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I shall dislike her by and by catch me who can travelling with her again ~ poor π [Mariana] I think of her and value her more and more
Mrs. Barlow says there is Miss Champaigne here with 3 ladies — Mademoiselle MacKenzie met the former at Place Vendome on her arrival there
a little while ago And with seeming glee Mrs. Barlow said and she knows all about us thought I I will take care and said it is well then we have t
wo rooms oh said Mrs. Barlow I do not care thought but I do ~ Had just finished writing the above at 12 — then turned to my travelling journal
and wrote out the whole of Saturday and the 1st 9 1/2 lines of today — I am now nothing in arrear — what a comfort — I must be
regular in future — an hour lost on a journey is hardly ever recovered — Had just done all this at 2 1/4 — I must dress to go out at 3 —
Cut my nails ~ wrote long cleaned my tablets — ate some almonds and raisins and a biscuit (not to dine till 8 1/2), finished
dressing and all went out at 4 20/60 — to the cathedral, and round the ramparts — got home at 7 40/60 — wrote a little more of my travelling Journal
dinner at 8 1/2 — the shoemaker recommended by Monsieur Schuell, clerk at the cathedral, came and measured me for a pair of
shoes, those I brought from Paris being already wearing out — Monsieur Bridell came and very politely took leave of us
before we left the dinner table — came upstairs at 9 3/4 — wrote travelling Journal (the whole that remained for today) till 10 40/60 — Had
two long motion too in the meantime something (the bread this morning) have brought on a comple
te lax ~ then twenty more on the pot really all the three times doing my little pot almost full ~
Very fine day — o. ~ Fahrenheit 69° at 10 3/4 —

Monday 25
7 1/2
10 3/4
Got up at three and again at five two long motions the lax still continuing fell asleep till
the time of getting up when my bowels sseemed a little more settled ~ Looking at Keller's map
near 1/2 hour — doubting what to do — will inquire for a return voiture to Zurich — wrote the last 11 lines which
took me till 8 1/2 — from then to 12 3/4 wrote page 3 and the last 3 lines page 2 very small and close of my letter to M- [Mariana]
begun Monday 11th and partly written Wednesday 13th instant — then copied the descriptive part verbatim in 2 ppages
to my aunt — breakfast bread and milk (durst not eat my strawberries on account of my bowels) at 11 — Had the
waiter up about return carriages to Zurich and Berne — and Mrs. Barlow came about 12 and staid near 1/2 hour talking
over our route — A face as long as a fiddle about my being by myself writing so much etc. etc.
I almost wish myself safe at home again ~ at 12 50/60 finished dressing — dinner from 1 1/4 to 2 3/4 —
at 3 all went out § got home at 7 35/60 engaged a voiture ~ Mrs. Barlow came and sat with me till ten ~ talkation at last — right middle finger up as she
sat on my knee gave her two excitements and played with and looked at her ~ all this sseemed to set
her more right than anything ~ Read Ebel’s Swiss Guide for near 1/2 hour — Mrs. Barlow came again for three pills
and staid quarter hour — o. ~ Very fine day — Fahrenheit 70° at 9 3/4 p.m. —

[margin text] § went to the post-office — no letter from
M- [Mariana] this makes me fidgetty —
perhaps she is ill — perhaps I know not what —
But I will not make myself uneasy —

Tuesday 26
1 55/60
My bowels My bowels violently affected all last night — up twelve times between 12 last
night and 8 this morning And woke a little before twelve in a sad mess near half hour washing my
night chemise this morning ~ Breakfast (cold milk and strawberries) at 9 — asked the waiter what could be
the reason que j’avois toujours mal à l’estomac [that I always had a stomach ache] — was it the water? no! c’est l’air du Rhin
qui est très fort [It’s the air of the Rhine which is very strong] — almost everybody suffers in the same way at 1st — one of our waiters was very ill
for 15 days — ‘mais cela sa passera’ [but it will pass] — It is much to know the cause of a thing, and I was better satisfied
but so much weakened that in spite of having my letters to finish etc. lay down from 10 to 11 1/2 and dozed — Mrs. Barlow
had come in and lay quietly by me all the time ~ from 11 1/2 to 1 1/2 settled my accounts (Swiss money night) and finished dressing
and looked a little at the map — Dinner from 1 10/60 to 2 3/4 — made acquaintance with the German (Franckfurt on the Maine [Frankfurt-on-the-Main])
party we had yesterday at dinner — very nice people man and wife and daughter, and a young lady friend — they
going to see the gardens at Arlesheim, so were we — went together — got home at 8 40/60 — Mrs. Barlow came and
sat with me till near 10 — could stay no longer — my room so close (not having dared to let in the air from
the Rhine) made her sick — began to feel poorly again as soon as I got back — had been better for the
drive — milk and a few strawberries at 9 — One motion almost immediately ~ I fear I shall
have another bad night — obliged to open one of my windows — my room smells of paint — very fine day — o. ~
wrote the last 4 lines of yesterday and the above of today of this page which took me till 10 50/60 — then writing the whole of yesterday
and today of my travelling journal took me till 11 40/60 — from then to 1 wrote the last 6 lines page 3, and the ends, and a little
under the seal, and finished my letter to M- [Mariana] then wrote all but the first 4 lines of page 3, and the ends and finished my letter to my
aunt (vide yesterday) — respecting the journey copy to my aunt what I wrote to M- [Mariana] tell both ‘till the 15th of next month
direct to me poste restante, à Berne, Suisse [general delivery in Berne, Switzerland] — afterwards poste restante à Genève, Suisse’ [general delivery in Geneva, Switzerland] — sealing and directing etc. till 1 1/4 —

June Wednesday 27
12 1/2
Packed and ready at 7 20/60 — breakfast of strawberries and milk — paid all — settled my accounts — off at 8 40/60 — stop
Stopt at the post-office en passant — still no letter from M- [Mariana] Left a written direction for any letter that might arrive
to be forwarded to me at Zurich — not necessary to pay postage from Swisserland [Switzerland] of letters for France or England — the
postage of the latter paid in England — Left my letter for ‘Mrs. Lawton, Lawton hall, Lawton, Cheshire, Angleterre’,
and for my aunt ‘à Madame Madame Lister Place Neuve de la Madeleine No. [Number] 2, Paris’ — Through Augst to
Laufenburg thence to Frick to sleep — Too long dawdling arranging where to sleep Mrs. Barlow would have
it I was more comfortable having a room to myself she said she was now accoustomed [accustomed] and recon
ciled to it I but feebly opposed and she was to be with Jane however the chambermaid sheeted
both the beds in my room I mentioned this and Mrs. Barlow came about eleven and got into bed I was busy
writing and scarcely looked off and she soon feell asleep — Settled my accounts before dinner — Dinner at 7 55/60 — staid talking nonsense to Jane,
and did not come to my room till 9 40/60 — from then to 11 1/4 wrote out the whole of today in my Travelling Journal
and then till 11 25/60 wrote the whole of this page of today — very fine day — o. ~Mrs. Barlow breathing loud by me ~
at 12 20/60 — Just got into bed to her (she had awakened), and fidgetted about for five ten minutes pret
ending the impossibility of lying still by her and then went to my own bed she longs for winter w
hen I should be glad of her to warm me how she deceives herself her breath is bad my heart is
π’s [Mariana] besides I am tired of sleeping with and cannot now endure it anything to be off quietly ~

Thursday 28
5 40/60
1 50/60
Very good proper motion after which Mrs. Barlow got up and went to Janes room to dress I merely gave
her a kiss and that cool enough to appear decent delighted to get my room to myself ~ Packing — wrote
the last six lines which took me till 6 3/4 — breakfast milk and bread — could get no strawberries — off at
7 55/60 — Plain enough Mrs. Barlow not right ~ by and by I got and walked above half hour thinking of π [Mariana] wishin
g her with me ~ in walking to Hapsbourg [Habsburg] said how sorry I was to be such bad comp
any in travelling and to disappoint her hopes etc. etc. after my good dinner and wine
said in the carriage I could just then do very well ah said she impotent men often say
what they could do in the morning I took no notice but said no more ~ On getting to Baden
determined to take a bath — large — just under my room — lined with wood — the water
the most comfortable equal heat I ever was in — went down in my dressing gown a stair case close to my room door
without having to go out of doors — In the bath from 8 1/4 to 9 the water had stood so as to cool down to 28 degrees Reaumur Said I had chosen one to have Mrs. Barlow with me no obj
ection — she was prepared for a treat right middle finger up immediately
and incessantly she grunted a little two or three time with delight saying she thou
ght she should never have enough I worked away she asked me to get near her
to rub her and bruise as at Senlis I got off saying I was afraid I had a little
of my old complaint yesterday so grubbling sufficed she certainly was very
lascivious would do or let me have done anything wrapped her legs round mine
unhooked the linen dress at the bosom lay between my legs quite exposed I was
nearly excited myself once but thought of π [Mariana] and would not ~ On leaving the bath
lay down Pretended sleep and thus kept Mrs. Barlow away or she might have come to me or sat
by me had nearly incurred a cross but escaped it ~ at 9 20/60 got up, and went into
Mrs. Barlow’s and Jane’s room to supper milk and strawberries, and strawberry-jam baked? our
slices of bread kept soft — very good, but not so good as the fresh strawberries — ate
and drank heartily and did not come to my room till 10 40/60 — meant to have gone to bed very
early but this being thus set aside wrote out the travelling journal of today, and all the above of this
page except the 1st 3 lines which took me till 12 40/60 — then settled my accounts took me till 1 1/4 —
DateJun 1827
Extent1 page


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