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October Wednesday 25
6 3/4
11 20/60
At my desk at 8 — Sent for the porter’s wife to speak to her about coming to speak French to me everyday — she is
always engaged till noon — but will come then for a couple of hours, or send to let me know if she cannot, or send her daughter
instead of herself — Surely I shall by this means assist myself in getting the tournures de phrases [turns of phrase] — the grammar and pronunciation
I must correct by study, and by means of Madame Galvani — found I have to write out the index of volume 11, from 22 March
to 1 August 1825; and I have even the rough draft, too, to write from 27 May to 1 August of this time — wrote out from [illegible] 22 March
to 9 April 1825 — breakfast at 10 — read the whole of Galignani’s Messenger which took me till after 11 — finished dressing —
Looked over about 1/2 volume 12 of my journal scratching out little blots, and making it neat — Mrs. Lynn’s coachmaker,
carrossier, came about 11 1/2 for the carriage, and took it away, promising to bring me the boite (bush) to look at ‘dans
une huitaine de jours’ — voilà son addresse ‘Faubourg Montmartre, No. [Number] 26, Cottard Sellier-Carrosser’
he is to make 1 new bush, and repair la siège de derrière selon son mémoire [the back seat according to his memory] — Read from page 17. to 45. (having read
the few preceding ppages at intervals before) ‘Mémoire à consulter sur un Système religieux et politique,
tendant à renverser la religion la société et le trône; ; par M. le Conte
de Montlosier. Multa dies variusque labor mutabilis ævi
Rettulit in melius, multos alterna revisens
Lusit, et in solido rursus fortuna locavit. Virgil.
Cinquième Édition. Paris. Ambroise Dupont et Roret, Libraires, Quaix
des Augustins, No. 37. Moutardier et Compagnie, Rue Git-le-coeur, No. 4. 1826.’
‘Cet ouvrage se trouve à Bruxelles, chez Grignon, Maison Baudouin Frères.’
‘Imprimerie de J. Tastu, rue de Vaugirard, No. 36.’, tome 8vo. [octavo] ppages 339.
Lent by Madame Contant
Sunday 19 November 1826.
very good.
Borrowed of Madame Contant
Returned to ——— Monday 11 December 1826.
The porter’s wife came at 2 (1st time), and sat with me till 3 1/2 pour m’apprendre parler Français [to teach me to speak French] — she would be so
uncertain during the day, she is to come to me every evening at 7 1/2 — if my aunt can bear it, it may amuse her,
if not we can sit here in my Salon — wrote the above of today and then read from page 45. to 99. Montlosier — Dinner at 6 10/60 —
came into the salon at 7 1/2 — wrote out the Literary Index to Volume 11 of my Journal from page 263. to 299. and then the Index to the same
from the 9th. to the end of April 1825. — fair but gloomyish till 4p.m. from then to near 6 incessant rain more or less heavy —
afterwards tolerably fair, or I did not hear it rain — came to my room at 10 5/60 —

[margin text:] Fahrenheit 65°. at 8 a.m.
ditto at 10 —
65 3/4 — 1 1/4 p.m.
66 — 6 —
65 — 10 —

Thursday 26
6 35/60
11 20/60
at my desk at 7 35/60 from then to 9 35/60 read over what I had written before and wrote the latter 1/4 page 2, and the whole of page 3 very small and close, of my letter to
M- [Mariana] begun on Friday — near the bottom of page 3 vide the following ‘I have got more used to the sight of my room without you — Luckily, I am
‘so incessantly occupied, I have no time to be vapourish — there is no curse like idleness — it is the bane of life — of virtue,
‘health, happiness — it is the ghost of that forbidden tree whose fruit ’twas death to eat — unemployed, I should be wretched —
‘as it is, see an observation made in my journal on Sunday ‘For human weal heaven husbands all events’ — what good
‘can come to me from this event or that? I know not — but I know there is a good, though I know not what it is — come what may, with
‘a conscience void of offence,’ resignation is easy, and followed soon by contentment and cheerfulness — Mary! if I lose e’en thee,
‘I shall be happy still in hope; for ‘yet a little while’, and we shall meet again to part no more!’ Could Miss Pattison
‘lift the curtain of every heart she pleased, perhaps she would remember her observation to Mrs. Milne and wonder more’ — Miss Pattison in her letter to
Mrs. Milne respecting Duncan’s appointment to Addiscombe, wondered that M- [Mariana], with such a friend, had ever married —

[margin text:] Fahrenheit 62° at 8 a.m.
62 1/2° — at 11 —
62° — at 6 p.m. —
60 1/2° — at 10 1/4 —
DateOct 1826
Extent1 page


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