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213 [214]
Had seen Mr. Adam (Mr. Parker in London) — commissioned by A- [Ann] to explain about the 2nd aggression
of the hunt, more particularly in the person of the huntsman Mr. Jeremiah Dyson on Wednesday Holcans — ended
by desiring Mr. Adam to write to him in the name of the hunt saying that if a satisfactory apology was not made
and satisfaction made for damages forthwith, that an action would be brought against the hunt without
loss of time — Mr. Adam to write by tonight’s post, and to let A- [Ann] have a copy of what he wrote tomorrow morning —
I would go myself or send — said I had could pay the £200 if Mr. Adam liked — yes! it would be convenient — as they
owed money to the bank — found a sub-committee meeting sitting (just closing) at the navigation office
consisting of Messrs. Waterhouse, Norris (William) William Briggs, and — Hodgson of Woodlands on the
Boothtown Bradford road and the engineer, Mr. Bull? (or Mr. Wood?) — all very civil — shewed or rather explained the plan
lying on the table of the canal and projected improvements, and let me bring away (folded in
a lithographed (scale 1/2 the large plan) plan of the navigation and proposed line of improvements
to be kept till Monday morning — nothing decided — must be decided by the majority at the
next general meeting — no one as yet pledged to anything — then said I those who have made
up their minds will attend the meeting to vote as they think best — answer yes! (they the
gents. [gentlemen] present would perhaps surmise that I thought of attending) — Mr. Waterhouse expressed his opinion that
double locks would be best — I asked the engineer’s opinion he, too, for double locks — I gave
no opinion of my own but felt decided for double locks — the improvements the committee
at present advocate estimated at £40,000. or rather £38730 with single locks
and single towing paths, or £49475. with double locks and double towing paths are on a
line from Porto-Bello to Mill Bank the latter being or including the limit of the coal trade for which
a large scale of vessel is desirable — this line = about 1/4 of the whole navigation-line — the
other 3/4 may be done on the same scale sometime said I and taking each 1/4 at £50,000
the grand total = £200,000. they would not call it a ship-canal, saying it was
only for vessels of 80 tons — to be 7 feet deep of water — Asked how the money was to be raised —
In the same way as by the Aire and Calder Company — a book opened for those to put down their names who
chose to lend money (secured on the tolls) at 4 per cent — the Aire and Calder had now 100,000 in their
book ready for advance at any time — and we had already £20,000 (£30,000)
offered at 4 per cent one gentleman having put down his name for £10,000 — Staid about 1/4 hour —
returned up the old bank (small snow and rain all the way back and for some time afterwards) and home at 1 1/4 —
all the afternoon with the painters, or Greenwood’s men who came about 2 all to set up the wardrobe in
the tent room — 3 hours getting it up — could not get it up by the blue room stairs — had to bring it through
my dressing room, and take the door into the tent room off the hinges, and take down the door and part of the
boarding next to or rather between the upper kitchen stairs and the store-room — A- [Ann] found her aunt in good humour and got
back about 2 — dinner at 6 5/.. — coffee — A- [Ann] reading volumes 2 and 3 Last Days of Pompeii while I read

[margin text:] Action against the hunt.
Go to the navigation office

214 [215]
over the 28 folia of navigation report — ‘Report of Henry R. Palmer civil engineer on the proposed
Improvement in the Calder and Hebble navigation’ dated October 2, 1834. and received only yesterday by Mr.
Norris — Mr. Waterhouse had just looked it over last night — especial favour to let me have it home —
civil note this morning before going out from Mr. Samuel Freeman with the bill for the 6 railposts (double holed i.e. for 2 round
rails) for the gateways in the road through the upper land — ‘6 rail posts 6 feet long 1 foot wide 1 inch thick
with 2 holes sunk through each 9/6’ — told the man who brought it, it was quite right — to give
my compliments and say I should be glad to see Mr. Freeman but was going from home and would write and let him know
when I returned — had read through the navigation report and written all this journal of today at 9 1/2 p.m.
fine softish morning till about noon then came on the small snow and rain which continued more or less
for 2 or 3 hours — only a minute with my aunt she was getting into bed —

[margin text:] Freeman for stone posts

Saturday 22
7 3/4
No kiss ready in 50 minutes darkish, soft, damp morning Fahrenheit 41 1/2 ° at 8 25/.. a.m. breakfast at 9 —
had William Keighley just before breakfast — A- [Ann] gave him a note to Heblett to tell the latter to shew him (William Keighley) the
damage done (for the purpose of valuing it) to Holcans wood — very civil note from Mr. Bradley the architect to
fix the 16th of next month for coming here and bringing his plan — himself and all his family sick — children
in the scarlet fever — read a little of the newspaper — the duke of Wellington to be premier — Had Washington — settled
with him for all done at Whiskum cottage and yew trees etc. — Greenwood’s men brought the wash-stand
for the north chamber — about 3 or after off down the old bank to Mr. Parker’s office — while Mr. Adam was sent
for went to Greenwood’s and ordered servants drawers for Oddy — then back to Mr. Parker’s — saw Mr. Adam
and paid him the £200 borrowed 20 October last — gave me copy of note written to Mr. Jeremiah Dyson as master
of the hunt — he had been at the office this morning and Mr. Adam gave me to give A- [Ann] copy of what he
(Mr. Jeremiah Dyson) had written down in answer to the note — as good a plaster as he could make it — will wait
till his brother Mr. Dyson (Thomas) returns, and then an answer shall be given as to apology making and paying
damages — home i.e. had been away only in 55 minutes — a little while talking to A- [Ann] then all the rest of the day till near
6 as I had been all the morning (with the 2 painters and 2 Howarths and the glazier doing the window) in the
blue room — Charles and James Howarth lined out the pattern of the studding of both ends of the room for the painters, — and had had no
time to get any dinner — could not go home and nothing left for them here! — told Charles I was obliged to him —
paid his bill and gave him for himself and James 2/. to drink — told him of taking him to Hull on Tuesday — Had
Mallinson — ordered about the upper kitchen fire place to be more closed in and prevented from smoking next week — Mallinson and his
man here putting on chimney pots all the day — Had Pickels at 6 — paid him in full
for walling in the upper land and bringing soil from Park farm field — read him Mr. Jeremiah Dyson’s
answer to the note — not quite fairly stated — so long hearing the whole story, did not dine till 6 1/2 —
coffee — A- [Ann] ruling for copy of navigation — copied a page while I was out and busy this afternoon — I wrote out
to about 1/2 page 6 of the report this evening — with my aunt 1/4 hour till 10, and then writing out report and all the
above of today till 11 20/.. — Damp, soft day — Fahrenheit 43° now at 11 25/.. p.m. in my study —
DateNov 1834
Extent1 page


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