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making some little calculations — If we can get the apartment for 3000/. per annum, [illegible] including porter,
éclairage et everything, i.e. would be 3000/. ÷ 52 = 57 francs 69 12/52 cents per week — George came at 5 50/60 to say dinner was ready —
Dinner at 6 precisely — Came to the drawing room at 8, — having told my aunt all about the apartment — she is exceedingly pleased
at the idea of our having to pay so much less rent, and likes my account of the apartment — made out the washing bills —
wrote the last 4 lines all which took me till 9 — George has just brought me in the card of ‘Monsieur and Madame Charles Droz’
and ‘Mademoiselle Julie Droz’ — came to my room at 10 5/60 — very fine day —

January Monday 1
11 1/4
In my room at 8 — from 8 1/4 to 10 1/2 making out last week’s summary read the whole of this morning’s paper and making divers calculations —
found that including journey and all sorts of general expenses my general day-book averages for the last 24 weeks, since our
arrival in France about 263/. per week — add about 50/. more for private expenses during this period (627/.25) and additional
rent to pay, which will make the whole expense per week about 313/. no clothes have been bought for my aunt
or myself or George, and the carriage not used — Breakfast at 10 1/2 — finished dressing — making memoranda of 2 apartments
to look at this morning — wrote the above of today — dawdling over 1 thing or other till now, 11 35/60 — went out at 12 —
10 minutes talking to my aunt — went out of doors at 12 10/60 — to the butcher’s — thence to the English pastry cook’s rue St. Honoré No. [Number] 355.
directed to apply there for an apartment of dining room drawing ditto — 3 bedrooms, kitchen, servants’ rooms — coachhouse for 2 carriages
and stabling for 2 horses at 300/. a month — rue Verte No. [Number] 45 or 42 — too distant — thence through the gardens to Mrs. Barlow
meaning to take her to look at the apartment place de la Madeleine — Mrs. Barlow out — thence to Madame Galvani — got there
about 1 staid till 3 50/60 — she does not like that quarter — does not like to be near the boulevards — but the apartment must
be à bon marché, if sufficiently furnished — will meet me tomorrow in the gardens at 12 1/4 or 12 1/2 to go and look
at the apartment Said she told Mrs Barlow everything did not like to have them both with me Mrs Barlow would not like me to cons
ult Madame Galvani and not her no Madame Galvani agreed that would give her pain she was sso jealous she would ha
ve it I used to want to corrupt her to say Mrs Barlow was both jolie and spirituelle I owned she was neither one
nor tother Madame Galvani must think my ardour cooled a little she promised not to say a word to Mrs Barlow about
knowing anything about the apartment speaking of not liking English women to marry French
men she said how foolish Miss Middleton was I remarked that was a different thing she said both parties
were deceived Miss Middleton marrying for a name and he for money — I said not much — but we both seemed sensible that
each knew the real story — this led to the mention of Miss Harvey — she has information and judgement and is excellent
but there is a good judgement that she wants, and she is vieille fille, an old maid — Miss Myers had called and
sat some time — brought bonbons, and a little bronze grenadier inkstand — has been abroad since her youth, thinks she
speaks French very well — almost every word incorrect — has a German accent in French — and a broad Irish accent
in English — observed this and that she was not distinguée — thus chatted away the morning — What waste of ti
me I will not do so in future. Called again on Mrs. Barlow — she was just going in a fiacre to the Drozs
to go with them to see the grand couvert at court — got into the fiacre with her (at 4). drove to the Drozs’ —
set down Jane — Mrs. Barlow and I went to see the apartment — I thought there was no entresol — I was mistaken — ‘tis
in fact a 4me. [quatrième] — too high — have almost given up the thought — will be with Mrs. Barlow early in the morning —
said I could not give my answer till 1 instead of 12 tomorrow — went with Mrs. Barlow to the Drozs door — thence home
at 5 — told my aunt I feared the apartment was too high — but she is for having it nevertheless — 1/2 hour talking
to her — then went to my room dawdling over 1 thing or other till dinner at 6 5/60 — Left the dining room at 7 40/60 —
afterwards wrote all but the 1st 6 lines of today, and settled my accounts — Before going out this morning gave the postman
1/50, and he feft left, as is customary, a small sheet almanack for the year — gave George 10/. and the porter’s wife
20/. 1/2 would have been enough for an Etrenne, but I gave her the rest in consideration of her evening visits of
which I mean to have no more — I can better employ my time — I have not sent my card to the Drozs or
the de Noés — It is customary in France to send your card to everyone you know, on new year’s day — very fine
day — came to my room at 10 5/60 —

[margin text:] very fine morning
Fahrenheit 47° at 8 a.m.
48°—— noon
47° —— 6 p.m.
46° —— 10 ——
DateDec 1826-Jan 1827
Extent1 page


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