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July Wednesday 4
4 50/60
12 1/2
Bowels pretty well — packed. Breakfast at 6 — off from Constance at 6 3/4 — from 11 1/4 to 11 40/60 (vide travelling Journal
bottom of page 47) stopt at an auberge — wrote a little of my travelling journal — got out at the Brochet at
St. Gall at 2 50/60 — dinner from 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 — Went out from 5 1/4 to 8 50/60 — from 9 20/60 to 11 40/60 wrote ppages 48 and 49
and finished my travelling journal of today, settled my accounts and wrote the above 4 lines — Very fine day —
Fahrenheit 72 1/2° at 6 a.m. and 71 1/2° now at 11 40/60 p.m. Jane by herself my room a little one opening
into Mrs. Barlow’s I see there is nothing else for it she has been in bed and breathing loud by me (wrote in her r
oom) these two hours ~ I shall at all rates gain another night till my cousin is gone ~ poor π [Mariana]
but my heart and thoughts are only hers I am at present in a scrape I must do as I can catch me
who can in this take in again ~

Thursday 5
6 5/60
11 20/60
Bowels pretty well — Breakfast at 7 20/60 — off from St. Gall at 8 5/60 — at Gais and wrote out travelling journal
from 11 1/4 to 11 3/4 — then settled accounts — Dinner from 12 1/2 to 2 — off to Appenzell at 2 35/60 — at Trogen at
8 10/60 — from 9 to 10 finished writing out travelling journal of today — then 1/4 hour settling my accounts — In the same
room with Mrs. Barlow but two beds ~ Very fine day — Fahrenheit 72 1/2° at 7 a.m. 96° at 3 p.m. 69 1/2° at 10 p.m. —

Friday 6
6 20/60
10 35/60
Bowels as yesterday Slept all night with Mrs. Barlow right middle finger up and gave her one good excitement immediately on getting
into bed she had been breathing loud and asleep but soon enough awoke ~ we cannot get on well I s
ee without this ssort of thing I do not myself go near her so never mind ~ Breakfast at 6 1/2 —
off from Trogen at 6 55/60 — alighted at Rheineck at 10 1/4 — off from there at 12, and got to Rorschach
at 1 25/60 — Dinner from 2 1/2 to 4 1/2 — from 4 1/2 to 5 50/60 wrote the whole of the travelling journal of yesterday and the above last 5
lines — then settled my accounts — Mrs. Barlow came and sat by me, making me a pencil case in my pelisse, having
lost my pencil when I got out of the carriage last night just after leaving Teufen — from 6 35/60 to 9 1/2
wrote page 2 and 5 lines page 3 to M- [Mariana] Fine day — the coolest we have had — rain, from 7 p.m. for above an hour —
Fahrenheit 66 1/2° at 6 1/4 a.m. 74 1/2° at 2 20/60 p.m. and 79 at 9 1/2 p.m.

Saturday 7
6 25/60
11 35/60
Bowels as yesterday Went to Mrs. Barlow last night for quarter hour right middle finger up all the time then
selept in my own bed in the same room I never go near her myself ~ Breakfast at 6 50/60 — Off from
Rorschach at 7 25/60 — from 10 1/4 to 10 3/4 wrote travelling journal at Balgach — then again at Oberried (and dinner
there at 1 10/60 — and charged too much) and again at Wenderberg [Werdenberg], and get to Cerf, Sargans to sleep, at
9 40/60 — writing travelling journal till 10 50/60 — Jane farish from us Mrs. Barlow and I two rooms opening
in to each other ~ Very fine day — delightfully cool, pleasant evening — Fahrenheit 73 1/2° at 6 1/4 a.m. 90° in
the carriage at 12 10/60 p.m. and 86° on the dining room table, in the shade, at 3 1/4 p.m. and 73 1/2° in my bed
room at 10 50/60 — o.

Sunday 8
6 20/60
10 1/2
Twenty minutes on the pot but good motion at last ~ Mrs. Barlow spoke to me went t her for about
an hour right middle finger up almost all the time geve [gave] her two or three long excitements
she said she was very long about it thought she should never have done no pleasure to me bu
t returned to my own bed for twenty minutes thought of π [Mariana] and incurred a cross ~ In a strange room I
always keep a candle burning — a woman came in at 1 this morning afraid of our setting the house
on fire and we put the candle out — then at 4 the cattle were going out to pasture in the mountains
and their bells made such a noise, could not sleep — [illegible] since leaving Constance
nothing but the sheet between us and our straw beds — not very comfortable — just before finishing dressing wrote the
above of yesterday and today — and settled my accounts all which took me till 10 5/60 [illegible]
breakfast immediately off at 10 25/60 — got to Ragatz at 11 1/2 — lay down immediately for about rather more than an hour feeling bilious and
and unwell — my throat sore — had felt it a little last night (should have put on an additional handkerchief in
passing so close along the Rhine so late) but did not attend to it — felt a great deal of lassitude, and not at
all myself today — Off to Pfeffers at 1 — felt I could not walk so rode there all but the last 25 minutes of the way — quite overcome with heat or one thing or other the very
low situation of the baths, the heat from the hot water etc. and immediately on arriving (at 2 40/60) asked for a bedroom
and lay down for above an hour — this and then a small basin of boiled milk did me good — Mrs. and Miss Barlow had sat by me all the time —
then went to see the sources etc. set off to walk home at 5 1/2 — got home at 8 — immediately threw myself on the bed —
till supper from 8 3/4 to 9 40/60 and then went to bed — very fine day — Fahrenheit 72 1/2° at 10 a.m.[illegible] o.. ~

Monday 9
9 1/2
10 40/60
Mrs. Barlow and I in the same room last night but two beds I went to her for a few minutes and she came to me for an hour this morn
ing but both times perfectly quiet ~ Bowels pretty well — motion at seven and a half Up at 4 1/2 and 7 1/2 to gargle with vinegar and water
my throat not better but not worse — myself still not well — much lassitude — biliously inclined — can it be
that being so buried in a hole at the foot of immense mountains, does not do for me? I felt better when on the mountain tops yesterday —
the heat is oppressive — wrote this journal of yesterday — Breakfast from 11 1/2 to 12 10/60 milk and strawberries as usual —
Off from Regatz at 2 25/60 — Alighted at the Croix Blanche at Coire at 5 1/4 — Fix to cross the Splugen —
Dinner and looking at prints (views of the route per Splugen etc.) from 6 1/4 to 8 10/60 — Out from 8 20/60 to 9 3/4 —
Mrs. and Miss Barlow have a doubled room just under mine which is much larger and more airy only these two rooms
that would do for us ssaid the one below was too close for me now with my sore throat so shall be comfortabl
e alone for the night of have meals in my room Mrs. thinking the thing necessity is ssatisfie
d sat with me quietly talking from ten and a quarter to eleven ~ my throat rather worse
tonight — o.. ~ very fine day — very fine evening — Fahrenheit 75° at 1 50/60 p.m. and 76° at 10 p.m. —

Tuesday 10
3 1/2
Bowels as yesterday — throat not worse than last night — gargle with vinegar (red-wine gone sour, all
hereabouts) and water as often as I can — better this morning as to myself but still a tendency to bilious
head-ache — getting up so soon was better for me than a 2nd sleep — from 4 40/60 to 6 1/4 wrote out
travelling Journal of yesterday and the last 11 lines of this page — from 6 1/4 to 7 50/60 settling my accounts of yesterday
and pottering over an apparent error of 6 sols, occasioned as I found out at last by the confusion of sols and centimes in one instance —
from 7 50/60 to 9 wrote 1/2 page 1 to my aunt and 1/2 (all but the first 5 lines) page 3 to M- [Mariana] breakfast at 9 in 1/2
hour — then 1/4 hour settling for Mrs. Barlow and myself with the washerwoman and packing — off at 10 1/2 — Seem
to have stopt at Thusis at 2 — then in an hour (in the carriage) wrote up my travelling journal to that time — off from there at 3 1/2 —
but there is somehow a mistake of an hour in my reckoning (vide travelling journal page 66) — Seem
to have got out at Splugen at 8 25/60 — arranged all my things ready for bed and curled my hair ~
meant to be off for Chiavenna at 5 in the morning — good dinner from 9 to 10 1/2 — glad we decided
to stay here tomorrow — vide travelling journal — very fine day — Fahrenheit 74° at 5 and at 6 a.m.
and 67 1/2° at 11 p.m. o.. ~Mrs. Barlow and I have a double bedded room ~

Wednesday 11
9 35/60
12 5/60
Bowels as yesterday — awoke at 4, at 6, and afterwards, but lay quietly — Mrs. Barlow came to me quietly
for an hour ~ my throat not worse, but not better — sent more clothes to be washed — Jane took
salts her cousin ought to have come two or three days ago ~ Dawdling — idleish — breakfast
from 12 10/60 to 1 — then from 2 to 6 1/2 writing out the travelling journal of yesterday and the line or 2 of today —
gargled several times in the carriage yesterday — only twice today — too little — but too busy — can never leave
what I am about — longed to write out what I have written to M- [Mariana] to my aunt — impossible! — impossible I fear to
write one line to M- [Mariana] had just done the above 6 1/2 lines at 6 40/60 — Dinner from 6 3/4 to 7 55/60 — then
settling the accounts of yesterday and making out the total of last week till 9 20/60 — then had the master in —
on shewing him our bill at Coire, he abated 30 sols, on our 2 dinners i.e. 3/. from the bill — then gave
information about the making of the 2 roads this way into Italy — then settled for us with our washerwoman —
all this and afterwards settling the accounts of today, and writing above 1/2 page more of my travelling journal and the
last 4 lines of this took me till 10 3/4 — very fine day — Fahrenheit 67° at 10 a.m. and about the same at
10 p.m. lying upon the table in my room — hung out of the window at 8 p.m. stood at 64° — o. ~

[margin text:] Went to Mrs. Barlow and right middle finger up
well for twenty minutes and went to my own bed at five minutes past twelve ~

Thursday 12
3 50/60
9 40/60
Bowels as yesterday Went to Mrs. Barlow last night see the cross writing of yesterday ~ her cousin came
this morning at Campo ~ Breakfast at 5 35/60 — off from Splugen at 6 18/60 — from 11 25/60 to 12 25/60 sat
in the carriage at Campo writing ppages 68 and 69 travelling journal — Stop here (at La Poste Chiavenna)
at 2 1/4 — from 2 40/60 to 4 1/2 wrote page 70 and 1/2 page 71 travelling journal — Dinner from 4 1/2 to 6 1/2 — Fix to stay here
tomorrow — Mrs. Barlow not well went to lay bed directly after dinner ~ Finish the remainder of travelling journal —
began to prepare for bed at 8 1/2 — very fine day — Fahrenheit 67° at 5 1/4 a.m. at Splugen — frost
air on the mountains, at first — Fahrenheit 84 1/2° at 3 20/60 p.m. in the shade, at Chiavenna, very hot; yet
the air not oppressive — o. ~
DateJul 1827
Extent1 page


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