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August Wednesday 22
1 1/4
Breakfast at 8 — off from Martigny at 8 50/60 — while at the Douane on crossing the Rhone from St. Maurice
fancy the MacKenzies passed us with a party in 2 charabancs — at Bex at 11 40/60 — see the saltmines —
out from 12 to 5 — Dinner from 5 1/2 to 7 1/2 — came upstairs from our little private dining room at 7 40/60 Mrs. Barlow came and sat
with me 20 minutes — The thought of meeting the MacKenzies made her be with Jane and leave me a room to my
self ~ pack and partly prepare for bed — from 9 3/4 to 1 wrote out all but the 1st 9 lines (written before breakfast) of page 14,
page 15, and the first 21 lines page 16 travelling Journal — fine day till about 6 rain prevented our going to the baths
of Lenk and to the top of Gemmi —

Thursday 23
1 55/60
Breakfast from 8 1/4 to 9 1/2 — Off from Bex at 9 50/60 — Stop at Villeneuve, and wrote out the last 13 lines page 16 and the 1st 6 page 17 in the carriage from 12 20/60 to 1 20/60 —
at Vevay [Vevey] at 4 1/2 — call on Miss MacLean’s friend, and deliver her letter — and drank tea there — from 11 to 1 35/60 tonight
wrote out all but the first six lines page 17, and the first 25 lines page 18, travelling journal — very fine day —

Friday 24
6 1/4
10 1/2
Breakfast at 8 1/4 — off from Vevay [Vevey] at 9 40/60 — dine at Lausanne — get to Rolle at 7 — Monsieur and
Madame Becherat — price of pension there, and of the purchase and keep of a horse 12 to 15 napoleons per annum or
at the Inns 1/50 per day — very fine day — too sleepy to write my journal —

Saturday 25
10 1/2
From 7 25/60 to 8 wrote out a little travelling journal — Breakfast at 8 — off from Rolle at 8 3/4 — from 11 50/60 to 12 20/60
wrote a little of Wednesday’s travelling journal at Copet [Coppet] — see Ferney — get to Geneva at 4 25/60 — full of strangers —
from 9 25/60 to 10 1/4 wrote out the last 26 lines of Wednesday — Rain during last night — rainy morning early,
and showery dark-clouded day — o. ~ went to the post office before stopping at L’Ecu — 6 letters 2 from M- [Mariana] 1 from my aunt 1 from Mrs. Norcliffe 1 from
IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] and one from Mr. James Dalton — IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] was to be in Paris on the 20th instant — my aunt well — M- [Mariana] better than I dared hope
God be thanked for it —

Sunday 26
10 1/2
3 55/60
Got up for twenty minutes or half hour at six and ten minutes but then got into bed to Mrs. Barlow and being
sleepy it was late before I began to play with her right middle finger up twice fi
rst time did it very well for her and the second not bad ~ prepared and sent clothes to the
wash ~ Breakfast at 11 3/4 — from 1 1/4 to 3 1/4 wrote out travelling journal of Thursday — at 3 40/60 all off in
the carriage to Coligny — saw the cathedral and home at 6 1/4 — Dinner from 6 35/60 to 8 10/60 — nice French party from Lyons —
Madame de Chastellus, her son, and father — asked her for a good address for shawls at Lyons — this
led her to come to our room at 8 1/4 and to stay till 8 50/60, and would have staid longer had we pressed her, but
I wanted to write, malheureusement [sadly] — she is the next room to us, a very nice person and assez [enough]
ladylike — from 9 1/2 to 11 3/4 writing out and settling the accounts of the last week past — from 11 3/4 till now 3 1/4 writing
out travelling journal of Friday and yesterday, and from Monday till tonight of this private journal — tomorrow morning I
must write to my aunt and M- [Mariana] Finish morning — Darkish this afternoon — a little rain while we were
out — o.. ~ then wrote out travelling journal of today which took me till 3 1/2 —

Monday 27
8 1/2
Breakfast at 10 5/60 — packing — from 11 35/60 to 2 3/4 wrote (small sheets) 3 ppages and the ends to M- [Mariana] and 3 ppages to
my aunt — affectionate and consolingly to M- [Mariana] delighted at the so good account of my aunt — not quite decided whether
to hurry home on account IN-’s [Isabella Norcliffe] being there, or not — will write to M- [Mariana] in a fortnight or 3 weeks if by waiting
a day or 2 I can tell her more certainly of our plans, and tell my aunt I will write to tell her our plans as
soon as we know them ourselves — say we are to start this afternoon for Chamounie, and expect to be at
Berne on the 4th of next month — wafered and directed my letters — Mrs. Barlow got her letters from her banker’s
today — her sister Mrs. Carter not going to India — perhaps things maybe better than they expected as to Colon
el SC’s not keeping a mistress Mrs. Barlow nervous on the subject ~ Mrs. Barlow somehow lost her purse, luckily
only 8 or 9 francs in it — Dinner from 3 1/4 to 4 1/4 — a little rain between 3 and 4, and the clouds very dark — all determine
not to go this afternoon — all went out at 5 20/60 — put into the post my letter to my aunt Paris and to M- [Mariana] Lawton
then went to Baute’s shop about IN-’s [Isabella Norcliffe] commission — she says the shop is 1 of the lions of the place — above an
hour there — Led into buying a fifteen pound costume bracelet for π [Mariana] I half repent I must always
hesitate before I thus sspend my money ~ it is very elegant but let this be a lesson to me
I ought to remember I have ordered an expensive watch I will always think more in future
before I spend my money ~ From Baute’s went to a little for Mrs. Barlow’s gloves and then to Lavalettes rue basse des Allemands No. [Number] 42 — beautiful
models of chalets and Swiss cottages — got home, a few drops of rain as we returned, — got home at 7 55/60 — fine morning
a little rain between 3 and 4, and rather showery afterwards, though fair while we were out except the few drops in returning — from 9 to 9 50/60
wrote travelling journal of today, ditto the above private ditto and settled the accounts — Mrs. Barlow paid me up to yesterday night o. ~
DateAug 1827
Extent1 page


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