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arose from the money put into the bank in my name for my father — explained all I knew about it — my aunt thinks my uncle
did not repay me the £50 taken out 16 December 1825 — I begin to think so too — I fancied otherwise at first — but then
what became of the money? I did not pay it into the bank — I did not keep it by me — I am now persuaded my uncle
agreed, as my aunt says, that, as the £50 could be had whenever it was wanted, he might as well send all he could to the
bank, and pay me afterwards — In this case, I need not pother myself anymore for my accounts will do well enough —
Wrote the last 8 lines [illegible] and began to finish dressing at 1 40/60 no vide below at 1 3/4 — may I really hope at last that I have got done
with difficulties? Note from my wine merchant (sending for the 2 barriques as perquisites for the tonnelier)
offering me Laffitte of 1822 at 5/50 the bottle and Champagne rosé blanc a 5 the bottle — Wrote the last 2 1/2 lines and began
to finish dressing at 1 3/4 — Went out at 2 50/60 — direct to Mrs. Barlow she and I and Jane off in 10 minutes to the gardens — walked there
till a drop or 2 of rain frightened us home after being out about 50 minutes — left Jane at home and Mrs. Barlow and I returned to the gardens.
The rain held off, walked there near an hour and got home again at 5 a drop or 2 of rain having again frightened us away — the weather
is warm, my feet swell a little in consequence and therefore my boots are uncomfortable to walk in — felt a little tired —
and lay on the sofa at Mrs. Barlow’s till 6 1/4 — Mrs. Barlow and Jane by me — Got home at 6 35/60 — dinner at 6 40/60 — came
to my room at 8 1/2 — made ready my bedroom Settled with George — wrote the last 6 lines went into the drawing room at 10 10/60
reading over what I read last night and the night of Anquetil’s précis of the history of Switzerland — Came to my room at 10 1/4 — Sat up
1/2 hour reading Galignani’s Paris Guide article Fontainbleau etc. and looking at the map of Switzerland —

Wednesday 14
7 10/60
11 35/60
My bowels pretty well — finished dressing — at my desk at 8 55/60 — from 8 to 10 3/4 taking and laying down measurements of the kitchen
stairs, and stair-passage, that I wanted to complete the rough draft of my grand plan for M- [Mariana] — At 10 3/4 breakfast which
and reading the paper took me till 12 1/4 — then at the plan till 1 5/60 — Went out at 1 25/60 — to the butcher’s (Rolland’s)
thence to Mrs. Barlow sat with her about 1/2 hour in her room then came away with Madame Galvani who staid with from about 2 1/2 to 4 1/4 —
Paid her for the last 6 lessons — Conversation as usual — walked back with her as far as 1/2 way through the gardens —
then left her meaning to go to Amyot’s for Mrs Starke’s advice to Travellers and Reichard’s Guide through France —
seeing Mrs. Barlow and Jane on the terrasse de Feuilles joined them — we left Jane at home then Mrs. Barlow and I
walked to the barriere de L'Étoile — returned by the rue Castiglione place Vendome and rue de Capucines (where
called to inquire why my shoes were not done), and parted with Mrs. Barlow at our own porte cochère at 6 1/4 —
Measured the court with my umbrella — Got home at 6 20/60 — Dinner at 6 25/60 — Came to my room at 8 1/2 — asked Mrs.
Barlow whether to send for Mr. Foster or bishop Luscombe to administer the sacrament to my aunt — Bishop Luscombe
by all means according to Mrs. Barlow and Dr. and Mrs. Lefevre whom she called on this morning — Settled my accounts etc.
Went into the drawing room at 9 1/4 — read Antiquil volume 10 respecting Genève, and the first 26 ppages of the volume being
part of the history of Venice — Came to my room at 10 25/60 —

[margin text:] Fahrenheit 52° at 8 a.m.
53º at 12 1/4 p.m.
44º at 10 25/60 —

fine morning windy — darkish now and then
as if for rain — no rain — fine day —
highish wind —

Thursday 15
6 1/2
11 35/60
At my desk at 7 1/2 — from then to 10 3/4 at the grand plan for M- [Mariana] — my gayters came — very well made — breakfast at
10 40/60 — Breakfast and reading the paper took me till 12 — then at my desk again — from 12 to 5 5/60 at the grand plan
but had then completely finished it — put in all the furniture in red ink — and the square of the great court below all
in red ink save our own coach house — Took the plan in to my aunt — it really looks very pretty now it
is done — I hope and think M- [Mariana] will be agreeably surprised [illegible] — George brought me
a letter from M- [Mariana] (Lawton) good account of herself 3 ppages and the ends — at 1 3/4 — just stopt to read it — She is
all against my taking an excursion with Mrs. Barlow what she says is well — But alas she little dreams
the terms Mrs Barlow and I are on till well she does not ~ Took the plan in to my aunt — Wrote the last 6 1/2 lines and began
to finish dressing at 5 20/60 — Down the rue Duphot and neuve de Luxembourg, under the arcades to the rue de L’Echelle No. [Number] 5
chez Schey — paid for my gayters that came this morning — They were shutting up the shop, and the woman assured me there was no fear
of my being called on to pay again — Yet I ought to have had a receipt — however I had not — Got home (as I went) at 6 40/60 — Dinner at
6 50/60 — Came to my room at 8 40/60 — Went into the drawing room at 9 — from then till 10 20/60 writing a rough draft of references to the
grand plan — Came to my room at 10 25/60 —

[margin text:] Fahrenheit 44º at 7 1/2 a.m.
52º at noon
39 1/2º at 10 1/2 p.m.

fine morning, heavyish rain between
1 and 2 for the rest of the afternoon with a gleam
now and then — fair from about 6 for the rest of the evening


March Friday 16
6 35/60
11 1/2
My bowels pretty well — at my desk at 7 35/60 - breakfast from 11 20/60 to 11 50/60 — then at my desk again till 1 3/4
writing to M- [Mariana] the description of the grand plan — Then from 1 3/4 to 2 3/4 read the paper — took it to my aunt — Mrs. Barlow sitting with
her — Staid talking 10 minutes — then came to finish dressing at 2 55/60 — Dawdled over 1 thing or other — Went for Mrs. Barlow at 3 1/2 —
then did my hair and got dressed and we went out at 3 55/60 — Down the rue royale to the Champs Elysées, and thence forwards to the bridge of
Neuilly — 13 umbrellas and about a foot (i.e. 40 feet 1 inch) wide — Looked about us — admired the beautiful view for a
minute or 2, then returned, and I was on the bridge of Neuilly and in my own room in 1 1/4 hour at 6 35/60 — Dinner at 6 40/60 — Delightful
walk — fine cool evening — enjoyed the fresh air — My aunt called and sat with Madame Sené this afternoon — Left the dining room
at 8 50/60 — Went to the drawing room at 9 10/60 — read aloud to my aunt what I had written to M- [Mariana] — page 2 (the back of the plan)
left blank — page 3 and nearly the whole of the 2 ends (the ends written across the paper very small and close writing) filled with references to and description of the
plan — one end turned down little more than 1/2 the size of the other — The latter 1/3 of the smaller end and under the seal in brief
answer to M-’s [Mariana] letter of yesterday not to expect to hear from me again till this day fortnight — Would have sent my present letter off today as
I promised ‘but would not, after all my painstaking, spoil it for an hour or 2’ - promised to always write punctually — ‘I will
go to the post office for Miss Fletcher’s letter, and write to her’ …… ‘many more unlikely things have happened than our going to Constantinople,
‘or the Crimea — What you say of Mrs. Barlow is just — I am safe enough — She must take care of herself — She knows my
‘determination — She and Jane are all for Geneva — My aunt thinks it the very thing for me’ — wrote the last 7 lines — lay a little
while on the sofa — Went to my room at 10 1/4 —

[margin text:] Fahrenheit 39º at 7 1/2 a.m.
45º at 12 1/2 p.m.
42º at 10 1/4 —

fine morning windy —
fine day — very pleasant
and afternoon and evening —

Saturday 17
6 1/2
11 25/60
Twenty minutes on the pot (only pretty well in spite of my walk yesterday) and then my feet being asleep as
long lying on the bed dozing ~ At my desk at 7 50/60 — added another little line or 2 under the seal of my letter to
M- [Mariana] …… ‘Do not fidget yourself about me — I am well, but want more exercise — the McKenzie’s may not come — Take care
‘of yourself. I will do all you wish — But, what with my aunt and Jane, I scarce know how I can be off going to Geneva — Do not
‘mention the thing — You certainly need not fear for me — God bless you — always very especially and entirely yours Anne Lister — Dated
the plan Thursday 15 March — Looked it over - folded and directed and sealed my letter — all which took me till and looking over my journal
to see when I first began the grand plan for M- [Mariana] (21 February), and correcting an error in my rough draft of index
took me till 9 25/60 — My letter being on thick English paper (on account of the plan no writing at the back of it) —
have sealed it with red wax, wax seeming more secure (in a temperate climate) for strong paper, than a
wafer — the whole of the writing is on page 3, the ends and under the seal very small and close — Sent it off to M- [Mariana]
Lawton at 10 — breakfast at 10 1/2 which and reading the paper took me till 12 — before breakfast and afterwards from 12
to 4 40/60 made out, and wrote out the 2 last weeks’ summaries (this week still to do) — and, ruling 4 ppages of my general
summary book in pencil wrong, ruled 4 more ppages at the other end of the book in black and red right, and ready for
writing out the summaries of last 1/2 year — Mrs. Barlow brought Dr. Tupper to call on my aunt and he sat with her
1/2 hour — Mrs. Barlow then sat with her near an hour longer, and then came to me at 4 — I had not finished ruling — She sat
by me while I had done — then did my hair for me — finished dressing, and in spite of the rain, went out with Mrs.
Barlow at 5 35/60 — Saw her home and then meant to walk a little under the arcades — Got as far as Michel’s the
pastry cook’s — then obliged to take shelter — then again obliged to take a shelter for a minute or 2 in the rue Richepanse
and got home at 6 1/4 — A thorough storm of wind and rain — read a few ppages of d’Anquetil’s abridgement of the history of
Venice — Dinner at 6 1/2 — The shoemaker (rue des Capucines) brought me 2 pair of shoes — really like gentlemen’s shoes — they will
do very well — Came to my room at 8 3/4 — Settled with George and settled my accounts — Made ready my bedroom
Wrote the last ten lines and went into the drawing room at 9 40/60 — lay on the sofa — Came back to my room at 10 1/4 —

[margin text:] Fahrenheit 45º at 7 1/2 a.m.
49º at noon
43º at 10 1/4 p.m.
rainy morning fair

Towards noon and till about 5 p.m.
about 6 a storm of rain and wind — raining and blowing a hurricane

Tremendously high wind tonight
at 10 1/4 and indeed all the evening, since dinner —

Sunday 18
11 25/60
My bowels pretty well — Partly did my things for the wash — at my desk at 8 1/4 — Made out and wrote out last week’s
summary which took me till 9 — then till 10 40/60 (breakfast from then to 11 5/60) and from 11 5/60 to 11 25/60 looked a little over my accounts and
ruled 4 more ppages
of my general summary book ready for this present 1/2 year — These ppages take a great deal of time to rule them —
at 11 1/2 began to finish dressing — Went into prayers at 12 20/60 — read aloud the morning prayers (leaving out the literary
and the epistle and gospel leaving out the communion service, and did not read a sermon having a tendency to sore throat — staid
talking to my aunt about 1/2 hour, and returned to my room at 1 20/60 — from 1 1/2 to 2 3/4 wrote out the heads of the columns of my general
summary and went in to my aunt for 2 or 3 minutes wrote the last 2 lines — from 2 3/4 to 4 40/60 wrote out the 2 first ppages of my

[margin text:] Fahrenheit 37º at 7 1/2 a.m.
41o at 12 1/4 p.m.
33o at 10 10/60 p.m.

fine morning — rather windy — The wind gradually got up to be high
by 10 a.m. — Rain at 1 1/2 and snow with it — Fair 1/4 hour — then rain
again at 2 3/4 - Fair from 4 1/2 the rest of the evening - very high wind —
DateMar 1827
Extent1 page


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