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Wednesday 20
4 3/4
10 55/60
Little motion sat three quarters hour talking to Mrs. Barlow at her bedside she said she been thinking
of my saying I should never be happy could I be so if anything happened to π [Mariana] before L [Charles Lawton] I waved this
merely saying the engagement ought to have ceased on π’s [Mariana] marriage it had not been right to
keep it up and we could never think of what we had done wrong and be happy I know Mrs. Barlow would have lik
ed me to promise to have her if π [Mariana] died but I would not do this my affections and though
ts are really π’s [Mariana] perhaps more than ever ~ on leaving Mrs. Barlow another goodish motion ~
my bowels being now pretty well, I hope I shall go on tolerably, but the heat of this room I cannot stand —
mended my stockings a little — from 6 1/4 to 7 settled my accounts — from 7 to 10 1/2 wrote the whole of Monday —
and Tuesday of my Travelling journal, and wrote the whole of the last page and so far of this of this sheet — 1/4 hour cleaning my
tablets, then breakfast (the boiled milk brought at 8, so now cold) at 10 3/4 at which hour Fahrenheit 80 1/2 on my writing table —
went out 12 25/60 to the top of the cathedral, to Saint Thomas’s church to see Marshal Saxe’s monument
to the Broglie, the fashionable promenade, and to see the theatre — determine to stay over tomorrow — very fine day o.. ~

Thursday 21
5 1/2
9 35/60
Bowels right — Dawdling and talking perhaps three quarter hour to Mrs. Barlow but not particularly making love π [Mariana] is perpetu
ally in my mind ~ Quite ready to go out, and then had Jane in and all sat down to breakfast at 7 35/60 —
Off to Kehl at 9 — Bridge over the Rhine — Dessaix’s monument — the citadel — arsenal —
2 hours at the museum — Botanic garden — no strawberries to be had at our fruiterer’s in
the Place de la Cathedrale — bought some near home — long while in picking them (after getting home at
6 35/60) this and taking my meal of milk and bread with them took me till 8 1/4 — felt not at all
inclined for meat, though had had nothing since breakfast but a spoonful or 2 (just a taste) of
sourish cream and brown bread at the cottage we stopt at at Kehl — ordered a bottle of
Rhine wine (white) this evening — like hock — only just tasted it — began getting into bed at 8 1/4 — but
partly packed for tomorrow — to be off at 11 — very hot tonight — Fahrenheit 79 1/2° at 6 35/60 p.m. —
very fine day o. ~ I saw Mrs. Barlow would have willingly had me in her bed but I complained loud
ly of the heat and got very quietly into my own ~

Friday 22
5 55/60
Bowels right though rather painfully costive just at first washed and got my stays on com
plaining of the heat Mrs. Barlow said I slept with π [Mariana] on the journey said I would not say that we
had often two beds (meaning as I think was true in our room) but saw that my best
plan as Mrs. Barlow had just lain down to rest a while in the midst of dressing would be to g
o and give her her quiet us lay by her three quarters hour right middle finger up twice
and two good excitements then a few minutes pretending sleep this answered
she seems quite right only do this and I think I shall be able to manage sleeping a
lone I cared not a straw for her π [Mariana] is perpetually in my mind and has certainly
all my heart Jane really behaves very well but still I would rather be without
her Mrs. Barlow behaves very well but I am much noticed in my pelisse and I see she does not like
it I wear my gown whenever we stop and always wish to have π [Mariana] rather than be with any
one else perhaps I shall be glad enough to get home by and by ~ Threw out last night the
small remainder of the collared veal brought from home — a little mouldy — but in spite of travelling
and so long a rest wrapped up in paper in this hot room, really not bad — from 7 55/60 to 8 1/2
wrote the whole of the above of this page of yesterday and so far of today — then wrote out in my Travelling journal the
whole of yesterday except the last 24 lines which took me till 9 50/60 — then packed my things got a hurried breakfast,
strawberries and milk and bread (a sort of brioche) and dressed — on getting the bill saw that the man had cheated us —
charged 5/50 instead of 4/. for our rooms, and had sent the 2 men (waiters) out of the way that we might not have them to
apply to — Said we had eaten out of the house — denied this — so could not let us have the rooms for less — the man who
made the agreement was not empowered to make it etc. etc. a regular rowe — I was angry and would pay the servants nothing said

he might pay his own servants and went and got a man from the other diligence office to come for our luggage, and all off at 11 —
not time to pay the remainder for our places — hardly a dry thread upon me, so heated — got into the coupé, and off at
11 10/60 ~ The dawdling with Mrs. Barlow had nearly made us too late Jane’s portmanteau to strap up when we ought to
have been off ~ got out at Colmar (vide Travelling journal) at 6 5/60, to remain there 3 hours, and dine at 8 — settled matters
and off to look about us at 6 3/4 — (vide Travelling journal) — All the people stare at us in our Travelling Caps — having a little
shade in front, makes them casquettes, which are only worn by men — but I in my pelisse attract much attention — this
fidgets Jane — wish them to leave me and walk about by themselves — Mrs. Barlow would not do this — at last I got so fidgetted (but
did not say much about it) I left them — went to the cathedral — Knelt down to say my prayers was ssaying them fer
vently when a man came and told me to take off my hat he took me for a monsieur said I was madame and
envoyageur and he marched off finished my prayers as if unconscious of all around walked round the
church and got back to the Inn at 7 40/60 — Sent off Mrs. and Miss Barlow to see the cathedral — Mrs. Barlow seemed at first as if she
would not go without me — however she went, and I began talking to 2 ladies in the table d’hôte room — one an inhabitant of
Colmar and friend to the other, a marchande de modés at Strasbourg since her husband retired from the army at the restoration — She
had travelled with him — was amusing enough Both took me for monsieur explained myself they said they had heard
I was madame but it was my boots …… Off from Colmar at 9 35/60 …..o. ~ very fine cool day —

Saturday 23
9 10/60
Settled at the 3 rois at Basle about 9 Chose a room to myself said I had so much to write saw Mrs. Barlow was annoyed though she said nothing
against it ~ Miss Barlow found a bug upon my pelisse collar — got it in the coupé — felt my right fore finger
knuckle (a little bite there) and the whole back of my hand much irritated, but never dreampt of bugs — a long hunt over all our things to see
we had got no more of these animals — then 2 hours having my hair cut by a little Frenchman (Millier, Coiffeur, aetatis [age of] 50)
of Besançon, but who has also an establishment here, having left his family at Besançon while he arranges matters here
goes to make purchases at Paris etc. — said his wife ought to have had 150,000 francs from her uncle an architect at
Besançon, but he turned fou (mad) the priests got hold of him, and got all he had — my little coiffeur had commenced a
process, but he was known to have liberal opinions so it was given against him — then sent my clothes to the wash —
brushed my pelisse, tidied my room, washed and dressed, all which took me till after 1 — went down to dinner
at 1 1/2 — (vide Travelling journal) went out to the botanic garden etc. at 3 and got back at 6 — On returning saw Mrs. Barlow was ssadly wrong about my room to myself ask
ed if she would come and see me in the morning no would scarcely stay with me now a minute or two said
I must get my writing done and not play with her she said I had not given her much of my time
oh thought I its all over so let her go enjoyed my room to myself exceedingly ~ my room juts into
the Rhine — 3 windows (1 east, 2 south) all looking down on the water — the wooden bridge of 14 arches to le petit Basle
near on the South side — the current rapid — the murmuring loud — in consequence of the late rains the water muddy —
not its fine clear blueish colour as usual — long to write to M- [Mariana] her image perpetually before me — too soon to
inquire for letters today — will wait till tomorrow — will write, too, to my aunt — must not indulge yet — must
finish my journal — then settle my accounts and partly prepare for bed — Supper milk and bread and strawberries from 8 to 8 1/4 —
then wrote out the last 24 lines of yesterday’s Travelling journal which took me till 8 3/4, and in bed at 9 10/60 — very fine day. o..

[margin text:] Two little motions (round bits) before dinner and one just
after ~ Fahrenheit 70° at 9 10/60 p.m.

Sunday 24
11 35/60
Bowels right — From 7 to 8 wrote the last 5 1/2 lines of the last page and the whole of the above of this page of this sheet — slept well
last night very comfortable bed — delightful morning — feel more and more the wish that M- [Mariana] was with me — Someh
ow I feel as if I should not be sorry to be rid of Mrs. and Miss Barlow and as if I will not soon travel with them again for
the present however I must try and give the former more of what she wants ~ wrote out the journal of
yest Friday Breakfast at 10 — household bread of the country, very good, and good milk — Had my bill for
yesterday for this morning’s breakfast and for my room — 6/50 — very well satisfied — Let the woman make my
bed while I was at breakfast — In paying the bill, got change for a napoleon — 2 crowns of 3 francs each
(German coins the Swiss governments do not take these without some abatement made upon them) — pieces of 5 batzeu (pronounced
5 bash — 1 batz = 3 sols — Went to Mrs. Barlow to ask if she would dine at one or wait to sup at 8 eight and a half as mu
ch a scene as we could have in a whisper with Jane dressing in the room Mrs. Barlow half dressed and in bed said I had first
banished her from my bed and then from my room I did not love her etc. etc. shocking nonsense that wearied me said it was
her own doing that I had a room to myself oh no no but said she you proposed it she could not bear to be parted
liked to look at me while I slept etc. etc. said she might arrange as she liked in future but for consistency’s
ssake we must remain as we were here ah thought I my comfort will end at Basle ~ about an hour with her she
kept me dawdling had just got back to my room and wrote the last 8 lines When she came to me for quarter hour
what a pother and her breath is quite bad says her only fault is loving it is her misfortune to love me so much

[margin text:] Fahrenheit 71 1/2° at 8 a.m.
quite in the shade on my writing table.
DateJun 1827
Extent1 page


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