the best care I can — with the
§ Hinscliffe told me as a profound secret that he pays for a loose in Shelf £20 per acre to the Low moor company I think and somebody else
using the same loose also pays £20 per acre so that this loose makes £40 per annum —

216 [217]
2 painters, and Greenwoods joiner putting up blueroom closet wardrobe doors — off to meet A- [Ann] at 5 — she
had gone to Cliff hill about 2 having finished copying the navigation report for me about 12 or 1 —
had written this morning from page 15 inclusive to the end 28 ppages — met her at the end of the walk — siding —
dinner at 6 1/4 — coffee — had Marian some time — some with my father and Marian till 9 — then siding — a minute or
2 with my aunt at 10 1/4 and wrote the above of today till 10 3/4 — fine day Fahrenheit 45° now at 10 3/4 p.m.
packing till near 1 —

Tuesday 25
12 10/..
No kiss fine morning Fahrenheit 43° at 8 p.m. [a.m.] breakfast about 8 1/2 — just saw and took leave of my aunt father and
Marian and A- [Ann] and I taking Eugenie inside and George and Charles Howarth outside, off at 9 39/.. in the brown carriage —
at Leeds (by the Northowram road) at Kendell’s, at 12 10/.. — looking about in his furniture rooms till he sent to
know the hour of departure to Selby by the railroad — a nice small sofa table (mahogany) £11 — drove to the rail road office —
found they could not yet take gentlemens carriages — will not be prepared for them till the 15th or 16th of next month — that would not
do — drove to the hotel for horses and off from there at 1 29/.. (after leaving the pendule to be cleaned etc. at Wilkinson’s
Briggate and doing some small shoppings at Nelson’s) — at Tadcaster at 3 17/.. — and alighted at the Black Swan
York at 4 25/.. — Had Mr. Parsons junior to cut and dress the hair of us both — dinner at 5 1/2 — wrote and sent note compliments to Mr. Jonathan Grey and should be glad to see him at 10 a.m. tomorrow — dressed — off in
a fly — called at Mr. Brown’s going and returning to tell him to come tomorrow — the Henry Belcombes had a dinner party
so drove off to old Mrs. Belcombe’s — and there from 8 to 9 3/4 — had tea — Charlotte Norcliffe there — Fisher had died of
old age rather suddenly yesterday ætatis [age of] 80? — Charlotte Norcliffe appeared very cool — Mrs. Milne rather so but not near so perceptibly
so as Charlotte Norcliffe Mrs. Belcombe as usual — nobody else there but Miss Eleanor Price and a Miss Dannett —
It seemed Mrs. Milne and Charlotte fancied I must have known Mrs. Norcliffe arrived in London the 8th of June
the very day A- [Ann] and I arrived!!! and that I did not choose to call upon her (Mrs. Norcliffe) in London!!! How
absurdly untrue! I saw, however, that all I could say was in vain — Charlotte Norcliffe was come over from Croft to see Fisher
and was to return there — IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] to be in York on Thursday — Mrs. Norcliffe not going to Bath this winter — A- [Ann] as much
surprised at Charlotte Norcliffe’s huffiness as I was — she had warm wine and water — sat talking downstairs till 11 —
soft damp, thick, hazy day — could see very little as we drove along — Got into bed and then rubbed her back
with spirit of wine and camphor for quarter hour — note in answer from Mr. Jonathan Grey that he would come —

Wednesday 26
8 50/..
12 10/..
No kiss fine morning Fahrenheit 50° at 9 1/2 a.m. breakfast at 9 3/4 — Mr. Jonathan Grey came at 10 and staid till 11 1/2 —
A- [Ann] consulted him about the partition of the joint property — if done amicably might cost about £50 — if
not A- [Ann] must file a bill in chancery to compel it which would cost about £150 — on my asking him to write
down the best form of expressing the matter he wrote as follows ‘to make a partition of the joint property, either
‘by dividing it into 2 shares as equal in value as may be with reference to its contiguity to the two entailed
‘estates, or else to divide it into 2 shares of equal value without reference to contiguity, and after it is divided, the
‘2 parties to draw lots for their respective shares’ — A- [Ann] mentioned the circumstances of the 2 large pews in
Lightcliffe church claimed by the Sutherlands as belonging to Crow nest — A- [Ann] to inquire how the pews were acquired by her grandfather — if they were
a freehold, they were not entailed with the Crownest estate and A- [Ann] would come in as joint heir — A- [Ann] mentioned also the circumstances
of Mr. William Priestley’s taking Black castle as an alotment to High Sunderland — Jonathan Grey to search the register office at Wakefield
for the copy of the deed by which A-ʼs [Ann] father conveyed his moiety of High Sunderland to William Priestley A- [Ann] mentioned also the circumstances
DateNov 1834
Extent1 page


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