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I should mention it further to Mr. Briggs, fearing lest my father should be annoyed at not having the whole management
of the thing (which he would not manage well) himself — Read all this to my aunt and also my letter to Mrs. Knight and sent
them off at 11 10/60 — to ‘Jeremy Lister Esquire Shibden Hall, H-x [Halifax], Yorkshire Angleterre’ and to ‘Mrs. Knight, Vicarage,
H-x [Halifax], Yorkshire, Angleterre’ — then wrote the last 26 lines of yesterday and so far of today and had just done at
12, having had in the meantime the porter’s wife for 10 minutes to borrow our candelabra for the people
upstairs who are to have a grande soirée tomorrow — the porter’s wife likes to stay, and sit, and talk — she is certainly
very civil and tells me all she can about shoppings and prices of things — the gentleman who came to look at the apartment
yesterday probably a Deputy — 4 men servants 2 carriages — 3 horses — wife and 2 daughters — hesitates about the apartment
though it is offered to him ours at 550/. a month and the commandant’s (never let at less than 100/. a month) offered
to him for 50/. making the whole only 600/. a month — finished dressing — went out at 1 1/2 — staid talking to
my aunt 1/4 hour — then direct to our new apartment — Monsieur Sené there — he will make it very nice — we shall
want a few things, not more than I expected — very well satisfied — more and more so — he says he is on the point
of letting the premier to Monsieur le Comte and Madame la Contesse de Cou — he conseiller d’etat — they have no children
only 4 servants — très tranquilles, bien comme il faut [very quiet, good as it should be]— about an hour there then through the gardens — sauntered
along the Quais — looked in 3 curiosity shops Quai Malaquais — a long while in the 1st, and some time in the others —
looking at vases and candelabras for the chimney — at the 1st shop 2 beautiful bronze vases at 500/. Two
very neat at 300/. or 350/. a pretty small pair in imitation of the shape of old funeral urns 120/.a apair
of tall candelabras, a female figure (common) holding 3 or 5 lights 300/. done up like new — then aux deux
magots rue de Seine, did not go in, but turned into Hunziker’s close by (where I bought the pendule
for Mrs. Barlow) — a neat little pendule en marbre at 165/. one ditto at 200/. very neat and ditto ditto with a bust of Lord Byron
at 200/. a pair of pretty little bronze vases at 100/. — stared in the shops as I passed along — then to
Legrand rue du Bac — brought back the kitchen carving knife and steel we ought to have had before Xmas [Christmas] day —
the man asked if I had been told the price of the steel (yes! 3/.) yes! but it was so long since I had forgotten
yet as I had seen other fusils elsewhere supposed it was about 2/. he said it ought to be more than that —
ought to be 3/. but he would let me have it at 2/50 — too late to pass the gardens — walked slowly for me,
through the place du Carrousel, and got home at 5 20/60 — wrote the last 16 lines — settled my accounts — Dinner at
6 1/4 — slept afterwards and talked to my aunt till 9 1/2 — then, in consideration of being up so late last night, went to
my room — Very fine day —

Tuesday 16
11 50/60
In my room at 7 3/4 — thinking to present Hammersleys letter of credit today, copied it — tidied my writing
box — finished dressing breakfast at 10 1/4 — read about 2/3 of this morning’s paper — Dawdling over 1 thing or other spoke to my aunt — went out at 12 in a fiacre to Mrs.
Barlow Madame Galvani there asked her not to come tomorrow said I should be so busy — set down Madame Galvani in the Place Vendôme — then
Mrs. Barlow and I went to Laffitte’s — I got cash and notes for my letter of credit for £200 — Exchange 25/35 — of course,
I shall have no percentage to Hammersley at midsummer having this morning paid commission — and brokerage here — hence to
the tinner’s shop 93 rue Montmartre — they charged dearer than they asked before so bought nothing — thence to the Post Office
in the rue Jean Jacques Rousseau about Mrs. Mackenzie’s letters — none directed as she mentions in the dead letter
office there — not necessary to pay from any part of France to Florence — thence to the rue des Lombards No. [Number] 3 for tea — thence
au Gagne Petit rue des Moineaux for sheets and table napkins and towels — a long while there — sheets for myself toile de crotone
4 quarters (a full ell wide) de 12 aunes at 5/. Ditto ditto for the servants 3 quarters de 10 aunes at 2/50
Dinner napkins toile de cretone at 36/. the dozen Towels ditto for myself at 30/. ditto ditto for the servants at 18/50 — a sort of draper
Toile ouvrée for towels for my aunt at 1/90 an ell — 4 ells toile de Courtray for 3 pillowcases at 4/25 —
got home at 3 1/4 for 1/4 hour to leave my money and pay off the fiacre — Mrs. Barlow and I asked my aunt how she did, told her the

[margin text:] fine and frosty morning afterwards damp and small rain
Fahrenheit 39° at 8 a.m.
39 3/4° – 11 50/60 —
46° – 6 1/4 p.m.
48° – 10 1/4 —

porter’s wife had just let our apartment from the 1st of February which would save us a month’s rent, and at 3 1/2 Mrs. Barlow and I went to
our new apartment — there some time — went home with Mrs. Barlow got there at 4 3/4, and sat with her and Jane till after 6, that I did not
not get home till 6 1/4 — Dinner at 6 20/60 — the cloth came about 7 — came into the drawing room at 7 3/4 — busy looking
over the cloth till 8 3/4 — then wrote all but the 1st 2 lines of today — about 11 the day began to turn out damp — a little
small rain when I went out at 12 and most of the day afterwards settled my accounts and came to my room at 10 1/4. o. ~

Wednesday 17
7 5/60
In my room at 7 55/60 — writing out a list of what we shall want — from 8 20/60 to 11 1/4 wrote 4 ppages to Mrs. MacKenzie
said I had received her letter on Thursday, but had been prevented 1 day by bad weather the rest from matters of business I could not neglect
from making the inquiry she wished till yesterday — no letters of hers at the dead letter office — not necessary to affranchir
letters to Florence — mentioned my aunt’s being so much better we had no intention of going farther — had no thought of
war — the interest of the French as well as ourselves to remain at peace — ‘It is unhandsome to question the sincerity
of the French government as some do’ — mentioned our having ‘taken a little apartment in the Skies and by the year’ —
hoped to get there next week — now busy preparing have had to buy plate, linen, etc. — our proprietor being a man of fortune lets
us have the old spare furniture from his country house and saves us the trouble of buying beds, chairs, and tables —
mention our new address where we shall be easily found and always glad to see her — mention also Mrs. Barlow’s
removal, and her new address, adding she and Jane were well when I saw them yesterday and begged to be kindly
remembered — observed that she it is agreed that, taking it all in, all there is no town on the continent, like Paris,
for a fixed residence — from 8 20/60 to 11 1/4 had written the above letter and sent it off (at 11 1/4) à Madame Madame MacKenzie
Rue des Vieillards No. [Number] 49. Boulogne sur Mer’, and read the whole of this morning’s paper, and sat down to breakfast
at 10 25/60 — then wrote the above of today and the hair dresser Monsieur Nalim came at 11 25/60 to cut my hair — about an hour cutting and dressing —
Mrs. Barlow and Jane came before he had done — finished dressing — went out with them at 1 1/2 aux deux Merinos rue neuve des Petits
Champs to look at carpets — 2 hours there — saw some jaspé (crimson with a narrow green stripe) at 8 francs an ell just 3
French feet wide, that I should like well enough for my study etc. lining it and making and putting it down would come to about 2/. an ell —
Footstools 6/. and upwards — order a pillow to be 13/. for George’s bed — thence to the passage Vivienne — looked about there at the 2 carpet shops —
thence to the patissier at the rue Vivienne entrance into the Palais Royal ate 3 petits pâtés chauds — always good there — thence
direct to the far end of the rue de Rivoli and all along the arcades — turned up the rue Florentin meaning to go to my new butcher —
got to another shop en face de l’Eglise de la Madeleine — the man would not take less than [illegible] 0/70 a lb. for the best beef and
mutton and 0/80 for veal — Mrs. Barlow bought filet de bœuf for beefsteaks (the under side which they take from the loin)
at 1/40 per lb. — then went home with Mrs. Barlow got there at 5 — staid with her till 5 40/60 and got home at 5 50/60 — Dinner at
6 1/4 — came into the drawing room at 7 3/4 afterwards wrote the last 8 1/2 lines — sent George at 8 1/4 with 1 pair of my sheets and 2 pair of the servants’ to Mrs. Barlow to
give to Madame Alexandre to be made by the 25th instant — from 8 1/2 to 9 50/60 wrote 1 page very small and close,
(wrote as quick as I could all the time) to M- [Mariana] — went to my room at 10 — fine mild day — rather dampish towards evening —

[margin text:] fine and soft Fahrenheit 42 1/2° at 8 a.m.
42° — 12 50/60 p.m.
41° — 6 1/4 —
39° — 10 —

Thursday 18
6 55/60
11 1/2
Just before getting into bed last night took 2 teaspoons of magnesia in a tablespoonful of lemon juice — this did well as usual this
morning — In my room at 7 50/60 Half hour airing things From 8 1/2 to 1 1/4 looking over and comparing the accounts of Messrs.
Rawson with that of Mr. James Briggs (I shall be quicker at this work when more accustomed to it), making out a
statement of what I shall probably have to receive at midsummer and will probably be my future annual income — read the whole of the paper —
breakfast at 10 1/2 — and lastly had the porter’s wife for almost an hour? talking about 1 thing or other — she advises me to
go to look at the carpets in rue d’Anjou — approves my purchases au Gagne Petit — thinks my own sheets not dear —
and the dinner napkins at 36/. a dozen very good and à bon marché — gave 1 pair of my sheets and 2 pair servants’ sheets to make —
wrote the above of today and had just done at 1 1/2 — finished dressing — went out at Mrs. and Miss Barlow called about 2 — Mrs. Barlow
had brought some of the cloth wanted George to go with her to the shop to take it back — at 2 3/4 all went out — I loitered in a little shop close by
for 20 minutes while Mrs. Barlow was at the Gagne-Petit — then sent George to Mrs. Barlow’s with the cloth, and she and I and Jane made for the rue

[margin text:] fine rather frosty fine day
Fahrenheit 37° at 8 a.m.
38° at 1 1/2 p.m.
39° — 6 —
34° — 10 —
DateJan 1827
Extent1 page


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