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July Monday 11
8 1/2
12 1/4
Fahrenheit 68° at 8 1/2 and fine sunless morning — IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] off at 8 55/.. in the gig with Elizabeth Dalton to the Roman Catholic
monastery at Ampleforth, 10 or 12 miles from here? — Out at 9 1/2 — 1/2 hour in the coachhouse looking
at the carriages then sauntered on the Grimston road about an hour, and back at 10 50/.. to breakfast — long at
the table, — talking to Mrs. Norcliffe About fine people her dislike of Lady Jersey and Lady Ann Becket
and the peeage in general I gently making excuses she would not be in that society on any acc
ount come what may I will never tell of the incivilities I receive Mrs. Norcliffe and I sat talking
in the sitting and looking over plans of cottages till Mrs. Cholmley came at 1 1/2 and brought the children — took luncheon
staid 1 1/2 hour and then off to Mrs. Willoughby at Settrington meaning to return here — I was in my old
merinos as I had been walking and my bandeau front so put on my bonnet (the travelling one)
to hide it Mrs Norcliffe introduced me Mrs Cholmley did not say much to me I spoke two or three times
and then took up the courier declined going to luncheon and sat reading till they came back
when Mrs Cholmley seemed more inclined to talk to me and we got on very well till she went I had felt
the consciousness of having my old gown on and looking scurvy and here there is no importance
but ones own to be had and I was uncomfortable though without shewing it I have not confidence e
nough in my own manners though really much improved in this when shall I be quite at ease
always within myself a proper son at my elbow would do me good will Lady Gordon and I get together?
Came upstairs at 3 40/.. and wrote the above of today — Then writing a little in addition to what I wrote
yesterday to Vere — dressed — IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] and Elizabeth Dalton returned from Ambleforth at 6 1/2 and dinner
immediately — no coffee fancied it might bring on the indigestion pain I had last night and in a less degree the
night before — and took no tea — from 9 to near 10 sat with IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] in her room — came up to my room at
11 40/.. — Fahrenheit 70° at 6 1/2 p.m. and 69° now at 12 tonight — very fine day —

Tuesday 12
9 3/4
1 3/4
Fahrenheit 69° and fine morning at 10 1/4 — Saw Tib wash — Letter 3 ppages from my aunt (Shibden) to say my
father was still complaining of weakness though ‘evidently stronger, and his cough far less
troublesome today’ — Sunday the 10th — better still yesterday morning — my aunt had had ‘rather less pain
the last day or 2 but the damp air affects me very much’ — Letter also 3 ppages the ends
and under the seal from M- [Mariana] Leamington — had been much annoyed at Charles’s determination
to leave Leamington and go and live at Cheltenham — impossible to turn him from it and he has
at great expense got rid of his lease, and is to give up the house on the 1st of August — So π [Mariana] says this
may leave her a little at liberty as she will not go with him for the month or five weeks
he talks of going to Cheltenham and therefore proposes a journey to the English or Scotch lakes
or to Edinburgh for 2 or 3 weeks — Mrs. Milne and William to leave Leamington for York as yesterday
fortnight the 25th instant and M- [Mariana] will come with them — can remain with her mother till I have settled
things at Shibden — advises me to write to Charles to tell him the result of the examination of the

baggage — but I do not much like any further and useless trouble about it — went down to breakfast at
11 — sat talking all the morning to Mrs. Norcliffe about 1 unimportant thing or other — went to luncheon with them
all — afterwards changed my dress, and out from 3 25/.. to 4 3/4 — walked to Birdsall church — hot
and sunny but a finish air or breeze — much heated — thinking about a journey — Can
she arrive in York on the 25th stay there 3 or 4 days, then I having remained here all
the while meet her in York, leave Cameron there, take George and be off — To Leeds to Glasgow
by the mail steam it to the Giants Causeway and do as much more as we can see Killarney
if possible — dressed — dinner at 5 20/.. — afterwards Mrs. Norcliffe wrote me memoranda of things to be
seen viâ Cambridge to London — then sat an hour with IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] in her room — then came to my
own room and in 20 minutes till 9 5/.. wrote all the above of today — Half hour cutting toenails
in bed at 1 1/4 — wrote 3 ppages of 1/2 sheet chit chat to Mrs. Duffin just before going up to bed, and left the letter to go by Peacock
in the morning —

Wednesday 13
9 1/4
.. down to breakfast at 9 55/.. Mrs. Norcliffe and the 2 Daltons off to Malton election at 10 10/.. — meant to have gone
but sat dawdling over breakfast with IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] — then with Charlotte till 12 10/.. Then came up to the watercloset and
found my cousin come gently always in advance now ought not to have come till Sunday three quarters hour at the
place and preparing two napkins it is ages ssince I have used more than one fine cooler sunless
rather windy morning Fahrenheit 70° now at one — wrote 2 1/2 ppages 1/2 sheet to Lady Stuart when Charlotte came
to me — then Esther — then IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] — then Mrs. Norcliffe who, one or other, staid with me till 4 1/4 — then finished
my note 3 ppages to Lady Stuart chit chat — nothing particular — then wrote 3 ppages 1/2 sheet to Miss Hobart — dressed —
and dinner at 5 1/2 — came up to my room at 7 1/4 — wrote a good deal under the seal (to say she was not to say a word hoped
to send moorgame on the 12th next month to Lady Stuart and Lady Stuart de Rothesay and begged to know where to direct it
that it might be received the soonest possible) and finished my letter to Miss Hobart Nothing of what I had written
by way of rough draft all different but better kind not too much easy style of bavardage then wrote
3 ppages 1/2 sheet, to Lady Stuart de Rothesay hoping they were by this time all safe and well again in England
knew how fully her mind must be occupied just now but by and by when she had leisure
begged a moment — very very anxious about your dear Vere — hoped she (Lady Stuart de Rothesay) would see Mr.
Freeman and hear from himself all he had acknowledged to me — anxious and unhappy when I thought of all
the difficulties — if any 3rd person could smooth them away, it was herself — would fix no plans for myself till
I heard what she advised about Vere ‘For one writer at least, all places, all modes
of travelling are alike to me — or, rather, I mean to say, if I can be of the smallest service
to Vere’, whatever is best for her will be that I should choose ‘for my own comfort and for my own pleasure’ —
I have some thought of going to see the Giant’s Causeway before returning to London but my aunt will forward my letters, from
Shibden Hall, H-x [Halifax], Yorkshire — Conclude with my love to the dear girls and believe me my dear Lady
Stuart ever very truly yours Anne Lister wrote 3 ppages (1/2 sheet) chit chat, to Madame de Hagemann
saying I was very anxious about Vere as she Madame de Hagemann was very well aware, but I would not make
myself uneasy — my last account of and from her good — I hoped
nothing would be required beyond Whitehall, but till this was determined I should fix no plan for myself — she (Madame de Hagemann) had
DateJul 1831
Extent1 page


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