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go to her on Friday and came away ~ Left Mrs. Barlow at 5 35/60 and got home in 20 minutes — the man brought
the tablecloth etc. — Dinner at 6 1/2 — came into the salon at 7 50/60 wrote the last 36 lines which took me
till 9 1/4 — I have had no time to think over what has passed today Mrs Barlow is now in fact my mis
tress she told me today she believed I loved her because she loved me certainly her tears
and love have so far overcome me I have done more from pity and to please her than myself I cer
tainly would not have her she would not suit me and I often think how to get rid of her I am r
eally attached to π [Mariana] I must leave Mrs Barlow sooner or later and would give much to be out of the scrape
though I know not how to get out I almost wish to be off besides I am afraid of hurting Mrs Barlow and I really
do more to gratify her passions than my own little as she does or would like to suspect this
came to my room at 10 1/4 — Very fine day — o. ~

Saturday 9
7 20/60
11 3/4
My bowels in rather better order this morning In my salon at 8 1/4 — MacDonald immediately brought me the mutton I bought
yesterday to shew me that it was too red between the ribs inside and this was proof of its not being quite so good as it
might have been — it was as if the blood had not run properly out, or something had been the matter with the sheep —
she staid talking 10 minutes to prove that the ribs under the shoulder were the sweetest and best for harico — I said
there would be no meat on them — they could not cut the shoulder so as to leave much meat on them — the shoulder would
tear off when just touched (nicked) with the knife, and leave little or no meat — It just strikes me what she
meant — it was a breast of mutton — read yesterday’s paper which took me till 9 1/4 — then in 1/4 hour finished
dressing — then in 1/4 hour more (till 9 3/4) wrote the above of today — read the whole of today’s paper before and after — breakfast at 10 10/60 —
I tried a water cake for the 1st time which MacDonald made very well — Cottard, the coachmaker, came and brought his
bill dated 19 September for repairs done at the carriage — paid him 41/. — a civil man — Faubourg Montmartre No. [number] 26 —
have taken a little pains to understand every word of his bill, and have written it out at full length in my account
book — all this and writing the last 4 lines took me till 11 55/60 — then sat down to my accounts — transferring items from
the general daybook to my private one and vice and versa — altering the adding of the 1st 11 ppages of the former according to the alterations made —
a considerable sharpening my penknife to scratch out with a tedious business which I shall have too much of — Oh! that I
had got my accounts done to my mind — but μελετη το παν [μελέτη τὸ πᾶν] [attend to everything] industriæ nihil impossibile est [to industry nothing is impossible] — And if
Virgil would have exclaimed ‘In tenui labor [the labour is bestowed on a small object]!’ never mind — chacun a son gout [chacun à son goût] [each to their own taste] — I want to be able, before I
have done, to see the whole state of my affairs — expenses and receipts at a glance — then wrote the last 5 1/2 lines, and
had just done them at 2 40/60 — beautiful day — I meant to have gone out earlier — went out at 3 — walked an
hour in the gardens — followed for a turn or 2 a Frenchified English woman in a blue silk pelisse trimmed with Swansdown or white fur walking with a little boy or girl and a pert little
maid to whom she said ‘Everything may be learnt’ — then walked 3 times from one end to the other of the terrasse d’eau
And came upstairs at four and five minutes to make water ~ came upstairs for 5 minutes — then went out again at 4 10/60
along the arcades and rue Castiglione and Saint Honore to the pot-shop (vide line 9 page 48) to pay for the pots — Madame not in
the shop — could not arrange the matter with the others — so came away — Inquired at the next door shop the price of
copper scales with an iron balance suspended by good cords — (les balances weighing about 3 1/2 lbs. en cuivre
le fléau en fer [in copper the beam in iron]) 12/. Iron weights, or les poids en fonte, jusqu’à dix livres [cast iron weights, up to ten pounds] (1/4, 1/2, 1, 2 to 10 lbs.)
7/. [illegible] contrôlés [tested] — an omlette plat the size I wanted en cuivre avec les anses qui tournent [in copper with rotating handles]
(les anses mobiles [mobile handles]) 6/. au moins [at least] — I had in going turned into a little tin-shop in the rue Saint Honore on the left close to the rue Castiglione
where the man would let me have tin scales for 3/. and weights as above for 7/. — therefore the weights ought to be about
7/. copper scales weighing only 3 1/2 lbs. or perhaps not so much (when one ought to buy the Cuivre at 2/. the lb.) seem
dear — In returning (at a little pot shop rue du Marché Saint Honoré close to the rue Saint Honoré on my left) bought 2 very nice
cut-glass salt cellars (salières en cristal) for 2/75 — the woman only asked me 3/. — wrote the last 13 lines which took me
till 5 3/4 — told the porter’s wife not to come this evening — I should be très occupée [very busy] — I shall work at the readding up and altering
my general Daybook — Dinner at 6 5/60 — Came into the salon at 7 3/4 — afterwards from 8 1/4 to 10 10/60 altering the adding up of the
first 28 ppages of the general daybook — did not make the necessary transfers from the one book to the other and therefore all my scratching out, and all

[margin text:] Fahrenheit 47° at 8 25/60 a.m.
51 3/4°— noon
51°— 3 p.m.
49°— 6 —
— — 10 25/60 —
vide the bottom of page 55.
very fine morning

that I have done tonight is wrong — the look of my book must be completely spoilt — Damned the thing se
veral times ~ Very fine day — o.. ~ Very fine day — went to my room at 10 20/60 —

Sunday 10
7 1/4
my bowels better this morning — I had my water cake at breakfast and took little or no bread yesterday Is it the sourness
of the leaven of the bread that disagrees with me? came to my salon at 8 — 1/2 hour arranging the fire ~ Then an hour airin
g a dozen napkins Finished dressing — all which took me till 10 1/4 — then sat down to my accounts for 1/4 hour — breakfast
at 10 35/60 — a water cake again, and ate no bread — then 1 10/60 hour at my accounts — from 12 1/4 to 1 20/60 read the service and sermon
5 Bishop Sandford — came back to my room at 1 40/60 — from then to 6 made out and wrote out the 2 second weeks’ summaries of my
general Daybook from Sunday 3, to 17 September — carefully proved the 1st week done before — and made all the remaining necessary transfers
from my general to my private Daybook — a long and tedious business — Dinner at 6 10/60 — came into the salon at 7 40/60 — afterwards an
hour at my accounts and wrote the last 3 lines — very rainy morning — fair towards noon, but damp dirty day — o. —
came to my salon at 9 55/60 — [illegible] wrote out the washing bills and the prices ready for tomorrow — Danced 10 minutes at
twice — I have felt a good deal of the pain of indigestion lately — particularly perhaps today — I must take more exercise —
I think I will have a few warm baths for today and yesterday or for these last few days I have felt a little tendency
to my old sensation of coldness and rheumatism in my knees – this dancing has put me quite in a perspiration –

[margin text] rainy morning Fahrenheit 51 3/4 at 8 a. m.
53 1/2 – noon
52 – 6 p. m.
51 3/4 – 10 –

Monday 11
7 5/60
11 3/4
§ §
Did up my clothes my bowels not right my bowels not right but better than I expected after the indigestion pain
I had yesterday – just before getting into bed took the juice of a lemon with a little sugar in it and sufficient water to
make it palatable – came to my salon at 8 5/60 – then settled with the washer woman – at my desk at 8 1/2 –
Just an hour (from 8 55/60 to 9 55/60) making out the 4th weekly summary (from Sunday 24 September to Sunday 1 October) – then
found it wrong by a few francs – some error in adding up the items – (a thing which too often occurs), and I know not
how long it will take me to set all right – I have just spent 40 minutes over it – all the items are set down
right? all added up right? yet still still they amount to 4/95 too little – I cannot make it out – shall
go to my breakfast – could not resist looking over the thing again for 10 minutes longer – discovered the error – foolish –
set among the items 0/5 instead of 5/. — among these little matters how careful one should be! tis true —
‘In tenui labor [the labour is bestowed on a small object]’ — Great matters are often easier to manage than little ones — I have often found it so — the
minuteness of attention required in the latter case is fatiguing and confusing — But I am determined to finish my labour
tiresome as it may be — I will reward myself by some pleasanter occupation when I have done my present one —
then wrote out the summary in 10 minutes and breakfast at 11 10/60 — altogether just 2 hours over this summary — it is one of the longest — I shall perhaps do the
others in less time — read the whole of this morning’s paper which took me till 12 20/60 at which hour had my breakfast things
taken away — then began to do my hair — [illegible] Madame Galvani came at 12 35/60 and staid till 2 — conversation as usual — asked
her not to come on Wednesday — I wish to get my accounts done — On looking at the summary I had wrote out before breakfast, found
I had done it on a wrong line — consequently have just had it to write out again on the next line, and must do and get in the
summary of the 4th week as well as I can — what endless trouble! — I have just done and written out the 4th week and
rightly placed the 5th week which has taken me till this moment 3 p.m. Madame Galvani brought an embroidered pocket handkerchief to sell
at 20/. but I declined taking it — though charity to Madame Saint Aulaire who would gain about fifty sous
by working it she has nothing to buy a winter gown with has been eight days working it gets up at five
in the morning to do it ~ Madame Saint Aulaire is very charitable according to her means — wishes Madame Galvani to recommend a
poor woman Plumassière [featherworker] (to clean feathers) rue du Coeur-Volant No. [number] 4 Faubourg Saint Germain — It occurred to me
to give Madame Galvani 5/. instead of buying the handkerchief — but on 2nd thoughts, I thought it better not — I have enough to do with my
money without bringing on me all whom Madame Galvani may feel interested about — said I could not do as I used to do — get money
when I wanted it of my uncle — I could but afford to give a certain sum — many had claims on me and I must think of them first —
wrote the last 12 lines, and had done them at 3 1/4 — finished dressing — went out at 3 50/60 — to Madame Contant — took back Montlosier’s
mémoire (vide page 7) never said a word of thanks for the loan of it – forgot all this – spoke to her about doing up my old merinos – sat talking 1/2 hour –

[margin text:] Fahrenheit 48 3/4° at 8 5/60 a.m.
51° — 12 40/60 p.m.
6 __
50 1/2° — 10 3/4 —

soft morning
DateDec 1826
Extent1 page


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