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Tuesday 30
8 10/60
12 1/4
arranging my little bedroom — dusting the drawers etc. etc. breakfast at 10 40/60 — afterwards tidying and dawdling over 1 thing or other everything in the apartment wants a thorough cleaning —
Mrs. Barlow came about 12 — went out with her at 12 35/60 — took George with us to Boulevard des Capucines No. [Number] 19 to buy
brushes — thence to Bocquet rue de la paix No. [Number] 8 — bought a few things and said I would keep the fourneau instead of giving it in
exchange for next to nothing — thence aux deux merinos rue neuve des petits Champs No. [Number] 63, for bedside carpets for my aunt
etc. — thence to Bertraud and bought several things and thence to rue des vieux Augustins No. [Number] 11 — bought a table à jouer, and saw a very neat meuble de 15 pieces
en drap d’amaranthé 6 fauteuils 6 chaises 2 bergères 1 canapé à 600/. — half inclined to buy them —
In returning called and sat a little while with Madame Coutant about M-’s [Mariana] blond and night cap, and eyelet hole needles — and then called at Rollands the butchers — said I would not quit leave them off — would agree to give 13 sols a lb. for
meat all sorts — Madame Rolland in her delight caught hold of my hand and prest it, to thank me — and the boy came
away grinning with the leg of mutton I had bought as if delighted, too — called at Michel’s ate patisserie with Mrs. Barlow
and got to her house at 4 3/4 — Jane was to go to our house to meet mamma, and sit with my aunt — I had got a bo
ttle of creme de moka at Bertand’s for Mrs. Barlow to take when she came to me instead of lavender drops
gave her some of the liqueur we sat over the fire my right middle finger up she said she did not come
down to me as well as usual perhaps it was from having been so starved gave her more liqueur and we
adjourned to the sofa right middle finger up again still she did not feel in perfection but yet pr
etty well she then sent for Jane Mrs. Barlow sent for Jane about 5 1/2 or later — I was going out as she came in — and got home
at 6 5/60 — Monsieur Sené wanted to see me — had him in my room for a minute or 2 — he wanted me to see George’s
room — shewed me a nice one but it not being the one he promised me yesterday evening (the nurses room) would have this —
and he instantly gave it up — so far behaving well when he saw me determined — having said, too, respecting the
batterie de cuisine I should take my choice — I asked after Madame Sené he said she had been ill last night —
she had been afraid of me — frightened by me — I said I was sorry — it was not always easy to comprehend a stranger — But my manner to him
was rather cool and dignified — he would perceive the change — Dinner at 6 20/60 — my aunt said she had had Madame Sené
who had brought the child and been very civil — different tradespeople came which made us long at dinner as I got up
and paid them all — Came to my room at 9 — wrote all the above of today, and dawdling over 1 thing or other till 10 —
hard frost — fine day — but thick fog from about 2 p.m. — made a rough memorandum of my accounts to be
entered in my book tomorrow and had just done at 10 40/60 — counting over my money till 11 —

[margin text:] (hard frost).
Fahrenheit 20° at 10 a.m.
Fahrenheit 29° — 10 p.m.
Same aspect as in rue Mondovi
hung against the north jamb of
a west window —

Wednesday 31
12 50/60
My bowels indifferent — In my room at 8 50/60 — finished dressing — Dawdling over 1 thing or other — seeing how to my [make] my study comfortable — I must have a little table, and I must
have green silk blinds — I see the glare from the eglise de la madeleine will be insufferable — Mrs. Barlow mentioned this at the time, but some
how not emphatically enough to make me take much notice — I shall learn in time — I will never take another apartment where there
can be such a glare — I ought to have known better and know not why I did not — but I will say nothing and take care for the future —
breakfast at 10 35/60 — the fumiste came about the drawing room chimney that has smoked terribly — saw Monsieur and Madame Sené shook hands with
the latter — my manner rather grave — we are all rather grave — settled with George — making out a clean list of all I have
to get and to do not a little — dawdling over 1 thing or other till 12 3/4 — then Madame Sené came and staid nearly 1 1/4 hour (till 2) when Madame Galvani came and
staid till 3 3/4 — went out at 4 1/4 — paid my bill at the pot-shop, and paid for the door mats — then direct through the gardens to Madame
Galvani with her spectacles which she had left — staid with Madame Galvani from 5 1/4 to 5 55/60 and got home at 6 12/60 — Dinner at 6 3/4 —
went to the drawing room at 8 3/4 — the chimney being this morning cured of smoking — slept on the sofa till after 10, and came to my room at 10 1/4 —
I saw that Madame Sené came this morning to try to get me to give up her nurse’s room that Monsieur Sené promised me for George, but it
would not do — I stuck to my text — said I must consider my servants comfort — and then talked of other things — religion among the rest —
Madame Sené a rigid Roman Catholic — told Madame Galvani all that had passed — she said the Senés were quite of the peuple [people] — said it
was my intention not to see much of them — Madame Galvani said I was right — best to be civil as possible but keep them at
a proper distance — pas aucune familiarité — shewed Madame Galvani the apartment told what I had bought, and thought of buying —
she still agreed the apartment was cheap — I do not therefore mean to make any complaints to Monsieur Sené that the chairs
he has given me for my study ‘sont atroces’ — I shall probably buy better; and there is an end of it — Frost this morning —
began to thaw before noon — thickish fog this afternoon and evening, and the streets very dirty — just before getting into bed (which kept me up
so long) made and took a glass of hot lemonade being thirsty, and besides being always fond of lemonade —

[margin text:] Frost.
Fahrenheit 31° at 8 a.m.
36° at 12 40/60 p.m.
36° — 6 1/2 —
35 1/2° — 10 3/4 —

Thursday 1
7 1/2
my bowels pretty well — put by some of my things — finished dressing — George went early to rue Mondovi to see about getting our wood away — breakfast at 10 50/60 before and after read the whole of
this morning’s paper — looking in the kitchen to see the things furnished by the Senés, and what more I ought to buy — will give them
back 1 of the 6 casseroles that is worn out (the rest good) and the cuisinière that wants mending — Today being
the 1st of the month we are supposed to enter, — I must pay Monsieur Sené the 2 months in advance till 1 April, from which day we have
the apartment for a year — and I must finally ask for all I mean to have — wrote the above of this morning all which took me till
12 40/60 — talking to my aunt — dawdling over 1 thing or other — went out at 1 35/60 — direct to Mrs. Barlow staid talking to her
waiting till she had got ready and had something to eat — then then along the rue de Rivoli and through the Palais royal to No. [Number] 11 rue des
vieux Augustins — a long while — ordered 3 little noyer tables etc. and agreed for a meuble en drap d’amaranthe de
7 pièces for my study (a sofa and 6 fauteuils) for 400/. Madame Irlande to take them back again at 370/. when I wished to get rid of them —
then bought another rug aux deux merinos rue neuve des petits champs — then to Bocquet rue de la Paix No. [Number] 8 — bought a
cuisinière (Dutch oven), a rechaud à deux fers (a little furnace to heat irons for ironing, a bouilloire (little
kettle) etc. etc. it struck 6 before I had bought all I wanted — then walked with Mrs. Barlow to the end of her own street, and got
home at 6 20/60 — Dinner at 6 1/2 — went into the drawing room at 8 1/4 — came to my room at 9 20/60 — MacDonald gave me a
list of all the kitchen utensils she had received from the Senés — wrote the last 8 lines — fine day, but hazy, and a
few drops of small rain about 3 p.m. — the streets very dirty — the rug and the things I bought at Bocquet’s came after dinner — the things
from rue des vieux Augustins to come at 4 tomorrow asked Mrs. Barlow to be here to see them — skimmed over what I have
spent this week — all which took me till 10 25/60 — 1/2 hour just before getting into bed rearranging the furniture of my study — George’s room ready for
tonight — he slept in the drawing room Monday Tuesday and last night —

[margin text:] fine morning rather frosty
Fahrenheit 36° at 9 a.m.
38° — 12 1/4 p.m.
36 1/2° — 10—

Friday 2
7 1/4
12 22/60
In my room at 8 — finished dressing — dawdling over 1 thing or other — at my desk at 9 1/4 — wanting my French dictionary to prop
open as usual my account book this led me to my book-cases — left my writing desk, and completely tidied them — Breakfast at 10 3/4 — before
and after read the whole of this morning’s paper — Washed my hands in the pot I have generally do done it night and after breakfast for
some time past never had my hands sso full of chilblains and withal a little cracked ~ all this took me till 12 1/4 —
then sent for Monsieur Sené ~ offered to pay him, as agreed, for the 2 months in advance till 1 April — he declined till all was done —
that required doing — very civil — I mentioned all the little things I had written down as wanted — asked for housses (covers)
for the chairs in the salon — went round with the menuisier to explain all I wished — Monsieur and Madame Sené came with the housses —
happened to be speaking to my aunt at the moment — stayed a minute or 2, then left them all and came to my study at 1 1/4 — Monsieur Sené looked
when I asked to have the little book cases particularly well done up, because I meant to refurnish my study with a handsome
meuble en drap d’amaranthe — At my accounts till 2 25/60 — went out at 2 3/4 along the boulevard got the woman to
read me her brush-bill — then down the rue de la paix to No. [Number] 11 to inquire about my summary book ordered before Xmas [Christmas] — absolutely found it not
begun — they promised fairly — along the rue neuve des petits champs and Marché Saint Honoré to the rue du Marché Saint Honoré No. [Number] 4
my old late pot shop — bought a rug for the tea pot to stand on rue Saint Honoré opposite St. Roch, and thence to Chevet
Galerie de Bois Palais royal — bought crême du café Martinique — crême de Moka made in Paris, and not much
more than 1/2 the price of the other — thence along the passage Choiseul — at the 1st chaudronnier’s on leaving bought a brass bougeoir
at 2/50, as good as Bocquet’s at 3/. Through rue d’antin — a large bottle shop at No. [Number] 6 — bottles for Bordeaux
23/. and for Beaune 24/. a hundred — always sold by the hundred and 1/4 hundred — at a fruiterers close by asked me
3/. a hundred for marrons — large stewing pears at 10 sols Eating pears 20 sols and some fine apples 30? sols each! through
the marché Saint Honoré and along the rue des Capucines, and got home at 4 3/4 — Mrs. Barlow had been here since 4 — found my sofa
and 6 fauteuils come from Madame Irlande, and arranged in my study — after a little rearranging, nothing could look more comfortable —
very well satisfied with my purchase — my aunt and Mrs. Barlow came to me — the former left us tête à tête for 1/2 hour
before — talking of nothing but my furniture and such like matters — Dinner at 6 1/2 — asleep all the evening leaning against
Mrs. Barlow on the sofa in the salon — this kept my left arm warm and relieved the rheumatic pain I have had in the small part
of the arm for some time back — came to my room at 10 20/60 — Mrs. Barlow came with me and sat 20 minutes till 10 40/60 — Gave her a glass of creme
de café ~ Mrs. Barlow went at 10 40/60 — freezing again tonight (and therefore after the soft weather this morning) very slippery

[margin text:] hazy snowing a little (small snow) at 9 —
Fahrenheit 35° at 8 a.m.
36° — 12 1/4 p.m.
26° — 10 50/60 —
DateJan-Feb 1827
Extent1 page


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