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June Friday 29
7 10/60
10 35/60
Bowels right — 20 minutes mending my stockings, — but quite ready at 8 1/2 — breakfast at 9 — off at 50/60 — got
to Zurich at 12 50/60 — meet at dinner. Mr. Robert Swann junior of York — Dinner from 1 10/60 to 2 1/4 — Went out — from 7 10/60 to 8 10/60
wrote travelling journal — supper with Mrs. and Miss Barlow from 8 1/4 to 9 50/60 Mrs. Barlow then came with me to my room and sat talking,
while I undressed, of to go to Rapperschywlwyl [Rapperswil] (the bridge of the Lake of Zurich) tomorrow, or direct to Schaffhouse? —
Both incline for the latter, and to do the rest on returning from Coire talk of crossing the Splugen [Splügen] and returning by the Simplon! — o. ~ Farenheit 74° at 8 a.m. and 72 at 10 p.m.

Saturday 30
5 10/60
10 20/60
..Bowels only pretty well — Looking at the map near an hour — Still in doubt — Had best go to Schaffhouse direct —
we shall not see the falls to advantage — at 6 35/60 sat down to write — wrote all the above of this page, and settled the accounts of yesterday —
which took me till 7 20/60 — just saw Mrs. Barlow at 7 10/60 for a moment — to be off in an hour from that time for Schaffhausen
packed — breakfast at 8 — off at 8 35/60 — stopt en passant at the post-office — 2 3/4 hurried ppages from M- [Mariana] (Lawton)
(forwarded from Basle) dated Thursday 14 June 1827. She had been ‘not been quite the thing’ i.e. I fear very unwell —
Mr. Jephson ‘the famous Leamington Doctor was at Astbury for a couple of days’ and she went over to consult
him — ‘he pronounced the plan I was pursuing bad, it might alleviate but would never cure me — all my complaints
‘would return as soon as I went back to the old system — I was under examination for an hour — he said in 6
weeks I should have been laid up with the jaundice’ — then long directions for her to follow … ‘no, pastry, puddings,
vegetables, or bread’ …. much worse for it at first — but on Sunday the 10th ‘felt improving — Monday went to Liverpool’
…. would not for disappoint me of a letter so wrote in a hurry — would have written if she ‘could only have written the word
‘satisfied’ you should have it’ - ….. I am contented and satisfied with all you may think it right to do….
‘but in pity do nothing to endanger yourself — you have promised me this, and I depend upon you’ — they would
probably to Harrogate for a month on Monday the 18th and she hoped to get over to York for a week — stood
reading my letter in the post-office, not liking to read it before Mrs. Barlow in the carriage — the having received it, was a great
relief to me, though her account of herself makes me very uneasy — I will go over and see her next spring — She
little knows how little [illegible] I am likely to put myself into the danger she apprehends — got into the carriage
again in 10 minutes and then off at 8 3/4 — merely said I had had a hurried letter and that M- [Mariana] had been very ill — Stopt
at Eglisau at 12 1/2 — writing part of my travelling journal (the 1st 30 lines of today) till 1 1/2 — then dinner from
1 3/4 to 2 40/60 — then went to look at the bridge, and off at 3 10/60 — Stopt to see the falls of the Rhine at
5 1/2, and did not get back to the carriage at Laufen till 8 10/60 — got out at the Crown at Schaffhouse
at 8 25/60 by my watch, their clocks just 50 minutes later — it seemed from the evening as if my watch
was nearest right, but we had only just got in when it began to rain heavily, and continued to do so till
after I got into bed and fell asleep — the day before this had been very fine, but towards afternoon very sultry —
almost insupportable — felt heated and tired on our arrival here, and got to bed as soon I could with
out attempting to write — Found on getting into bed my linen a little stained and my cousin come ~ very
thirsty — had some hot water, and, having wine and sugar in the basket, took 3 or 4 small glasses of warm wine and water and got into bed —

[margin text:] Fahrenheit 72 1/2° at 6 3/4 a.m.
75 1/2° at 9 35/60 p.m.
fine day,
heavy rain at night

Sunday 1
5 20/60
11 5/60
Nothing of my cousin in the night one tolerably large motion of littleish lumps in despair
think my bowels getting wrong again yet felt a little griped in an hour more felt a griping and
had a proper motion ~ I know not what to think of my bowels, but hope they will go on well — yesterday
walked very little only once for about 10 minutes — the day before had not walked much except to Habsburg — both last
night and the night before in profuse perspiration — the weather very hot — but though in my pelisse I am
as cool as the rest, and am most heated at night, in spite of having merely the sheet and cotton counterpane
over me — Sat down to write this morning at 6 20/60, and writing the last 31 lines of this page took me till 7 5/60 —
I long to write a little to M- [Mariana] but have not time — must settle my accounts and write Travelling journal — Breakfast (strawberries and
milk) at 8 — off at 8 20/60 — Stopt to dine at Stein at 11 1/2 — longish warmish argument just
before, about the carriage top being up — Mrs. Barlow put me out of patience Jane said I [illegible] needed not be so quick meaning angry
needed not say so much about it I said the less said the better and hardly uttered afterwards then or at Ste
in went upstairs with Mrs. Barlow to give her a kiss but said she had put me out of patience and I was not in
a humour for talking that Jane’s best plan would have been to have said nothing young ladies of
sixteen ought to know better but too much had been said before her Mrs. Barlow began to say she had been fooli
sh not to have the top down I smiled said if Madame Galvani had been arguing with her she would have said she

did not keep to the point this mention of Madame Galvani annoyed her declared I said so because Madame Galvani said
Madame Galvani said so was always afraid I should follow her example etc. etc. I made not much answer and to get rid of them went wi
th the coachman to Wolfsberg ~ From 11 3/4 to 1 wrote out what remained of yesterday’s travelling journal and settled my
accounts — Dinner from 1 to 2 — off at 2 1/4 — went with the coachman as far as the village of Borling Perling (according to the
coachman’s pronunciation) when at 4 40/60 turn up to the chateau Wolfsberg — got out at the Golden Eagle at Constance
at 6 55/60 — Long in choosing my room — hesitating between one to the south next to Mrs. an Miss Barlow and one to the
East cool and pleasant but far from them — chose the latter — This led to a regular scene Mrs. Barlow said I had pr
omised π [Mariana] not to sleep with her Mrs. Barlow I neither directly [illegible] confirmed nor contradicted yet decidedly left
her believing that she was right wondered how I had the heart to treat her so better dismiss her
at once if she was not worthy of my bed to think of what she had been and what she was now and all for such a crea
ture another man’s wife she had no right to interfere she gave advise as if nothing had happened
but now when all was over how could I take it I was weak she could not bear to have this she wished to
respect me more if π [Mariana] was at liberty she would say nothing but she thought we might have been h
appy while we could I begged to be forgiven or said we had best make an end of the thing at once
[illegible] on this she fell or slipt gently onto her knees and then all her length on my room floor as if in qui
et hysterics I said she would distract me at last however she said she would forgive me and I
said if she would wait quietly till we were off from here we would manage better she staid with
me till ten and a half oh thought I what waste of time I am repaid for my folly in ever havi
ng anything to do with her and I must get out of the scrape as well as I can I will travel no more with
her and shall perhaps quite dislike her by and by her breath is very offensive to me I will have two
beds at all rates she constantly says she that she would sacrifice anything in the world for me
and that she has done so ~ Jane made it worse in the beginning by saying she would take the single
bedded room near and on my not seeming delighted at this ssaying it was too late I had taken the
other observing I used to fight for mamma and now would not be in the same room I walked off withou
t making her any answer ~ what tiresome work ~ gave Mrs. Barlow three pills I must by and by inquire after her
very fine day — Fahrenheit about the same as yesterday —

Monday 2
12 50/60
Bowels very right — Prepared my things for the wash — wrote all but the 1st 8 lines of this journal of yesterday all which took me till 8 20/60 —
then settled my accounts and wrote out the whole of my travelling journal of yesterday all which took me till 10 1/2 — when
Mrs. Barlow came to me — had been ill all last night in her bowels — Breakfast with Mrs. Barlow and Jane at 10 3/4 —
Then came to my room with Mrs. Barlow sat talking got all pretty right again finished dressing — dinner from 12 50/60 to 1 55/60 —
then came to my room and wrote 1 page small and close to M- [Mariana] which took me till 3 10/60 — all went out in the carriage at
3 25/60 — to the cathedral (council–chamber), Convent of Kreuzlingen, etc. Got home at 8 40/60 — read a puff about
Wolfsberg in an old Galignani’s observer — Had strawberries and milk with Mrs. and Miss Barlow came to my
room about 9 3/4 — wrote the whole of the travelling journal of today and the last 4 lines of this and settled my accounts
all which took me till 11 20/60 — very fine day — very hot tonight — Fahrenheit 75° now at 11 10/60 — Sah [Sat] up
washing my napkin above half hour by using paper I have only dirtied two since Saturday
night and am now wearing the third one one going to the wash ~

Tuesday 3
10 1/4
Bowels right Cleaned my comb etc. etc. ~ Breakfast at 9 — off to Meinau [Mainau] at 10 5/60 — much pleased with it — got back at 2 5/60
Dinner from 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 at which hour with were to have gone to Reichenau but prevented by a coming storm — an old
abbey where the emperor Charles le gros was buried — one of his teeth shewn — attested to be genuine — very interesting excursion
said the waiters — no bridge to the island — obliged to cross in a boat — the lake now too rough — at 3 1/2 gave up the thought
of going and went with Mrs. and Miss Barlow to their room — wrote my travelling journal dawdling and waiting for 1 thing or other —
for my travelling cap that had been to be new lined — for the washer woman — for supper in order to keep it for breakfast
at 5 tomorrow morning to be off at 6 — Tiresome to have to wait so long — fell asleep for a while — had got all
I wanted and paid the bill and settled all my accounts and came to my room at 8 3/4 — then packed, and wrote the above of today
and added a little to my travelling journal all which took me till 9 1/4 — Had we gone to Reichenau I could have been caught in the storm of rain and thunder and lightning between
5 and 6 p.m. before that very fine day, but sultry — and thick over the mountains Fahrenheit 75 1/2 at 8 a.m. and the same now at 9 a.m. very hot in spite
of the rain —

[margin text:] Do not recollect observing
the Tomb of Constance
in the cathedral —
DateJun-Jul 1827
Extent1 page


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